Aspiring Author Spotlight- Matthew Aguilar “Standing Eagle” (A.A.S. #31)

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Good to see you, my friends! April has sprung like a beautiful blossom showing its first, vivid colors, always starting with a bang with my brother’s birthday on the 2nd (the rhino is 24 years old! MAN! I feel so ancient!) along with my beloved grandma’s birthday.  I will have a special top ten for her in a few days on here, but for now, I want to usher in a hard working friend, a fine man of integrity, grace, kindness, passion, and creativity.

I met Matthew almost two years ago at the first MAX-Con I attended in 2015. He is the first cosplay winner for Max-Con ever! He came to my table on Sunday (I first saw him and others in the two local LARPing groups on Saturday at the cosplay contest mostly).  He was so nice with a warm smile and I felt like I knew him forever, a true friend and good soul, after talking for near an hour. He told me about LARPing, the story he was working on, so nervous for my opition, showed me magic tricks and his acting experience at the same college I attended.  I was thrilled to see him again the next year, as the MC for the cosplay contest.  We once again got to chat and have a grand time and now, not only is he sharing his progress on this divine story he has been working on for over two years, but he has come to a book signing of mine, a cosplay workshop for my anime club students (along with working on a secret project for them), and I have been to some LARPing events for his group, the Shire.  Matthew is a true friend, in my eyes, and I am so grateful he has allowed me into his circle of trust.  I know you will admire him as much as I do.  Ladies and gentlemen…Matthew Aguilar Standing Eagle!

Aspiring Author Spotlight Questions:

#1. When you wake up in the morning, how do you see life?

I believe that in the beginning, God created Heaven and the Earth and just as He created life and the beauty of nature, thus He created me as well.  In my own explanation of my perception of life, true life is a relationship with our Heavenly Father. For it is through the Redemption and Salvation bought and paid for us by the blood of Jesus that true life was given.

#2. How did writing find its way into your life?

More so than writing finding its way into my life, I feel as though I chose the path of writing.  Even throughout the years of my adolescence I felt as though writing was a vital necessity and skill for which I must commit unto my study. Also, I feel that writing is a calling for which the Lord has asked of me, to share His beauty unto the world.

#3. What does writing do for you?

The Blessing and the tool of writing has allotted unto me that for which is a fulfillment of my calling and tranquil retreat into the haven of antiquity.

#4. What sort of genre or type of writing do you do?

Within the field of interest which captivates my ambitions for writing are the genres and styles of: the writing of new and original languages, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, biographical writing, inspirational writing, indigenous storytelling, Native American journalism and political reviews, poetry, epic poetry, 18th century literature and writing styles, creative writing, letter writing, and alas epic fantasy.

#5. Do events in your life or people you know affect your writing?

It is doubtless that without prior nor current in the course of my lifetime, that thus which I dictated would not certainly be affected.  For just as those who have sat within my company have related unto me the contents of their spirit and soul, likewise have I translated these contents into that which have been drafted into written word. So thus it is for the contribution of my company, my lifetime, and of The Lord Jesus Christ, that I am forever grateful.

#6. What are you currently working on or what was the last thing you wrote?

The works which have received my latest attention are that of the manuscripts for the first book in my five book series, Dyami: The Prince of Norwood.  For thus it has maintained my steady attention for the past two and a half years, along with a compilation of a full ancestry and genealogy for the main characters, Dyami Lyndir and his identical twin brother Crow.

#7. Can you tell us a little about it and its inspiration?

The content of which I must relate unto the reader, is a composition rooted in faith, antiquity, and personal experience. For the mainstream plot of this series chronicles the life and adventures of our primary character Dyami Lyndir and his identical twin brother Crow, both of which I have portrayed extensively in real life by the means of Live Action Role Play (LARP).  Thus every event of a heighted or climatic nature that transpires within the world of this literature, I can conclusively state that I have lived these scenes in the most realistic sense. So it was after a stage of two years in my role playing endeavors, and with thorough documentation of my accounts therein, along with a year’s worth of single passages written collaborating with prior passages written in separate story by my former club leader Aaron Metcalf and much prayer, that the beginnings of this series did take root.

#8. What are your path goals for the future?

Within the purest sense of honesty that one can frame, that which I have intended for the future of myself and all aspects of my work as follows:

  • Though most of all, to see it forward that the message of hope, faith, and love through Jesus Christ are delivered,
  • To procure the publishing of the five book series of which I am currently writing,
  • Establishing forth a larger and more soundly structured player base for the establishment of Olde Shire Live Action Role Players,
  • Developing the credentials necessary to obtain a career within the production of films.

#9. What are your interests or hobbies?

Since the days of my childhood, I have ardently admired the study of history.  Thus this adoration of a profound subject has transpired into these said enjoyments. I have marveled in the research and study of the Native Peoples of North America.  Reenacting of the American Revolution and Civil Wars, along with giving living history portrayals of historical figures has been a blessing for which I am forever grateful. Of course writing and the practice of calligraphy have played noble roles within my lifetime and field of interests. Though undoubtedly what has captivated my attention, ambition, creativity, and intellect has been the noble and inspiring endeavor of Live Action Role Play.

#10. If you could be a superhero, what are your powers and how would you use them to help the world?

If I should ever obtain such a spectacular ability to which is considered superhuman, it would be that of the ability to control and manipulate sound. The cause of which to obtain such as ability would be so that the People of Earth, in all their positive endeavors, shall feel the beautiful rhythm which God has intended for our lives.

#11. What advice would you give people who want to write?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, but it all ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.

For whichever cause you may decide, let it be a subject of pure devotion, which has forever secured its place within the sanctuary of your spirit, and continues to herald its from the ramparts of your soul.

#12. If you could be remembered for one thing or thought, what would it be?

From the passages of the scriptures we are told of King David and has many accomplishments. Though what has resonated beyond all his achievements is a verse stating that “David Loved the Lord.” When the story of my life reaches its final chapter, it would be honor and a gift beyond measure, if the final sentence should read: “And Matthew Loved, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

A Passage from Dyami: The Prince of Norwood:

In the year 1, 700 BND (Before the Days of Norwood in the Traveler’s Tongue) a number of 6,000 of our ancestors made the first steps toward Mepitonus out of the Sanctuary Mountains. As they made their way out of the mountain city, these who remained behind stood at both sides of the city streets in somber disposition. Their minds distraught with knowing that this was the last time they would see many of their kind, though within the hearts of those behind they knew that the strain of too many within the city walls was being lifted, and that wherever their families settled within the land of Mepitonus they would certainly prosper.

From the journey atop of the mountain to the dividing rivers below their steps were light-footed. In order to avoid the catastrophe of discharging an avalanche, all food and supplies were handed down the rocky slopes to break away groups who had ventured ahead to ease the weight of travel. By the end of the first journey year they had reached the river’s edge, and now lay before them the daunting task of navigating through the immense backcountry of Meptionus. At first gaze of this wilderness they stood in absolute wonder; for not once did they fathom a country with trees that they would look upon like ants towards statues.

After the crossing of the second river, the majesty of the Mepitonus backcountry was becoming increasingly prevalent. Despite the seven years winter that had blanketed the majority of the country, the northern territory was only kissed by its presence.   Staying true to his words by advancing to the front, Talos made certain that his feet were the first to walk on the banks of Mepitonus. With steady advance into the wilderness all aspects of the cathedral like forest began to awaken. In crisp winter air the scent of maple, evergreen, and black barrow pine fragranced the territory, along with the sounds of the night sparrows and giant owls echoing amidst the trees.

And with Talos now at the forefront of the exodus, what seemed to be a daunting challenges of navigation was now being met with strong morale and a willingness to venture forth into the unknown. However, their first night in the backcountry was anything but encouraging. Due to the crossing of two rivers, all supplies needed for establishing a winter camp had been tightly stowed, and dusk was now upon them with no time to establish a camp regardless.

A blessing in disguise some might say…

For in their slumber under the stars of a Paradox sky, on blankets sewn for them by their kin back home, it is believed that on that night generations ago our ancestors came to know the true essence of our homeland. Since the beginning days of the Elven race we have understood that Paradox was a world that rested between the Earth and the Moon. And now once again we were reminded that we are a people, residing between the earth and the heavens.

About the Author:

Matthew Aguilar “Standing Eagle” is a man who appreciates the classics, with much attention give to historical detail and a strong inspirational message.  Studying as a history major at Mineral Area College and also an independent historian for over 15 years this guy knows what he’s looking for. In the spring semester, Matthew also teaches Continuing Education at Mineral Area on the subject of Native American culture and history. He is an advocate and spokesman on cultural issues concerning Native/Indigenous Peoples. Also heavily involved in the Live Action Role Play community, he understands the value of being able to give as much aesthetic as possible to the development of a character, not just on the field but in film as well. Then alas he adds to the historical education of the public by knowing how to portray a list of historical figures as a living historical. Though above all his motive is share the love and message of Jesus Christ to all humanity. *

*Matthew is wearing his original character from the manuscript the introduction in this interview is from, Dynmi.  This was also the cosplay that won the first ever Max Con back in 2015!


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Extra Features:

Matthew is an immensely creative person.  He prides himself on his penmanship.  He wrote this whole interview BY HAND in fancy parchment paper in beautiful calligraphy cursive that rivals our Founding Fathers.  There are also sketches and information of/about Dyami below in addition to a picture of some circle designs he drew by hand and a gift he presented me at Max Con 2016; his favorite paragraph from his third manuscript in his fancy, famous, and elegant hand.

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