Water Flower by Suzy.  I REALLY want this in a print!Cherriuki, also known as Cherri or Suzy-chan, is from the country, which happens to also be a continent (how cool is that), Australia.  She enjoys drawing, cosplaying, and photography. Before this, Suzy created fan websites and graphics, inspired by her favorite animes and video games.  Cardcaptor Sakura, Madoka Magica, and Final Fantasy are a few of the fandoms she treasures for her artwork and cosplaying.  Cherri aspires to be a manga-ka (a manga artist).  Morgan and Paper Crane Books are thrilled to have Suzy working on the Spirit Vision project.  Together, the three former Cardcaptor Sakura webmistress ‘sisters’ are looking forward to making Spirit Vision and all other works in the future shine brighter than Sakura’s light card.

To look at Cherri’s work, please check out her main website (it has links to her other social medias).  You can also purchase her merchandise on the page: http://cherriuki.deviantart.com/


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