Poke Crew History

In November of 2013, a month before my first book, Spirit Vision, was released, my husband and I were on a nostalgia kick, discussing how we used to play Pokémon, the Trading Card game.  We got our friends Tabby and Nathan B., set a $20 limit (although I went to $37, but the more expensive cards were for my personal collection. Deck wise, I was good. 😉 The owners were so stunned anyone got cards that they gave us a small discount overall), and went to our local card shop, Gamers Bazaar, sorting through all the cards, them shocked anyone would want to look at them. We took a lot of time, but several cards began to jump out at me and after much time, we went back with our, what we thought, was a once in a while fun things to do with friends investment and played the game, teaching Tabby. February rolled around and my publisher told me to go to local places to get exposure. I knew the owners were open and kind at Gamers Bazaar and we started talking about trying to teach kids how to play the Pokémon TCG game while I sold and signed copies of my book. They agreed, happy to be my first signing location and some students came in just for Pokémon. The co-owner was so thrilled with the fact we got some kids interested in Pokémon (they sell my books there too by the way), they asked if I wanted to do it once a month! And, we never looked back.

From February to May 2014, we had lessons to teach this new generation of Pokémon trainers. I would have 3-7 students at a time and normally 2-3 friends helping me, but more of my peeps were getting interested. So, in June 2014, we had our first Elite Four matches. Like in the games, the trainers would have to defeat all four of the Elite Four members in order to face the champion for the monthly title: me. And the fire was lit! Our numbers grew as word spread around and we had to invest into stronger cards for this generation 6 compared to our beloved old school Kanto guys. I gained new friendships as more and more friends and challengers joined the Poke Crew, as I jokingly called us one day and it stuck.  By October, we were taking over the whole store, with 29 trainers plus 10 adults helping out in the Crew, many in Halloween costumes with games and snacks! 😀 We began having themes, celebrations, organization…It had grown into this large, Snorlax-sixed event, teaching a generation and reviving Pokémon into our town.

We now have 15 members of the Poke Crew and 3 honorary members, all with backstories and unique personalities, and 12-22 trainers on average and still growing, which is unreal. We even get donations from the store for raffles AND had to update our rules to meet demands and needs of our trainers (May 2017)! Thank you trainers for keeping the goodness of Pokémon alive. No matter how old we get, we will strive to be the best, like no one ever was!  Gotta catch em’ all!


 Our Next Pokémon events:

  • January 20th: New Years Event,
  • February 24th: Pokémon’s 22nd Birthday Bash!

Poke Crew Profiles:

mpoke18Name: Morgan

Nickname: Champ

Title: Champion of the Prism region

City/Region from: Saffron City in the Kanto region

Main Element: Psychic

b-sakuraessencebadgeBadge: Sakura Essence Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Cherry,

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Pokemon University founder and teacher and author.

Backstory: Morgan is the younger sister of Sabrina, the psychic gym leader of her hometown of Saffron City. When she was young, she was told her powers could surpass her older sister’s.  Furious, Sabrina took her parents and banished Morgan when she was only eight, only allowing the Abra she had had since she was three to stay at her side (he is now an Alazakam). Homeless, she traveled around Kanto until she passed out in front of Professor Oak’s lab. He cared for her and allowed her to start a Pokemon trainer journey early, giving her some money, a pokedex, pokeballs, and food.

aug30Morgan set off on an amazing journey, traveling the world, increasing her psychic abilities in secret; she rarely uses them unless in emergencies, although she can move things, read emotions through eye contact, and see ghosts with ease.  Very few even know about her powers and backstory. At age nine, she was taken in for a time by Jessie’s family on Cinnabar Island, befriending the fire gym leader Blaine for that year.  He taught her about the mechanics of being a good battler, how to care for Pokemon, intense conditions, and her appreciation for fire types.  She has a Ponyta that Blaine gave her that she loves.  At the pressures of fifteen-year-old Jessie, Morgan decided to join Team Rocket to bond with her “step-sister,” Morgan’s power impressive to the higher ups, but once she realized their evil intents, she left to journey on her own.

Thanks to her Pokémon, she was able to become a champion.  She wrote a book about her travels and it was a bestseller.  She also started a school for trainers, where she teach children ages four to sixteen.  On writing ideas for her travels for her second book, she encountered all of her Elite Four members and they all live together in a large mansion under her school.  She loves all Pokemon, but psychic Pokémon are still her specially, Morgan even bonding with a few legendries…


10610905_817824458250593_4822870076043020398_nName: Nathan Christian

Nickname: Christian

Title: Elite Four Member/Teacher

City/Region from: Outside of Lavender Town in the Kanto region

Main Element: Ghosts

Badge: Sabbatical Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Spruce

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Head of a Sabbatical group

b-sabatcalbadgeBackstory: Nathan is the grandson of Agatha, the first ghost Elite Four member in the Kanto region.  Growing up right outside of Lavender Town, he had plenty of chances to encounter ghosts, receiving his grandmother’s gifts to work and communicate with them, although they often did not like to follow his orders and would rather play pranks on people (to this day this can be an issue).  His grandmother was stern with him when she visited, making him dress sharply in vests, fedoras, and always have a pocket watch, but he enjoyed his time with her. On their walks at dawn, meeting ghosts Pokémon that would visit, Agatha would tell Nathan stories of Professor Oak and how horrible of a man he was, how a man who gives up so much for science could never bond with a Pokémon correctly. Nathan never figured out why his grandmother loathed Professor Oak so much, but he grew that same bitterness in his heart as well. He attended E.T.U. (Elite Trainer University) with Derrick and Evan, becoming friends with them.

A few months prior to Morgan’s university opening and the Elite Four team forming, Nathan’s grandmother passed away.  She left Nathan her crystal cane and her beloved Gengar. He was crushed by this, in such a slump that he could not train any of her or his ghosts Pokémon properly, them causing issues around the Prism region. He was trying to reach his grandmother’s spirit by any means. His best friend, Derrick, looked after him. After meeting Derrick, Morgan went to the EML (Elite Members League that has all champions, past and present, and Elite Four members for meetings. Sometimes gym leaders come too) to see what had happened and they informed her of Agatha’s passing. Morgan, concened about the ghostly auras and the Nathan she had heard about, went to him and asked him to join her at her new University so they could work on his powers and he could be with his friends; he meekly nodded, packing his stuff without saving a word. At the first two weeks at the university, he locked himself in his room, trying to channel his grandmother. Morgan’s newly hired at the time assistant, Miss Eevee, was the first one to smack him with his fedora and tell him to snap out of it. She got through to him and it was love at first sight for them both.  Nathan still tries to talk to his grandmother from time-to-time so if he is talking to a wall, do not be alarmed. His ghosts are still mischievous and only Morgan and Nathan can truly see them.

Nathan and Mrs. Eevee are now married.


10406887_869746089725096_4901238486112984723_nName: Derrick

Nickname: Zubat Man

Title: Elite Four Member

City/Region from: Blackthorn City in the Johto Region

Main Element: Steel (with some ground and dark) and Flippy, his Zubat

b-cavewanderbadgeBadge: Cave Wander Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Aspen

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: None, but he likes to train with his Pokemon in caves in his spare time…or spoil Flippy!

Backstory: Derrick is the younger brother of Lance, the champion of Kanto and Johto, the famous dragon Pokémon expert, and spy and the cousin to Claire, the Blackthorn City dragon-type gym leader. Derrick attended the E.T.U. (Elite Trainer University), the expectations of him due to his family making him indifferent to his education, although he was smart. He was best friends with Evan and Nathan there.

sept57Derrick didn’t want to follow in the dragon training footsteps of his family, although he liked them.  One day when he was eight, he ran away from his after school tutoring school lessons, stumbling upon a cave on their massive property. When he stepped in, he saw a zubat being picked on by other zubats. Derrick chased them off and noticed this friendly zubat had a crocked wing, making him fly oddly. He named him Flippy and Derrick and him became best friends, Derrick visiting him each day as Flippy waited behind a shadowy rock near the cave entrance. They had many advantures in that cave, meeting Pokemon that are now on Derrick’s team today, the rocky and dark terrain a fierce and excellent training ground for Derrick and his Pokemon. Derrick and Flippy decided he would eat an Everstone so he wouldn’t evolve.  Lance, impressed with seeing Derrick ride a wild Aggron and laughing, decided to support his decision to not be a dragon master and how Derrick wanted to be a steel and ground trainer, his focus as hard as steel, his battle strategies rock solid.

aug44When Evan finally got ahold of Derrick right after he graduated E.T.U. University (a year after Evan left), Derrick went to meet Evan and his new friend: Morgan. For Morgan, she had stars in her eyes when seeing Derrick, her heart pounding. She appointed him an Elite Four member on the spot! Derrick was confused, but Evan explained and Derrick accepted since that meant training in caves openly like he wanted and hanging with Evan again. He told them about how rough of shape Nathan was too. Derrick is the only one that has no idea the champion is madly in-love with him!

Flippy is his pride and joy, though, Derrick does not allowing him to battle. Flippy’s room is bigger than his! Derrick is a fierce battler, no mercy, but his heart melts when he sees Flippy or he hears his favorite song, The Zubat Rap by Natewantstobattle! He does NOT like Flippy being taken. One time, Derrick tried to teach Flippy how to drive…He crashed into Fabio’s limo, golden sparkles littering the street! 0.0 Derrick is also a decent BBQ chef.



10373794_914163101935775_2192060476394863527_nName: Tabby

Nickname: Mrs. Eevee

Title: Elite Four Member/Assistant to Champion/Teacher

City/Region from: Ecruteak City in the Johto region

Main Element: Eevee Master, but as of current, fire and electric

b-creationbadgeBadge: The Creation Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Banyan

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: When not training Eevees or helping the Poke Crew, Mrs. Eevee is a well-known, competitive cosplayer and costume model.

Backstory: Tabitha grew up in Ecruteak City, the Bell Tower and Mt. Silver visible from her bedroom window. She admired the Dancing Kimono Sisters in their lovely kimonos, their graceful dancing, and their Eevees and evolutions.  She visited them often, learning how to sew amazing clothes and when she decided she wanted to perform with her own Eevee in an outfit set she made for them, the sisters gave Eevee her own Eevee to train and love, this fueling her choice to go to the Hohen region, entering Pokemon contests.  Through her journeys, the ancient mystery of her hometown inspired her fantasy costumes and she was able to catch or breed many grand Eevees, determined to have one of each Eevee form, but still loves them all for who they are.

aug24After Morgan found her members, she knew that four boys would drive her nuts! >.< Morgan adores anime conventions, attending many (sometimes in costume) when she can. She saw Miss Eevee modeling her newest design there, her and Umbreon were preforming at the opening cermony.  Morgan was so amazed that she introduced herself afterwards and clicked instantly.  They talked forever, laughing about boys, talking about cosplay and anime, sharing tips on training Eevees (Morgan had just got my Espeon).  Morgan invited her to join the Poke Crew when she didn’t have a tour; she accepted.

When Morgan went to the University she had just set up, the other Elite Four Members (Evan, Derrick, and Nathan) had arrived already. She introduced Tabby to Evan and Derrick, giving all of them a grand tour. The boys informed the girls that Nathan was holed up in his room too, all the lights out, candles aglow, trying to channel his recently deceased grandmother. Morgan was able to calm his ghost Pokémon down, who were running amuck at the University.  The others had tried to reason to Nathan before, but to no avail. When Miss Eevee saw this, she pulled him up by the collar and smacked the side of his head, telling him to snap out of it, that is grandmother would not want him depressing others around him and giving away a second of his life. This stunned Nathan, but after the shock, he obeyed and the two had an instant connection, balancing each other out. They got married in April of 2015!

She is my sanity and firm arm against the boys when I need it and helps me out so much! When stressed, we get massages at our favorite place.  🙂  She is currently training with Blaine on Cinnabar Island to beef up her new Flaron and his fire pals when she is not helping us at the school/league or going to conventions.


1544412_914172791934806_679986326829176202_nName: Julie

Nickname: Jules

Title: Secretary/personal assistant to the Champ Morgan and Alternate Elite Four Member

City/Region: Vaniville Town in the Kalos region

b-eclispebadgeMain Element: Dark and water

Badge: The Eclipse Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Blackrose

Occupation outside PokeCrew: Pokemon Watcher/Artist/Baker

Backstory: Jules is the older sister of Calem (Rival of the female trainer in X/Y games). When she was 4 years old, her parents, who are famous Pokemon Battlers, gave her a Houndour pup. He dislikes being inside of a pokeball so he would either be carried by Jules or would follow her around everywhere. This quickly caused her to develop a love watching and sketching Houndour. A year later, Calem was born and as he grew older Jules started to sketch him as well sometimes positioning Calem with Houndour in particular poses for fun. At the age of 8 Jules’ parents started teaching her about Pokemon battle strategies and techniques hoping to send her off on her own journey on her 10th birthday. She trained hard in between practicing her sketching and watching the wild Pokemon that roamed around Vaniville Town.

aug29Finally, on her 10th birthday arrived and she headed out, with Houndour by her side, toward Lumiose City to speak with Professor Sycamore about getting a pokedex and pokeballs. While there she met and eventually befriended a Froakie that had been abused by his previous trainer thus making him difficult to get close to. In the end Froakie chose to go with Jules on her journey. Several months later Jules and Houndour had a battle with a trainer that used an Eevee. Jules and Houndour won and the trainer abandoned the Eevee claiming he was too weak to keep. Jules rushed the injured Eevee to a Pokemon Center and sat with him for several days before he finally woke up. Several more days passed and Jules was leaving town when the Eevee rushed after her and joined her on her journey as her third pokemon. Eventually each of her pokemon evolved, Houndour into Houndoom, Froakie to Frogadier then Greninja, and Eevee into Umbreon. After each evolution Jules gave her pokemon symbols of their strong bond of friendship. Houndoom received a collar with Houndoominite attached to it, Greninja received a glove designed specifically to fit on his right arm that covered from the middle of his arm to the wrist, and Umbreon received three gold rings that hooked on around his front right leg.

After several years of travelling as a Pokemon Watcher Jules eventually met Morgan, the Champion of the Prism Region. They became fast friends and Jules eventually became Morgan’s personal assistant/secretary when the need arose. When Jules isn’t helping Morgan she continues to watch and sketch Pokemon and sometimes Pokemon with their trainers. Aside from that she has a new found desire to witness and sketch the legendary Pokemon Yveltal at least once in her life and to perfect Mega Evolution with Houndoom.

Julie is the artist and baker of the group, always working with Morgan to make Pokémon as engaging and memorable for young trainers, they normally the ones who come up with the monthly themes and setting the wheels in motion. Julie spends so much time being an amazing assistant to Morgan and a critical face in the league; after all, she is the one who checks you in! ^_^ We are all grateful to have Miss Julie be with us and starting to not be scared to battle with others.


sept52Name: Alesha

Nickname: Rome

Title: Elite Four Member/Teacher

City/Region from: Orange Islands: Poppy Reef

Favorite Element: Any (Steel, Water, Fire, Electric have been seen recently)

Badge: Warrior Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Acorn

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Traveler/Teacher at Pokémon University

b-warriorbadgeBackstory:  Alesha comes from a small island village off the coast of the Kanto region named Poppy Reef. The village was small with many people having pokemon of many different kinds to help work around the village. One day, a group of ruthless Pokemon trainers came and took all the pokemon from the village leaving it defenseless and in shambles. Two weeks later, a small group of pokemon trainers came to the island and brought back all the Pokémon, lead by a champion. They introduced themselves as Morgan and Evan-Chu. After spending some time with the locals. Rome met with them and they told her all about what happened with the pokemon and how they got them back along with their adventures, inspiring the tough, but timid Alesha to train a Pokémon team of her own. Rome, Morgan, and Evan-Chu became good friends, travelling to Pallet town to get a Pokémon from Professor Oak. She chose Charmander, who after travelling for a while change into a Charmealon before changing into the mighty Charazard. Once a month, Alesha visits Morgan’s university to tell her friends about her adventure and helps teach young trainers and accept challenges.



Name: Anthony


Title: Elite Four Member

City/Region from: Alamos Town (Sinnoh reign, the town known for the Space-Time Tower)

Favorite Element: All (has a talent and preference for dark, fighting, and dragon)

Badge: Shade Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Pine

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: High school Language Arts Teacher/Dark Pokémon researcher (his dream is to capture Yveltal)



Part Time Members:

Name: Fabio Thearailo

Nickname: Mr. Fabulous

Title: Elite Four Member

City/Region from: Lumiose City in the Kalos Region

Main Element: Dark

Badge: Fab Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Sweetgum

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Samurai Movie Star

b-fabbadgeBackstory: Fabio Thearailo grew up in the massive world of Lumiose City, surrounded by talent and he aspired to be the best. Since he was a little boy, he was always doing insane stunts, imitating the samurais he would see on T.V. His older sister, Diantha, was perfect in every way and he one day dreamed of being better at her at something. She would pat his head and tell him how cute and sweet he was. He would go to her auditions, dazzled by her performances and he knew he wanted to be an actor too. At one of her auditions, he got bored in the waiting room and wandered off, finding a green screen set with plastic swords. Assuming no one was there, he reenacted a scene from a samurai film he just saw, doing flips, smiling, and using all kinds of tones. The director walked in, seeing the whole thing, and gave him a small role for a feudal Japan film he was doing! Ever since then, young Fabio climbed his way to being a star.

When he was not working on parts, he was battling with his friends. Being a night owl, he flocked to dark type Pokémon, his dear Umbreon, Fluffykins, always being stroked by him when she’s not battling. Eventually, Fabio became a well-known,  flamboyant samurai movie star, a fashion trendsetter, and our dark Pokémon trainer. However, he still was not as popular or amazing as his sister Diantha, who is a world-wide model, big budget movie star, and the champion of the Kalos region. He also has a rival, Gavin Giovanni, a quiet, but loved ninja theater celebrity who is a grand fairy type trainer, the two always in the media for gossip, a good amount of it started by Fabio. One day, after an airing of a TV guest spot he was doing in his home town, he was enraged about a review he read about his sister, praising her. As he vented to no one in the alleyway, Morgan came up to him and praised him on his latest film that she very much enjoyed. They talked for a while and Fabio then joined her Elite Four team, thinking he could one day at least defeat one Champion, but so far, that is not the case.

This guy is…something else, the clown.    He is always ‘fashionably’ late, adores signing autographs for his fans, dancing,  and rides around in his golden sparkly limo that matches his favorite fedora (he also has neon light up num-chucks he carries around for fun too).  Although he’s a ham, he is still an excellent trainer and we hope you will join the other fan girls who cheer for Team Fabio!

Name: Rhiannon

Nickname: The Annihilator

City/ region: Cinnabar Island in Kanto.

Main elements: fire and electric

Badge: Solar Static Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Ash

Occupation outside the Pokecrew: Stay at home daycare owner on Cinnabar

b- solarstaticbadgeBackstory: Rhiannons pokemon journey all the way up until The Pokemon League was long and such an amazing memory. Although she did not win the PokeLeague but she still made so many memories and connections to the Pokémon she caught. Starting off with the pikachu her mother gave her, she then proceeded to catch a Magby and Electabuzz that she found fighting on a route. A Mareep she got from her grandmas farm. And a Vulpix she caught on her own. Who she loves and cherishes. Fishing one time she caught a Magikarp that is slowly learning and leveling up. They work together in the pool she has on Cinnabar. An Electrike that she found roaming around the neighborhood. Shes had him for a few months with no claim on him. And lastly her Dragonair who trains with Magikarp. Almost mothering him. She is strong and steadily leveling. They all stay at her home with her helping with the daycare that they’ve established. Hoping to have a gym of her own someday.

sept50On a trip to visit her old friend Blaine, Morgan found a loving and adorable day care on Cinnabar Island, meeting the granddaughter of the owner, who was making homemade Pokemon plushes and singing songs with her Pokemon at her side. Morgan found this level of compassion inspiring and invited Rhiannon to her university in the Prism reason for a visit. She happily accepted, where she was challenged by the Elite Four and she annihilated them all, still beaming cutely. Morgan then extended an invitation to Rhiannon to be their first honorary Elite Four member whenever she wants to or can visit.  She helps accept challenges often and the children at the university adore her and the cute plush she sells! When she is not helping Morgan or her grandma at her Pokémon daycare, she is working hard to make cute and unique Pokémon crafts and cosplays.

Name: Antone

Nickname: Gavin Giovani

Title: Elite Four Member

City/Region from: Floaroma Town in the Sinnioh Region AND Viridian City in Kanto

Favorite Element: Fairy

Badge: Dazzling Blast Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Hemlock

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Famous Ninja Theater actor star (and Giovani worshipper)

b-DazzlingblastbadgeBackstory: Gavin grew up in two different places due to his family being split since he was young; Floaroma Town, where got to experience beautiful flowers and the fairy Pokémon who adored them and Viridian City, who he heard the whispers of its mysterious gym leader and the fiends, Team Rocket, his childhood curiosity making him awestruck by the thought of Giovanni. One day, following his Eevee, he got a glimpse of a battle from a side window the to Viridian City gym, between his unseen-until-that-point idol, his cold, calm, calculating eyes giving off the vibe of a true Pokémon Master.  Gavin knew he wanted to show that presence as a person. However, he grew up with the happy-go-lucky nature fairy type Pokemon and could not abandon them. Thanks to his older brother always trying to beat him up using ninja moves from the movies they watched as children and Gavin having to learn to block, defend, and outsmart his brother, this with his “Master Giovanni” calm landed him a part in a local historical play as a ninja. An agent from Unova was in the audience and gave him his card so they could have lunch to discuss him auditioning for a role with a traveling Japanese play trope. The rest, was history!

When Gavin was not acting, rising to ninja stage stardom or ‘tracking’ his idol, he was training his beloved fairy Pokémon. He has a completely different personality with them than his stoic acting face, always grinning and laughing as they play, confusing his co-workers! He even got some ninja training tips for himself and his Pokémon from Koga’s grandson, Jonathon, who was on his ninja master’s quest. Gavin is not fond of public events, but he goes. Due to their acting guilds being from around the same time periods (even if the medias are different), Gavin and Fabio have encountered each other many times. Their clashing personalities and Pokémon types have caused a bitter rivalry between them that the public eats up; Fabio normally starts it, but Gavin is not afraid to add to the fire.

Morgan had heard a lot about Gavin from Fabio. When she saw he was having a show close to the Prism League (curious and liking theater), she watched it, but missed the chance to tell him so. Before heading home, she went to a local burger joint where she encountered him, sitting a booth alone away from his co-workers. With her psychic powers, she could tell he was troubled, wanting to share his burger with his beloved Slyvion, but the other actors did not support his ‘girly’ team. Morgan slid in the seat across from him with her meal and said, “You shouldn’t hide your love for your Pokémon. They flourish because of your friendship with them and that makes you a master more so than skill or experience.” He stares at her, stunned, and smiles, getting out her Alkazam and Espeon, showering with them in affection, causing the attention of the other actors, who knew who she was and stopped talking. The two talked for a while and he asked to check out her league the next day. He felt relaxed there and Morgan gave him an invitation to join the Crew…although Fabio was not happy about it! The two bicker often at events and spread rumors about the other.


10445523_859971400688279_553288900349258190_nName: Captain Wesley Grimm

Nickname: Capt’n, Deadpool

Title: Elite Four Member

City/Region from: Mahogany Town in Johto (close to the Lake of Rage)

Favorite Element: Ice and Dark-type Ghosts

Badge: Blizzard Quest Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Cedar

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Pirate Captain (who is also an excellent story teller)

b-BlizzardQuestbadgeBackstory: Wesley grew up by the legendary Lake of Rage, always in search of the Red Gyrados, going on adventures to find it with his water Pokémon by the time he could barely run. Him and his Pokémon would look for gold, recuse innocent Pokémon from villains, and surf and dive the lake, much to his worrying mother’s dismay. His father was a underling for Agatha, the ghost Elite Four Trainer of Kanto. Wesley’s father had the skills to see ghosts and was a good trainer with them, although he would not use his Pokémon often in front of his small town. Wesley could not see ghosts or ghost Pokémon clearly when concealed like his father, but he could sense when they were near by the drop in temperature, hence why his Pokémon all learned ice moves so they could blast the spirit by reading Wesley’s senses and commands.

sept47When Wesley was a teen, he finally captured the wild red Gyrados thanks to a trainer named Gold and the Champion of Kanto and Johto, Lance (Derrick’s older brother), who were trying to save the beast from Team Rocket. They trusted Wesley with guardianship of the Pokémon and Wesley went to travel to be a trainer, having a skill for sneaking and helping others, these skills helping him land many odd jobs for money. Later, he was asked to join a pirate crew for his skills, Pokémon, and ghost sensing abilities. He set sail and within a short time, rose to the ranks of Captain of his own ship, naming himself the feared Captain Wesley Grimm. He has seen many dark hauntings of Pokémon and humans who have been hurt at sea, faded, but their emotions clear, making him decide to be more leery of whom he trusted. He is not a villain, per say, but an anti-hero. Wesley can help you…for the right price, if it benefits him, or if he’s feeling bored!

sept48Wesley captured Morgan on a small liner ship, hearing it belonged a rich company, but seeing a maiden. he took her to her ship, thinking it would be good to have a date and someone would pay to have her recused. He didn’t realized HE was the one who needed saving once her psychic waves broke the rope and her Pokémon captured the ship with ease. She gave him a smirk before her ride came to get her, not calling the police. In her hand, was a business card for the Prism League. She shook his baffled hand and told him, “Come battle alongside us next time you’re bored; I promise we can entertain you. See you Captain Grimm, but make sure you greet me with a less…grim expression next time; it takes away from your charm.” He was so stunned that he slowly started to be kinder with his assignments. He visits the Prism League when his route lines with it (him and Morgan message each other in between time). She always welcomes him when he visits as an honored guest (and the girls come running to get a look at him) and he tells them amazing tales of his sea adventures with his water, ice, and dark ghosts Pokémon. He’s even helped young trainers on some of his visits.

10940603_914183331933752_2216520104854416719_nName: Jason

Nickname: Old Man

Title: Elite Four Member

City/Region from: Orange Isles

Favorite Element: Water (although he has been training with other types lately)

Badge: Riptide Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Maple

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Higher-up/Professor in Team Aqua (formerly)


b-riptidebadgeBackstory: Jason has always had the heart of a trainer. Due to being sick often as a young child, he couldn’t attend Day Care, so his parents presented him with a different form of education: how to raise a partner, giving him a Lapras.  Because of his connection to Lapras and living in the Orange Islands, he specialized in water because he saw/sees them as the most graceful and powerful. However, at age seven, his parents were lost in a horrible storm, him being raised by his aunt until he was in middle school, then his next door neighbor allowed him to stay in her shed that he turned into a cabin until he was graduated high school. When he was about to set out to college, he released Lapras to a herd of them, where she could be happy, the group travelling north to colder waters due to their ice typing. It was a hard decision, but they both knew it was the right one. After graduating from university, Jason worked as a Pokemon researcher for a long time but could never settle down roots for very long; he’s a wanderer by nature.

sept53He joined Team Aqua as a researcher, them amazed by his skill and the way he adored water types, because he thought it would further his training and allow him to continue roaming. He did not agree with all their ambitions, almost feeling trapped by the but obligated because they gave him a family he never had. After they tried to awake Kygore, he knew he had to leave, their goals too sinister. He went to an uncharted island to train, meeting a young man who was lost, on a journey of his own to bond with water Pokemon. He helped the young man for three months, then got on his raft home and left. He did this for two years, he was constantly on the move up and down rivers living on a raft until he washed up on the shores of the new Prism Region. Hearing rumors of this champion who was a writer and started a university for young trainers, he had a sudden drive to challenge her. He dominated the Elite Four, coming face-to-face with her. The two had an amazing battle and she gave him a knowing smile, extending her hand, and asking him to join. Jason said The Prism region is a whole new world to him and in Champion Morgan, he found someone he respects and can train against.


b-trainersheartbadgeWe also have a Junior Elite Four Member, Miss A. She is a big help to us. ^_^ She has her own badge: Trainer’s Heart. She is good at making decks, teaching, and is a fierce battler for our youngest member. 🙂




Retired Members, Always Friends:

may8Name: Jonathon

Nickname: Koga JR.

Title: Elite Four Member

City/Region from: Fuchsia City in the Kanto Region

Favorite Element: Poison and Ground

Badge: Ancient Haze Badge

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Ninja

b-AncientHazebadgeBackstory: Jonathon is the eldest grandson (and only one so far) of Koga, the poison gym leader/now Indigo Elite Four member for Kanto, so he comes from a long and proud line of ninjas. His mother is Janine, the daughter of Koga and current Fuchsia City gym leader, also a specialist in poison types. Jonathon was destined from the start to be an incredible trainer, his catching his first Pokémon, a spinarak at age three with his cleverness and wit. He trains in the Safari Zone close to his town. Being from a ninja line, he was raised in a very strict manner, ancient history, strength, speed, and weapon training all second nature. However, although his grandfather would not have approved (because technology is against their code), he did like video games, sneaking over to friends’ houses to play them, the story of traveling on epic quests fascinating him.

On his 17th birthday, he was to start his training as a Master Poison Ninja, the location near the volcano on Cinnabar and he had to find his own way to get there. Jonathon was thrilled to finally go on an epic quest, to prove himself to his family and see the world. He befriended and captured several ground type Pokémon, drawn to their power. It took him three weeks, but he finally got to Cinnabar Island. After he healed his Pokémon at the Center, he took a tour around the town before going to the volcano and there, he saw a lovely girl singing to an egg at the daycare center. I tried to find her the next day, to say hello, but she was gone. The old woman at the center (who was the girl’s grandmother), said she had left to help the Prism League Champion and would be back in a month.

Jonathon trained hard on the volcano, impressing the masters and after three weeks, he was granted his scroll of mastery, meaning he could take over his grandfather’s gym when his mother saw fit. He worked hard for a hotel manger named Blaine for a few days to earn the money to go to the Prism League, to challenge one of the Champion’s trainers. He impressed them and now, he comes to help out when he isn’t doing ninja master training.


7576_859971294021623_3486891277343619214_nName: Logan

Nickname: Drexel

Title: Elite Assistant to Champion

City/Region from: Mossdeep City in the Hoenn

Favorite Element: Psychic

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Poke Mart Manger/dancer/college student

Backstory: Logan grew up next door to Mossdeep Space Center, his days spent exploring the lectures and experiments of the scientist at the Center (his uncle worked there as an astronomer) his nights spent gazing at the stars in search of other energies or Pokémon that could be looking at his region. He played with Liza and Tate, the psychic twins who later became the gym leaders for their town at the young age of 13 (Logan was 16, him three years older than them). Although he is very smart, his head was often in the clouds or his feet dancing under his desk, making school harder than it should have been. He volunteered at the Space Center, impressing the staff with his hospitality and space knowledge. This landed him a job as the manger of the Poke Mart after he graduated from school, him making it refreshing and reflect the coastal home he knew personality. When not working, he trains his water and psychic Pokémon, his Espeon that Liza and Tate gave to him as a graduation gift his special partner, attends an on-line university to earn a degree in Interstellar Pokémon Research and Communications (studying space and its possibilities of seeing one from outer space). His favorite thing to do is dance, which he does at his secret base hangout with his friends every Friday.

Logan met Morgan through Julie, her assistant, who was on a Pokémon watcher’s trip at Mossdeep City to study the Wailmer population. Julie was sitting, drawing the Wailmer, in the spot Logan and his water Pokémon usually relax on to watch the sunrise after their morning training session. They had a heated…discussion, on who got to stay on the rock, but then started talking and quickly became friends. So much so that when Morgan was showing Julie their high numbers of enrollments and how they were looking for additional help with planning events a few times a year, Julie called Logan up and he accepted, helping out when he has a few days off of work.

Name: Evan

Nickname: Evan-Chu, Thalia Lovegood, Dances with Poliwags

Title: Elite Four Member/Teacher

City/Region from: Celadon City in the Kanto region

Main Element: Water and Grass

Badge: Life Dew Badge

Professor Alias: Professor Sage

Occupation outside the Poke Crew: Guardian of the Poliwags

b-lifedewbadgeBackstory: Evan is the only child of Erica, the lovely grass gym leader of Celadon City. He does not know who is father is. Evan grew up living with all women in his mother’s gym and successful perfume company.  He often played in the gardens, growing close with the Eevee his mother got him that eventually became his loyal Leafeon.  However, he was always connected to the water, playing with as many water types as he could.  As a child, he went to the E.T.U. (Elite Trainer University), a Pokemon training school for gym leaders, Elite Four members, and champions family members, where he made friends with Derrick and Nathan until graduation.

At age seventeen, although he deeply loved his mother, he wanted to prove he could be a man and left his home and Leafeon with his mother to go train alone in the mountains.  He met a man named Jason, who was a water Pokemon master. He trained Evan in the ways of water Pokemon and survival for living along in the mountains. After three months, Jason vanished. Evan was able to capture a few water Pokemon, one being a Psyduck.  One day many months later, Evan and Psyduck were having a sparring match. Psyduck, getting angry at losing, gained a massive headache and from rage, flung Evan off the cliff they were training on.

Evan should have died in the fall, but when he awoke, he was in a shallow pool, surrounded by a dozen of Poliwags. They took care of him for months until he was healthy again, him forming a close bond with them and friendship, swearing he will protect them no matter what since they saved his life. However, for many years, he lost his memory of his life before the fall and the Poliwags.  One day, his Lapras friend informed him there was a young woman nearby training a Starmie by the water. Evan had never had a visitor on his rock island. He shyly introduced himself and they bonded intensely. Her name was Morgan. She stayed for a week, Evan showing her every amazing part of the island to help her training and her book writing. Morgan invited Evan to come with her to join her Elite Four for the Prism Region, shyly stating she was the new champion.  He agreed, but some of his Poliwag friends came with him to fight with him.  He goes to visit them every few months on their island.

Evan chu is truly the comedy of the group, but has a heart of gold. His hair was so long when Morgan found him, that until they could get to a town to cut it, she gave him her Pikachu ears hat. They had a good chuckle about it and now he wears it from time-to-time to make young trainers smile, hence the name Evan-Chu.

Fun Videos:

Champ Morgan and Evan-Chu/Professor Sage do all 151 Pokémon voices!

Champ Morgan and Evan-Chu/Professor Sage ATTEMP to do the Johto voices (with major fails!) xD

 Group Pictures:


octpokemon1 10696408_840076459358726_1015046996171727661_n

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