Max-Con 2015 AND Anime Getaway 2015 Mini Blogs and Reviews

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TO SEE ALL MY VIDOES FROM MAX-CON 2015 AND ANIME GETAWAY 2015, GO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: Max-Con 2015 As a writer, we have two jobs: writing our works and advertising it. Social media, interviews, promotions, word of mouth…In our modern, technology run era, the outlets and outreaches are endless. However, there is one method that stands the test … Read More

Top Ten Video Game series/genres (childhood and current combined) (Top Ten #38)

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Game. On! Pokemon (Main series and side games) Kingdom Hearts (Main series and side games) Sonic the Hedgehog (The Gamecube games are my favorite though) Yu-gi-oh handheld games (playing the card game) Mario sports games/Mario party/Mario Cart/Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games Search and Finds (such as I-Spy) Bejeweled and games like it Soul Caliber/InuYasha- A Federal Fairy Tale … Read More

New Jobs and a Start to Sizzling September!

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Weather: SUPER hot and humid, in the 90’s, for 2 weeks now. :(- I got caught in a bad, random thunderstorm while walking a few weeks ago! o.0 Saw lightning in front of me and I was two blocks away! Scary! Working on: Lesson plans for all three of my teaching positions, some writing projects, and updating the website. Currently Listening to: My I-Tunes. … Read More

Ahoy Matties!

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Weather: Warm and humid Working on: Updating my website (been FOREVER) and trying to get better. 🙁 Websites up: Mine and Youtube Eating/Drinking: Subway earlier Wearing: My comfy black night gown with pink hearts and lace. Currently Listening to: “Wings” by Macklemore Currently Watching: I watched Disney Channel while I ate. Currently Playing: FINALLY Beat Kingdom Hearts: DDD and then … Read More