Pokemon and page count!

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665157qpvc5ck5tvWeather: Nice spring night (although a tad chilly)

Working on: Updating my website and packing for my 2 year anniversary trip

Wearing: My ‘classic’ Yuigioh blue shirt with Yami and black dragon sleeping shorts

Currently Listening to: Vampire Knight season 1 opening

Currently Watching: The last thing I watched was Smosh’s new “Game time” video

Currently Reading: The Number

Thoughts: How can you fly on a Pidgey effectively? *sighs*

Feeling: Really tired; been working for 4 days straight basically…


Days are warmer.  Kids are playing outside.  The ice cream man is driving around twice a day instead of one..It must be summer! 😀  Our last day of school was Tuesday, so I decided to go out with a BANG and dress as a Pokemon trainer from the original series!  I was wearing Ash’s hat, had all 8 badges (which are beautiful) and a Great ball and Ultra ball pin.  These were pinned to a blue vest I had.  I also had jeans and a black undershirt like Ash.  ^_-  I wore my Pikachu necklace, had Pokeballs hanging from my belt, my bright pink converse, and I was holding my stuffed Pikachu while wearing my husband’s Osawhatt (spelling?) backpack on!  I got several stares, hugs, “OMG!  Where did you get that?”s (most of the stuff is from 1999 BTW), and even a few posed pictures.  I felt like I was at a con again! HA!  😀  I wanted to show the kids that this is what I and everyone else was in to when I was in the 7th grade.  It was fun!  However…I forgot I was wearing that when I was turning my paperwork into the board office!  My boss stared at me for a few moments without saying a word!  She asked me “What on EARTH are you wearing?”  I explained I did it for the kids and she was more shocked I remembered what I liked in middle school above all else!  0.o  I hope I did not scare her!

Anywho, in honor of Pokemon, my first anime (although I had no clue what anime was), I will make my top ten a Pokemon list later this week AND add some of my favorite Pokemon icons to the bottom of my “To be a Nerdy Otaku” page, which I am working on.  I will update another book related post soon…How mysterious *wiggles fingers*!  I just completed chapters 3 and 4 first round of edits too! WOOT! <(^.^<)

And to all my FMS students and staff, I want to thank you for an interesting year.  From tea spilling everywhere by homework being done and crushing classmates coloring dreams, to sugared water. From Harlem Shake videos to get our kids motivated to spring test to putting salt and bacon bits on everything to get a reaction from co-workers.  From racing my ‘classroom’ cart down the hall at top speed to teaching students about the ways of otakus and accepting yourself, this year has surely taught me a lot, and WORN ME OUT!  xD  But, I want to thank everyone for the support and experience.  FMS Knights; you RULE!

I did a book count for myself this semester (January to May) to see how many pages I read.  I have been keeping tally for my kiddos and here are the final results:

Normal book pages read: 4,016

Manga pages read: 2,803

Total pages read (not including text or work books): 6,819!  😀  How do you think I did?  I hope I can read just as much this summer; I have PLENTY of books to!

You guys have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend.  More updates to come soon.  And remember, Gotta Catch em’ all!  Your dreams and your Pokemon! ^_^


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