Busy end of May!

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cg1Weather: HOT! -_-;;

Wearing: Hello Kitty superhero shirt “Rad by day, Awesome by Night” and black gym shorts

Currently Listening to: “Nothing Suits me like a suit.” by Neil Patrick Harris

Currently Watching: Cake Boss was the last thing I watched

Currently Reading: The Number and Sailor moon, volume 7

Thoughts: I’m hungry, but can I wait until we see Epic…?.?

Feeling: Hungry, but clean

WHAT A WEEK!  I have cleaned my apartment from head to toe, but I still have more to do, organized EVERY folder in my office (which is a lot), organized my closet, had a radio interview for my summer program, worked out every day (although I am still eating bad), saw my parents, got to see my two best friends, had a weekend get a way with my hubby…*takes a breath* And that was from Wednesday to Sunday!  But, I am back now and my Pokemon Top ten is in the blog section! It was fun to do for you guys and there is even a little bonus at the bottom… ^_^

My mom is having surgery tomorrow, which is concerning for her blood disorder rarely lets her clot.  One of her teeth pretty close to exploded and almost hit her crown.  Her cheek was so swollen that she was tearing up to talk to me last week.  She can talk now, but I know she is in pain, so love and good thoughts for you tomorrow momma!

I got to spend the afternoon Friday with my best friend, Marissa, for her 25th birthday.  She is in Texas currently working for an engineering company, so it was nice to see her and celebrate with her awesome family for a Hawaiian theme party and BBQ.  Her mom even let me just HAVE a stack of original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers trading cards! 0.o  I was SO excited, but they all looked at me like I was nuts.  I suppose my otaku was showing badly!  Hehe! ^-^  We also got to see my hubby’s best friend and the one who got us together, Evan, that night.  It has been over 3 YEARS since we had seen him.  It was all so much fun!

Derrick (my hubby) went to Cape, which is south of where we live, for an early 2 year wedding anniversary weekend.  We did something smaller this year due to money, but we still had a nice time.  ^_^  We went shopping of course.  I got too many books and other goodies.  He had to get a game! HA! We also had AMAZING Japanese food and got to see a habachi chef make huge fires for show and he was flipping sushi in people’s mouths to make some kids who were watching him laugh.  The food was so good and we cannot wait to go back.  Our hotel, the Drury, was rockin’; we love staying at Drury’s for the Kick back (free supper basically) and free popcorn for me all afternoon! WOOT! 😀  My husband also gambled for the first time and we had a lot of fun.  I left with almost $16, although I put in $20; he had nothing left after putting in $25.  Still, we had a blast, but did not go broke.  We also walked down the Mississippi River wall, which has tons of lovely wall murals that show the history of Cape and how the river affected it along with famous Missourians.  It was a lovely day to walk by the river (although I did not get too close since I am not a fan of water). We also got this awesome ice ream across the street afterwards; it was really creamy. We went to a Safari zoo, where you got to feed and pet several of the animals.  I like animals, but I am a tad timid.  Derrick LOVES animals and had so much fun petting them and talking to them.  It was adorable *blushes*  I got my history fill by going to a Civil War Fort, called Fort D.  And since it was Memorial day, they had people dressed up and tents sent up along with cannons going off!  It was nifty and I will have to bring my dad there (he’s a history teacher).  I also got to see my college bff, Jennifer, who I have not seen since my wedding.  It was a short getaway, but nice and we had a great time in Cape!

I want to take a moment to thank a special student.  Our dear school and town loss a lovely young woman this weekend.  She was so kind, offering her help and smile to all who needed it.  She always got me tea and my cart because she wanted to and her drawings for me were as colorful and sweet as her.  I want to send thoughts to her family and loved ones for her loss and wish her peace.  Thank you for all your kindness babe!

We had a nice time seeing friends yesterday and we are looking to our annual town fair, Country Days, this weekend. We are going to take an old-fashioned photo…hehehe! 😉

Thanks for reading everyone!  Look forward to more updates!

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