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763008pdc23ujbl2Weather: It seems nice…Haven’t been out yet. 0.o

Working on: College for Kids lesson plans…a long way to go…

Eating/Drinking: Had a turkey sandwich and carrots a little while ago

Wearing: Blue polka-dot classic Minnie Mouse shirt and gym shorts

Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts: Dew Drop Distance (12 hours so far!)

Currently Watching: Last thing I watched was Hot in Cleveland, but I enjoyed watching ‘Summer Wars’ yesterday! ^_^

Currently Reading: Everlasting

Thoughts: I am so sleepy…-_-;;

Happy Saturday everyone!  😀  I hope you weekend is going well.  I have been working nonstop all week on book edits and my summer school lessons plans (along with my house organization).  I have been doing great energy wise until…now.  I am so sleepy!  🙁  So, I added my dear Roxas *dreamy sigh* avatar to perk me up.  It says “Weekend Warrior”, which is fitting for both of us.  I am also playing the newest Kingdom Hearts game.  It took me forever to get used to the switching of characters randomly, but I like the combat style and the worlds are as fun, colorful, and challenging as ever!  ^_^

But, I do have some book news!  *drum roll* Here is a sneak peek of what the inside cover for my book will look like!  It was done by one of my seventh graders and Paper Crane Books and myself are thrilled to have this talented young lady be apart of our project!  This will be the cover for the next reveal: in the back of the book, there will be a Q & A section!  I will answer common or unique questions about my work, my inspiration, the writing process for me, and other random topics in Spirit Vision.  If you have a question for me, then please send it to me in an e-mail, a site comment, or through one of my social medias.  Who knows!  It may be answered and printed!  Thanks to my students who have already submitted!

jenna picture in black and white

So, to recap: reveal of the inside cover and a Questions and Answers section in Spirit Vision! WOOT!  😀

I also am honored to now own several prints of art from my main cover artist, Cherriuki!  A small bio and links to her samples and social medias are under a drop link in the “Book” section of the site.  Please check it out!  She is truly a talent.

I also completed chapters 5 and 6 first edits! Chapter 5 was SUPER difficult.  I had to rewrite 7 pages and it was a 30 page chapter on top of that.  We got it done and I am so grateful for all the work my publisher is doing for me.  Luckily, chapter 6 was not nearly as bad.

My cosplay for Natsu Con FINALLY came in this week! I ordered it January 10th and I had to send tons of e-mails for them to work on it (I already missed wearing at to Anime St. Louis, hence Mai, who is still awesome).  I am going as Sailor V!  The outfit is nice and well made, but I have a few little things to fit, such as the wig’s bangs are not right and are just short enough that it is hard to tuck them behind my ear without whacking my face.  The top is also too big, which makes me happy, but I feel odd.  I just need to tighten up the back somehow.  The gloves also are sliding off so I will need to attach them to my top sleeves without it being noticeable.  Have to string and put hole sin the mask too; I can only hold it now…-_-.  But, the rest does look great and I really look forward to bringing Sailor V to life!  I am making her crescent moon compact now (it has to sun for a few weeks before I can paint it).  I hope it turns out okay.  Hard to imagine Natsu Con is only 5 weeks away!  0.o  Scary, but still awesome!  I promise to do a full blog and take tons of pictures like I did for Anime St. Louis.  On a side note, my mom’s surgery went well and she is resting.  🙂  She will go to the doctor on the 12th to see what we need to do for there.

I added the weekly top ten to the Blog page.  Have a look! It has something to do with my icon and of coarse, my childhood.

I hope you guys have a super awesome week.  I need to finish washing clothes and take a quick nap before I work out, do a little anniversary shopping (our 2 year wedding anniversary is in 10 days and I need to get a card still and wrapping paper.  Gifts are all here, haha!), and get pumped to help my messy brother clean his room…again!  Oh well!  “I don’t think life’s that simple or simple and clean…” If you got the reference, you rock! 😀

I will talk to you soon! JA! ^_^


June 16th, 2013

Quick Fun Update:

525647yy1bsln3vpWeather: Warm

Working on: Supply lists for my summer classes

Websites up: Youtube

Wallpaper: Red with Yuko and Wataki from” xxxHolic” dressed as butterfly/Egyptian rulers

Wearing: Black jean shorts and my gray graffiti “High School Musical” shirt

Currently Listening to: “Disney After Ever After”  It’s for ages 16 plus guys!  >.<

Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts: Dew Drop Distance (14 hours so far!)

Currently Watching: Last thing I watched was Fairy Oddparents, I think…

Currently Reading: JUST finished “Devoted” by Hilary Duff (Elixar book 2) (HENCE the icon!) and about to start “Supernaturally” by Kiersten White (Paranormalcy book 2)

Thoughts: What do I have to do next…? 0.o

Hola mi amigos!  I hope everyone is well this Father’s Day Sunday!  To all the dads out there, thank you for all you do, especially, for me, my father and my father-in-law; these amazing men have helped me so much and I am blessed.  ^.^  I am THRILLED to say I am done with all the typing of my full summer school lesson plans.  I had 9 of them and most of them were 18-30 pages so…that is a lot of typing and ink! 0.o  But, I hope the kids will like the classes.  Now, time to get supplies tomorrow, get recyclables organized, and make posters, print-outs, and samples of all the new projects (which is over half of them).  So, still much to do!  At least I have until the 1st.  🙂  I am just happy I have most of my HUGE chores done (car checked, top to bottom house cleaning, and lesson plans).  I am mad at my Kingdom Hearts game (3Ds, ALTHOUGH, I AM PUMPED FOR KH3 for PS4!!! Who’s with me?  :D)!  I am playing as Sora and in Travers Town (part 2), where you have to battle all your old bosses and I assume the new guy.  The fire guy from The Hutchback of Norte Dome world is kicking my butt because he can shot fire everywhere and I am in a small space.  I leveled up 2 extra levels than required, but I will see what I can do.  Why can’t Riku take out the meanie pants Nightmares?!  *pouts and stomps foot* 😉

I am getting some summer reading done, but with all my book work (which I am happy about) and my summer school work along with adult chores, things have been insane this month!  >.< Still, I only have this many books that are on my shelves now that I need to read.  Others I want to purchase?  Don’t ask how many is on THAT list! *blushes*:

Vampire genre: 4 for sure and 3 maybes, so 7 at the most.

Fantasy: 7

Fairy Tale: 1

Realistic Fiction: 6

Historical Fiction: 15

Reference book: 1

Manga: 6

Total: 40-43

I am hoping to get half of these done…20 books by the middle of August!  Wish me luck guys!  🙂 I’ll keep you posted.  Just finished one today! And yes, these are real books (I do not have a Nook or Kindle).

Just wanted to post my weekly Top Ten. It’s in the blog section as usually.  Check out the others too. This theme is for a legendary Japanese director…I will let you look to see who it is.  ;0  But, I did this in honor of my mom, who I will see tomorrow.  She is back at work so her doctor’s appointment must have gone decent.  My brother and I are making her watch Kiki’s Delivery Service!  Okay, if you STILL have no clue who the director is, I feel sorry for you! *hugs*  I also have my last church class tomorrow night along with all afternoon getting my summer supply box ready at the college.  Busy!  But, Tuesday is my 2 year wedding anniversary and I am going to spend it with my darling! ^_^

Have a fantastic week and I will chat you guys up next week.  Stay beautiful! *waves*

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