Spirit Week and Pokemon Jelly

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1383521_10151912329247044_755874336_nWeather: Nice

Working on: Updating my website, doing laundry, and book stuff

Websites up: Mine and Youtube

Eating/Drinking: Steak n’ Shake with my hubby earlier (Why is it that I eat out on blog days?!  >.<)

Wearing: Black “Twilight” shirt with Edward holding Bella and jeans

pkme17Currently Listening to: Eden of the East opening, but I have been listening to a lot of Glee for Cory

Currently Watching: The last thing I watched was videos of some guy playing Pokémon Y

Currently Playing: “Pokémon Platinum” and am 17 hours into it.

Currently Reading: The Fire Horse Girl

Desktop Wallpaper- Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur smiling in front of a rainbow

Thoughts: Why do I not have the new Pokémon game yet? :'(

Feeling: Decent

Holiday(s): Cookbook Launch day, Old Farmer’s Day, and Moment of Frustration day (well, there you go!)

Icon: I have 2 icons today.  The first is to remember and thank Cory/Finn for all his love and power of music in a show that I dearly love, Glee.  Icon two is for the release of Pokémon X and Y today.  I know Mewtwo will be in it.

Pika Pika Pikachu!  *Translation: Hello wonderful people that I hope will love me and feed me ketchup*! ^-^  Morgan here to update on what has been going on in the Midwest Otaku region.  First off, let’s talk about some updates for this little ‘getting my book published’ project.  We are 78% finished with second edits and I received the next 3 chapters just today!  Woot! By the end of next week/start of the week after, we HOPE to be done with edits and send it off to the proofreader. If he/she says it’s good, then we can get it formatted for publication and set a release date!  Oh yeah!  AND…the cover SHOULD be finished in about 2 weeks (BTW: I have several of Suzy’s prints now and I’m blown away by them.  I’ll add them to my facebook soon. Some of the prints are in my classroom too)!  ^__^ I have seen a half colored version of the cover and it’s a dream of marshmallow joy and happiness come true to me!  I cannot wait to share it with you guys.  So, pretty soon, we will get to work on advertisement too. So, please, please, PLEASE with a monkey on top tell your friends, your family, co-workers, random people on the street and their dogs that Spirit Vision will be released soon and they should be following me here and/or on my social medias.  If you have not subscribed to my social medias, please do so as well (they are all in the lovely cherry blossoms on the top, right hand corner of the page).  This would mean more to me than a muffin becoming a sprinkled cupcake! 😀

On the life front, not a lot other than work, book stuff, and me time.  I have been playing Generation IV (4) Pokémon a lot, but so far, am not super impressed.  I just got the fourth badge, so I will see what it has in store for me before I rate it.  I have been getting super sleepy lately, so I have only read one book since I last blogged, but I will get on it.  I should be good until Christmas for books I still need to read wise! My book list is on the last blog I wrote, just minus one on the Realistic Fiction section.  The one I am reading now is a Historical Fiction.  Been watching some shows too, such as The Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, Glee, Legend of Korra, and Once Upon a Time.  I watched that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland a few days ago too; I am not sure how I feel about it.  It seems a tad too dark for my liking, but I will give it a chance.  Glee this week was so hard, saying good-bye to Finn/Cory.  Rock out in Heaven Cory and thank you for all the love and talent you gave to the world, using your heart and soul.  Glee sadly will not be the same without him!  Church has been busy too, but that’s not a bad thing, right?  🙂

So, this week at work, we had Spirit Week and Homecoming.  So, the kids (and if my students are reading this, you know I think you guys are awesome, but this next statement is still true) were HYPER!  0.o  I was mentally crawling home by the end of Tuesday! >.<  But, other than having a bad sugar attack Thursday and falling over, it was a decent week and I am happy my students had a nice time. At the same time, if I was ever THAT hyper on homecoming week, I DEEPLY apologize to my teachers!!! >.< *bows lowly Japanese style*  Here were the dress-up days and what I did:

Monday: PJ day- My favorite! I wore my black and red Hello Kitty top and pants, my house shoes, my hair in pigtails, and I had Shadow, my adorable four foot, super soft, attachable black monkey on my back for the day. Everyone kept telling me he was there…Like I didn’t know! 😉

Tuesday- Sports Jersey day- I am not a sports fan, so I wore my “Vampire Baseball League” shirt and on the back, it says “Bella, 87” in big letters (Derrick has a matching one and it says “Edward, 01.”  We wore them to premiers). I got some strange looks! HA! 😀

Wednesday- Neon color day- I wore my hot pink work out pants, knee high gray socks with music notes on them, my candy shoes, my yellow cherry shirt with a teal undershirt, my green mini sleeve jacket, and I had my hair braided and had colorful butterflies all in it and when I shook my head, they fluttered.  I wanted to wear my white sparkle hat like last year with it, but no hats! I really like this outfit!

Thursday- Twin day- No twin, so I wore my Pink Power Ranger shirt and Converse to pretend to be Kimberly! Hi-yah!

Friday- Of coarse, Homecoming. Head-to-toe Black and Gold. The teachers ordered NEON yellow shirt (I felt radioactive) with a minion dangling from a pillar.  On the pillar, it said the character word we had chosen for the year.  Mine is “Empathy.” On the back, it has my last name and “Character Leadership.”  They’re cute! 🙂  I also had my Knight’s head necklace, my black and gold bow, and a yellow butterfly.  I’m not sure if we won our game or not, but I’m happy to support the Knights! It was an early out day though and those are NUTS! They make me so much more tired than normal day.  ^.^

So, my husband got Pokémon Y today and has been glued to it! And he is using my 3DS so I have to wait. 🙁  But, I asked for it for my birthday from my parents so I hope I get it in 2 weeks.  What I have seen of it, most of the Pokémon look neat and I like all the extra features it offers.  I already know what starters I want.  I can see a whole blog dedicated to this game! Hehehe!  So, I have a little Pokémon envy right now (hence the jelly in the title, for jealous), but I will work on my Platinum for now.  Also, since I AM turning 25 this year, I am really pumped! I will accept any gifts willingly and you will receive you thank you hug in the mail at least 2-3 weeks after the delivery of your gift.  Joking! I’ll update next a little closer to my birthday.  I have a Halloween party next week to go to with some friends, a group day with our pals on the 26th, dress-up day at school on Halloween day, and then my birthday/ fun days of coarse.  Will keep everyone posted!

Added a new top ten! Check it out in the blog section, dedicated to a Halloween/Otaku pastime!

Sing a song, hug a Pikachu, and chase the wind! Rock out until next time super pals!

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