Top 10 Cosplays I still want to do (Top Ten #11)

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#1. Tohru Honda (school uniform) for Fruits Basket AND/OR Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura (either winter school uniform with her teddy bear or a few different battle outfits from the series)

#2. Ginger from Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar

#2. Angel Lily from Wedding Peach (battle outfit)

#3. Chii from Chobits (too MANY different outfits here)

#4. Mew Mew Berry from Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Mode (manga)

#5. Umi (battle outfit) from Magic Knights Rayearth

#6. Maid outfit (Either from Chobits, Tsubasa, Maid Sama, or an original one)

#7. Young Sofie from Howl’s Moving castle OR/AND Sheeta from Castle in the Sky

#8. Rin from Fate Stay Night

#9. Luna from Amazing Agent Luna (manga)

#10. Middle School uniform Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

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*People I have cosplayed:

Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Mai Valentine from Yu-gi-oh

Sailor V from Sailor Moon/Codename Sailor V


*Other series I would like to cosplay from:

Pokémon, Full Moon, Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, Marmalade Boy, Shuffle, Pretear, Chrono Crusade, Angelic Layer, D.N.Angel, Princess Tutu, Karin (Chibi Vampire), Kodocha (Sana most likely), Okami and her seven companions, Princess Jellyfish. Stepping on Roses (manga, probably Sumi), Mermaid Pichi Pichi Pitch, The Earl and the Fairy (manga),and I am SURE others in the future.

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