Top Ten Anime School Uniforms (Girls) (Top Ten #12)

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#1. Cardcaptor Sakura (elementary and middle school uniforms)

#2. Friuts Basket (Tohru’s)

#3. School Rumble

#4. Shuffle

#5. Gentleman’s Alliance Cross (Haine’s)

#6. Amazing Agent Luna

#7. Sailor Moon (Mars)

#8. InuYasha OR D.N.Angel

#9. La Corda de Oro OR Wedding Peach

#10. Princess Tutu OR Special A

*This is just based on the girls and there are several other cute ones! I also went by animes with standard uniforms (not unique ones like Okami and her seven companions or Rosario x Vampire, both which I love). I would have picked Ouran for I love the boy’s uniform, but not the girls (although the middle school one is cute).  What do you guys think?

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