Top Ten Pokemon Gym Badges by Design only (Top Ten #21)

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  1. Volcano Badge (Gen 1)
  2. Orange Island badges (Orange Island season)
  3. Rainbow (Gen 1)
  4. Cascade (Gen 1)
  5. Soul (Gen 1)
  6. Rumbling (Gen 6)
  7. Glacier (Gen 2)
  8. Jet (Gen 5)
  9. Marsh (Gen 1)
  10. Raising (Gen 2)

June 11th, 2014- I am going to Cosplacon in Jefferson City tomorrow guys, woot! Doing my FIRST ever panel as a host with my buddy and the amazing Samurai Dan Colgan!  ^_^ It’s our first time to this con, but we are super excited.  I know you get sick of Pokémon, but I am competing in the X and Y game competition they have there and they made their own badges.  I’ve been battling with a pal practicing and I hope I do decent, but I mostly want to try, show my love for Pokémon, and get a few of the limited supply badges hence the top ten.  This is my bonus for this part of the month; I will be working on my review of the con the week after I return along with upload videos and photos!  Gotta catch em’ all! 😀



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