Summer Sun, Too Much to Be Done!

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736009n227akwpuhWeather: Muggy since it has been raining then sunny back and forth all day

Working on: Updating my website and prepping my Pokémon event tomorrow.  I wrote some on Spirit Vision 2 this morning.

Currently Listening to: I’ve been listening to “Muppets Most Wanted” soundtrack.  I <3 these guys!

Currently Watching: High School DxD…my brother didn’t warn me it was so…sensual! o.0  This is an 18+ anime guys! NO LIE! >.<

Currently Playing: The New Pokémon Trozei. No story like the original which I deeply miss, but this one is KICKING my butt! 🙁

Currently Reading: The Unfaithful Queen- A Story of Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII’s fifth wife by Carolly Erickson. This is my 6th book of her’s I’ve read! 🙂

Thoughts and feelings: That tuna sandwich I had from Subway was SO good!!! =D

Holiday(s): Helen Keller Day. Let’s celebrate the achievements of this wonderful woman!

Wallpaper: A red wallpaper with Yuko, Watanoki, Syoaron, and Sakura from Tsusbasa and xxxHolic, all on a couch, wearing cute and elegant red and black outfits. The slogan says, “The Sky Opened and People Came.”

Icon: It’s Fai and Kurger Burger from Tsubara Reservior Chronicles. A few reasons I picked this: #1, it matches my background. #2, I read last week that CLAMP has decided to continue the Tsubasa MANGA in August in Japan! 0.o I pray that means Del Ray will get it soon after. and #3, I think we will get a lot of people doing this to US tomorrow at our Pokémon event where we are in character as our sprite trainer. Actually, my bro-in-law Nathan IS wearing his Kurogane cosplay tomorrow…Hmmmm…

*A word of warning: my next update avatar will be a duo of Korra/Avatar since the new season started TONIGHT (no spoilers please; I am watching it later with Derrick) AND Sailor Moon since the new series will start July 5th! ^-^ You’ve been warned; otaku will be released from her cage… *rubs hands together mincingly*

Hello wanderers of the Interwebs!  Sorry it’s been a long time, but like the title states, June has been a busy month for me, book wise and life wise.  ^_^  But first, let’s dive right in and share book events and items that have been happening:

The BIGGEST update I have is my review on Cosplacon 2014.  I won’t give any spoilers for I go into plenty of detail in the blog itself, but man, we sure did have a good time! 🙂  I did not take many photos, but I added most of them to the blog entry itself and all my Cosplacon videos can be seen on my YouTube Channel.  I can’t BELEIVE I have over 290 videos, almost all of them from cons, on my channel now! >.<  This was where I did a writing panel with Samurai Dan and another Missouri author, Jennifer Sights.  It was titled “Breathing Life into Storytelling.”  It was my first time EVER being apart of a panel (although I was in my first fashion show for a friend the first day of the con, but I didn’t have to speak then), and I was super nervous and like he promised, Dan poked fun at me, but for what it’s worth, I think I did so/so and I got a lot of shocked remarks when I informed people it was my first panel.  Dan sent me kind words regarding it afterwards as well.  Here is part one of 9 of the panel to check it out, enjoy Dan’s humor, and hopefully learn some things on writing.  BTW: This was the con I met Johnny Yong Bosch at! YEAY! ^o^  LOTS more details on my blog.

  • Also on the blog, before I went to the con two weeks ago, I posted a top ten to wet your whistles for updates.  It’s here is you missed it.
  • For my final major updates, my June Aspiring Author, Mr. Brady Payne, has his AAS interview right here, added today. Brady and I have been friends since kindergarten so you can say I know him fairly well.  It is a good interview and sample of his writing work, so please check it out.
  • My Spirit Vision Fan Art 2 contest winners are finally revealed and on my site also! All the entries you see on here will be PUBLISHED in the back of Spirit Vision 2 when it is released later this year in a fan gallery bonus.  I want to thank all my entries for their talent and belief and time in Spirit Vision.  They are on the Fan Base Page.
  • Last week, I also had two local interviews and press released done about me and my newest book, a Sweet Little Dream.  They are on my Interviews page.
  • I also got TWO NEW REVIEWS: A new FIVE STAR review for “Spirit Vision” on Barnes and Noble and My FIRST EVER REVIEW for “A Sweet, Little Dream,” also a FIVE STAR! =D Thank you reviewers so much and I truly hope you enjoyed my work.
  • I also added five new links, four local and one a new author friend, on my Links page.

I want to thank everyone who have purchased “A Sweet, Little Dream” and believing in my second work, a collection nonetheless. It is doing well.  I love you all!

My author Facebook also has over 150 likes! WOOT! I am so grateful! =) Like I stated last month, I update it every day or at least 5 times a week.  Let’s see if we can get to 200 likes guys! ^_^ I challenge you! 😉

For a little treat and so you can see how amazing and talented my book cover artist Suzy is, here is a sneak peek of the work in progress (or WIP) for the book cover for Spirit Vision 2: The Power of Mortals:

Spirit Vision 2 cover WIP

No spoilers on who the character is or what is happening on the cover, but it is just a little reminder that Spirit Vision 2 is still being worked on.  I am currently on page 437 of my manuscript and I would guess I have about 5 more chapters to complete, my deadline coming so soon I can touch it.  Sheenah had began work on the first two chapters for first edits so we can save time for you guys waiting! I am at an intense part right now…Hehehe! 🙂  We will be also working on edits for our Paper Crane Holiday Anthology, yet to be named.  I cannot wait to get my second story for edits for that soon (my first one is finished).  We are still working on getting Spirit Vision ready for audio book before Spirit Vision 2’s release and there is also talk of Spirit Vision 1 getting a book trailer…;)

“A Sweet, Little Dream” may have a giveaway super, SUPER soon on goodreads so check my Goodreads or Paper Crane’s site for more info in the next few weeks. And to finish off all my social medias since my Twitter mimics my facebook updates, I added a few new Spirit Vision inspired pictures and other fun thing to my Pinterest account last week.  ^_^

So, what have I been doing with my time other than writing on Spirit Vision 2, going to a four day convention, and updating my site and medias?  Well…a lot actually!  Last week was super busy!

I have been volunteering once a week to observe students and do Pokémon and writing therapy for students who are having a rough time at the high school.  The kids get so excited when they see me and gush when they tell me they saw my book or heard me on the radio.  They also love when I come in, playing Pokémon and bringing extra decks for others to play.  I have a few boys who just like to flip the coin! HA! =D  I have had the honor of working with these kiddos and I really hope they have a good summer.  I plan on touring the high school with Spirit Vision 2 in the fall sometime! 😉

On Wednesday, the 18th of June, my husband Derrick and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary! I cannot believe I have been united in heart and vow with my true love for three years! We will be together as a couple 10 years on December 3rd this year! TEN YEARS! >.< Sometimes we act like newly weds, something like old hags! It’s nuts! He worked until 4:00, so I had his gifts wrapped, placed them in the middle of the coffee table with roses and sakura petals around it.  He put mine in a Hello Kitty bag. I wore a usual dress and him his nice shirt and we went to this nice restaurant one town over after we watched the highlights and dances of our wedding video, laughing at our friends and family! 🙂  We exchanged gifts after this, him getting the perfect card that described himself!  HA! I got him a book he wanted and a new fancy dragon dresser lamp! His dragon lamp he had had for about ten years and it has been short-circuiting since we’ve been married.  I know it was hard for him to let it go, but we really like the new lamp.  It works for one and is so pretty. Derrick got me a new pink watch that I wanted/needed and…The Lego Movie. 0.o Now, Derrick and I love our cartoons and he loves Legos, but he got all bashful when he tried to explain why it was romantic! HA! -_-;;  We did end up watching it on Sunday and sadly, we both agreed, it wasn’t very good. The only really good part was the annoyingly catchy “Everything is awesome!” song.  Wednesday I took him to a near-by petting zoo and he LOVED it! He loves being with animals and he had such a good time holding a snake, holding a white ferret, and getting literally rammed by about 20 goats because he had food.  He was so smiley, which he hasn’t been in ages, and asked if we could go again. ^_^ I’m so glad I took him. I got a little baby lamb plush and named it Lambie (original thinker I am).  We got Taco Bell and watched anime after that, thus ended our third, quiet, but still with each other’s love anniversary.

The next day, Thursday the 19th, I took my teaching test known as the Praxis.  I have been studying off and on due to my busy schedule for about four months and I have heard how hard it was.  So, I was nervous, but my dad drove me the hour and a half to get there and, of course, we were there 25 minutes early and they moved the Praxis to a new location and due to me having to use the restroom (it was a 2-3 hour test) and the building being across the large campus, we had ten minutes to spare. I had to fill out this paragraph agreement in cursive! That’s right. The. Whole. PARAGRAPH! Now, I think cursive is needed, but I saw no point in this. My cursive is childish and it takes me forever since we only covered it in second grade.  I saw several others struggled with this.  I still have no clue what this was about. Well, I brought my ID, Social Secruity card, a black pen, and a calculator, all according to my ticket’s instruction; I am a rule follower. Well, the lady acted like I brought a bomb into the room when she saw my calculator and forbid me to have it.  I shrugged and told her it was fine, but that according to my ticket, it was stated I could bring on and ask my testing coordinators if it was allowed.  That was them.  Sure enough, she blinked at my ticket and I could tell she saw the words, but refused to let me have it or the pen for they were against the rules.  I sighed and dropped the pen in there as well and little sarcastically as the gentlemen who had to take our picture and place it on our testing screen, at least joked with me a tad.  I mean, I know this is a state test and all, but I followed the rules and did my part and they treated me like a criminal.  I have had so many issues with the Praxis people that it would make your head spin, so yeah, I reached my limit.

I sat down and began my test, the 30 minute how to use the program tutorial only taking 10 minutes and my test about 105 minutes (it is timed for 120) and I took my time and reviewed everything very carefully.  It was harder in some areas than I imagined and some were no brainers and many had a few choices that would have worked well.  I was not sure if I would pass or not. Well…I got my raw score (the computer scores the test and then a committee reviews the test to make sure there were no glitches or cheating and that gives you your true score within three days) and…I got a 179 out of 200 possible points! o.0  The passing test for my Elementary Praxis? 164 is the lowest you can get.  The board reviewed it and it was still 179 so, I passed and once the paper work is complete in a few months, will be certified to teach birth to 6th grade children in my state! ^o^ This is such a relief and I hope this makes me more marketable to getting a true teaching position and show I am trying to improve my background and knowledge as an instructor of youth.  Dad and I were happy to leave an hour earlier than normal and I took him out for Chinese for a belated Father’s Day gift after this. 🙂

On Saturday, the 21st, I had my book signing at my local library.  I was set up right up front with two tables; one for autographs, cookies (that the wonderful head of the library made for my event), and advertisement were and a smaller one for my products.  One of my students who comes to my Pokémon events each month and dreams of being an author and special education teachers so she shadows me came early and wanted to be my assistant. She is a gem and I wish all the happiness and success life can give her! My buddy Evan came as well and they fuss a lot, she calling Evan, a man who is 12 years her senior, her sworn enemy because two months ago, in a Pokémon card battle, he beat her…with a Magikarp! NO. LIE! >.< It’s sadly humorous to me!  I did not get to do my reading as planned since everyone was so spread out, but I sold 10 books total, which Sheenah says is amazing; 6 of A Sweet, Little Dream and 4 of Spirit Vision.  I signed about twenty different things as well.  My dad stopped by along with my in-laws, my homeroom teacher from high school, a friend from church, a College for Kids co-worker, and a friend of my mom’s.  ^_^ I even got fan gifts and it was surreal to see the bright smiles of people who already had copies of my book and were bouncing up and down for me to sign them.  That was rad!  😉  The library also ordered one copy each of my two books for the library and I donated another copy of Spirit Vision.  I really hope to work with their kindness again.

After this, my father-in-law Bruce, who had been hospitalized for mini stroke like symptoms earlier that week and lost over 15 pounds since before he was admitted (and it showed along with all the needle pricks in his arm) felt well and declared he was treating Derrick, myself, and all our friends we could gather to Shoguns Japanese restaurant. I sadly was not overly hungry since I ate a late lunch with Evan, but I dared not refuse. It ended up being Bruce, Jolleen (my mother-in-law), brother-in-law Nathan, Derrick, myself, and our friends Brown and Tabby.  We got to eat at the Hibachi, my first time since it’s pricey and I felt SO guilty they were treating ALL of us! 0.o Still, we had this funny and talented chef named Mike and he was so sociable, but also stayed focused. It was amazing what he could do with his hat! And he kept targeting Brown for jokes.  He even one-uped my father-in-law, making him bite back his words with a good chuckle and my father-in-law is never one to bow out in a comedy routine! It was so much fun!  I had my basic miso and salad starter of course, California rolls, some Hibachi noodles, and half an order of gyoza that I shared with Derrick (like I said, I wish I was hungrier for the food looked and smelled so good. Mike sure knew his dipping sauces though! Ginger sauce and yummy sauce on noodles was amazing!)  It was so incredible being all together to enjoy each other and celebrate me not killing Derrick after three years! ^_- I <3 my Comnick family!

When I am not writing, doing media items or promotional events, or screaming at my Pokémon game for trolling, I’m prepping for College for Kids, writing detailed lesson plans, creating worksheets, and next week, organizing and situating all my items.  Sadly, only 5 of my usual 10 classes made, which is sad for my moneywise, but it gives me more time to write and do edits for Spirit Vision 2, which I know will please you guys. This is my FIFTH year in the program; I’m the veteran instructor now! 0.o My first set of classes, starting July 7th, are my babysitting business class and my Pokémon class, which is extended from 10 hours to 20 that week! It was tricky at times coming up with enough games and things for them to do with Pokémon since the age group is lowered this year to 3rd grade and 4th grade.  I hope they like it. After that, I will be a demigod for two weeks! Get this pals; all THREE of my Percy Jackson Mythology classes made! =)  And I just finished the newest installment of the series two weeks ago, so may information is current.  I always love teaching these classes, but Percy 3, the more advance class for it also has Roman influence, I have never taught before. I bet I will be sick of mythology by August, but for now, I have an official Camp Half-Blood shirt now and I saw be wearing it with pride! =D I will keep you posted on College for Kids happenings.

Jeepers Creepers guys! I need to hit the hay! I have my Pokémon event tomorrow, our first EVER Elite Four competition! Derrick has to work sadly, but good thing we have an alternate ready to go. Derrick will miss the homemade recess pies our friend is making for us.  A whole page of information can be found on my Facebook so if you are in the area, come by Gamers Bazaar tomorrow! It will be a blast of awesomeness! ^_^  We will have another one July 12th as well. So, until then, that’s all folks!

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