Top Ten favorite Christmas specials (Top Ten #28)

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Every year on the 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve (we call it “Christmas Eve Eve” because Christmas eve is like it’s own holiday), my brother and I make snacks and watch around four straight hours of Christmas specials on my VHS player (GASP! Old school!).  There are some I watch on my own as well and my mom makes us watch her favorite, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, every year. Let’s make a list! ^_^  In honor of this beloved hoilday, I wanted to share them with you:

#1. Pikachu’s Winter Vaction (^^) AND Holiday High-Jynx (the Pokemon original series Christmas special that is now banned due to Jynx’s skin color)

#2. I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger AND Alpha’s Magical Christmas (Where Zordan kidnaps children! 0.o)

#3. Mickey Mouse’s Nutcracker (my favorite Christmas story) AND Barbie’s Nutcracker (it’s cute! >.<)

#4. Mickey’s Once upon a Christmas

#5. Jeff Dunham Christmas special

#6. Noel (so sad)

#7. Garfield’s Christmas special (my husband’s favorite)

#8. A Sonic Christmas AND Rugrats Christmas special

#9. Santa Clause is coming to town

#10. Drake and Josh’s Christmas movie

Others I like to watch:

The Nightmare before Christmas

Belle’s Enchated Christmas

Jack Frost (the animated special)

Jingle all the way

Christmas Vaction

All four Big Bang Theory Christmas specials! HA!

I really liked the first two Glee Christmas special this year too.

*I watch Christmas specials of normal shows I like too along with anime Christmas specials if I like them too (Chrono Crusade, Karin, My Santa, and others)



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