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more31Weather: Nice, 45 degrees for January

Working on:  Spirit Vision 3 pre-submission read-through, updating my website, school work, waking up…

Currently Listening to: Tightrope and Mustang Sally from season 6 episodes of Glee.

Currently Watching: The last thing I watched was episode 16 of “Special A” the dubbed anime.

Currently Reading: Shadow Kissed (Vampire Academy #3) graphic novel

Wallpaper: A white with red cherry blossom petals. On the side, it has Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura in her red and white frilly outfit from the first opening, on point, holding her wand in the air to the left, eyes, closed, looking sincere.  In the middle, in loopy red letters, it says the name of this anime. This was my first and still my favorite anime ever! ^-^

Holiday(s): Opposite day!

Feeling: Super sore. My face is broken out for some reason and I have no clue why. It hurts… =(

Icon: This is the cover shot for the first manga volume of Special A OR S.A.  Derrick and I are watching the show now, so I went literal this time. ^_^

Hiya people!  Christmas has been a month from now and still, I feel like I cannot get caught up. I did my best major update on Christmas Eve last year, the 24th. Well, that night, my voice started hurting badly and I had a solo at church that night. Luckily, it went fine, but I went to bed coughing.  I woke up Christmas morning, alone for several hours because Derrick worked, and I was sick as a dog!  🙁  I didn’t get FULLY over it for about two weeks later, but for 10 days, it was horrible! Coughing, sick stomach, fever, super tired, running nose…I had not had one that bad in a long while, at least 2-3 years.  A week after I got sick, Derrick did too and he NEVER gets ill!  So, there was a lot of publishing items and fun things I was behind on during my winter break, but I am basically caught up except for my website, so I apologize deeply for that.  A major update a month is most likely what will happen with this year too, but I still will do top ten, AAS, and hopefully guest posts, interviews, and other fun things in between my updates so you guys know I am good. ^_^

Although, my face has been breaking out badly for almost two weeks and I thought I was getting over it slowly the past few days, but it has started again today! >.< It looks awful! My parents were freaking out and my students are pointing it out.  I can’t figure out what it is, so I just hope it magically disappears.  Why am I not a wizard?! -_-;;


Onward to a little bit happier things: It’s 2015! So…here is my first major update for 2015!

Now for this month’s writing world, publishing, Paper Crane, promotions, and so forth list.

WWPPP… List:



#1: “A Sweet, Little Dream” has been on its first ever blog tour (mine for a book the second time now) since January 8th and has made five spots so far. It will make it’s last three this week, between the 26th and the 29th.  I have had two interviews so far, a guest post (one two different sites), and a promotional spot.  I am thankful for all the websites who gave my collection a slot in their line-up and for “Pump up my Books” for setting it all up. You can follow all the websites and see all the spots on Paper Cranes’ post for it.

I have also added all the interviews and guest posts from the tour to their respected pages on my website here so you can read them at your leisure and enjoyment! ^_^

#2: Last week, I finished listening to the first round of the audio book version of Spirit Vision.  My publisher will be sending our notes in to the narrator on the 31st and we will go from there to discuss what the next step will be.  This was an amazing experience for me; I never listened to an audio book for pleasure before (I had to at school for class sets of books) and although it was a lot of work at first, scanning every word, every intonation, pronunciation, and such, to the finest, pointed detail, I am so proud of my narrator. My first work is a bit long and through each chapter, she improved and she really made my characters come to life, especially with the dialogue!  This is first time doing an audio book and I am honored I get to give her this shot at her dream.  ^_^ Thanks to her (her name will be revealed later) and Sheenah for all their hard work to make my Spirit Vision come to life in another, different, amazing outlet.  More updates on this project will come when I get them/can tell them.

#3: I have some new, FIVE STAR reviews for both Spirit Vision AND A Sweet, Little Dream! =) Thank you to this super kind person.  I also had some spoken compliments about my works that I placed in the now updated on my site “Reviews” page.  Please check them out and thank you to my readers. ^_^


#4. The day after I finished the audio book notes for editing, I began to go through Spirit Vision 3.  The book was finished around the time I began my first edits for New Beginnings.  Due to…”concerns for the market,” I decided to write Spirit Vision 3 the way I wanted to with my original outline from when I was 19/20 (so… 6-7 years ago). Now, I am going back through it to edit it and add some sections I think need to be there, to make it flow better. My series sort of took a different turn from where I envisioned it in college (even New Beginnings had two parts that I did not plan on until I was writing it in 2013-2014, but they feel so natural and I love them), but I cannot wait to share it! ^_^ So far, on personal, pre-submission edits, I am on page 47.  I have already added three pages and plan to add a shorter chapter to the one before the one I am currently on.  Wish me luck and I will do my best to make it the best I can for you guys and my characters. If you read New Beginnings, you’ll see why you will want the story to quickly…;) We do have plans to get Spirit Vision 3 in 2015.

#5. This Thursday, on the 29th, I will get to do a “book tour” at my work, my local middle school, for New Beginnings.  Our amazing library hippie, Mrs. Dillon and our Character Council of students and their sponsors, Mr. Howe and Ms. Kennedy, have been grand with helping me set it up.  Last year, I got to have two days to do this, but I only get one this year. So, instead of 50 minutes with each group last year, I get 25 and the numbers will be bigger most likely. It sort of sticks, but I already have my plans on what I am going to do. I will once again connect Stary and her being the Spirit Warrior into our now district wide Character Education curriculum after I read the blurb and show my website site, asking for volunteers to answer which characteristics she has and why.  I will chart their behavior and their question asking by group with the help of a “helper” (I had a Vana White last year). The winning class will get a unique, book related prize.  Then, I and some more “volunteers” will act out a scene and then the students get to ask me questions. They can only purchase products before school, during lunch, and after school.  It will be quick like high school and I am sure I will be tired afterward, but I love sharing this side of myself with my students, connecting to these kids in such a different way, giving them a drive to go for their dreams, even at ages 12-14. Wish me luck! ^-^ *(I will take photos of the set-up for my next post).

#6. Want to know where to purchase the second installment of the Spirit Vision series that I keep jabbering about?  ;D  Here are the links for you (more retailers to come soon)!

Amazon Link (paperback and e-book)

Paper Crane’s Book store link (paperback and e-book)

Smashwords (e-book)


#7. Fellow press mate, Dan Wright (whose book, Amanda Moonstone, is coming out very soon), and I will be working together in March on a HUGE, fun “blog” exchange project.  We are both getting into it and it will show our nerdy sides in full glory.  Also, in February, I will get to do some voices for another project of Dan’s.  Check our social medias for updates! =)

#8. I did a new top ten for 2015 based on gifts of Christmases past and present! Read my top ten about…”stuff.”

#9. On the 30th, come back to my website to check out my lovely and first 2015 Aspiring Author Spotlight! I can’t wait to share her story! ^_^

#10. Paper Crane Books has a lot of neato things to check out if you were not aware:

Rewind and Reminder time!:


My “Normal” Life:

Christmas season was busy for me. Luckily, not as bad as last year, so I still had time to get everything situated.  Here is how everything panned out!


Right after I finished my update for December for my website on Christmas Eve, my dad and Miles came over to exchange gifts.  Dad got me what I asked for: pink fuzzy Hello Kitty PJs, fuzzy purple stars and clouds PJs, sun clips for my glasses when I drive, and a $25 Payless gift card because I really needed new walking tennis shoes (I got some seafoam green and white ones from the Champion brand I like).  He also surprised me with a gray Knights hoodie (my district’s mascot) and a box of chocolates.  It was nice to see three of my most important men in my life together and they had fun messing with Socks!  She did not want to be in the pictures, lol!

10686861_891976034168768_6480646708830263482_n 10888527_891985224167849_912548854656102910_n 10888907_891985344167837_2917729593120328773_n

Once it got dark that night, a bit after 5:00, I got in my new purple PJs to be my 2014 Christmas PJs and Derrick and I opened our gifts from each other.  I personally think opening gifts on Christmas Eve just plain wrong, but he worked until 5:00 on Christmas day and we had to go to my mom’s.  Socks was also upset that we placed gifts under her sleeping spot, the tree. 🙂  This was the year I shocked Derrick with what I got him! Usually, he is not surprised by most; this year, half of them threw him.  I got what I wanted from him too, but he did get me “The Giver,” as a surprise since he knows how much I like the book.  No matter what, it was our first Christmas we our baby girl Socks and she LOVED her new snacks and her catnip mice in her! <3 Merry Christmas to my little family. We both got each other the newest Pokémon game (I got Sapphire; he got Ruby)! WOOT! Do I sense a review in the future…^_-


At 8:00 that evening, me, Derrick, Miles, and my dad went to Christmas Eve service. This year, we did not have an organist like usual, so Chuck, Larry, and I decided to do a “Lessons and Carols” service that I loved doing when I was younger. This is where you read a lesson and then sing a song (a familiar Christmas one). We were able to get an amazingly awesome in humor, kindness, and talent lady to play the piano for us that night and practice with the “choir” three times before Christmas Eve.  Everyone had so much fun at this type of Christmas service that we want to do it from now on! I’m glad I suggested it. ^-^  My in-laws surprised me too and came. It warmed my heart to see them, talk to the children who were admiring the white porcelain Naivety scene I found upstairs (although I did behead a shepherd boy by mistake…o.0 Luckily, Larry got hot glue), and just eating treats afterwards.  I am so lucky I have such a grand church family.  I sang, “Away in a Manager” for my solo. I was getting sick and had to really sip water at this point, but it I felt it went fairly decently. Dad and I got praise for the Christmas flowers we picked out too.

After this, Derrick and I, tired, cuddled and watched our “Garfield Christmas Special.”


Christmas day.  I was so sick. Dad brought Miles over around 3:00 and we watched the last two Christmas specials we missed because he fell asleep last time.  At 5:00, after Derrick came home from work, we went over to mom’s, the first time we had Christmas at her new house.  It was a very nice Christmas, although my mom was falling asleep on us because she worked an extra 24 hours that week on top of her normal, insane schedule.  My mom took care of me with books and got me some amazing gift cards so I could get what I wanted on Amazon and rightstuf and BOY! Did I DEEPLY enjoy shopping the day after Christmas at my computer, in my PJs, sick?! ^-^  Miles and Derrick got big bean bag chairs with backrest. Derrick uses his all the time.


My grandma was all decked out in red and Christmas attire! She was making me smile to bright. I was happy she was feeling good, but it takes heck and high water to get rid of her spirit.  🙂  Another amazing event happened: Miles said he “sort of loved me now,” for the Christmas gift I got him this year and mom got it on camera! HA, ha! xD I got him the ORINGIAL from 1994 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger Tiger sword, Saba, and he does make sounds still! <3 Miles is a total fan boy for Tommy (a little bit more green than white) so I was so happy I got this for him. I got him a green ranger dragonzord shirt too that matches my red ranger t-rex zord one. ALSO! HUGE NEWS!  My mom has a new puppy! His name is Georgie and he is almost five months and SO full of energy!  He was chewing on my long hair like mad and nipping, but he is really cute and I am glad he will bring my mom so much joy. We also got to open the gifts from my Oneechan, Sarah from the UK.  She got me some manga and a cherry blossom book I wanted and Derrick a book on how to be a Time Lord like Dr. Who! :O LOL!


Here are some pictures of what I got from my mom’s.

1506407_892515680781470_3836317916412073003_n 10520911_892515860781452_5821302308500877080_n 10881876_892516207448084_7681887626654747490_n













Thanks to my mom too, I had to massively update my “To-Read books” below:

  • Vampire- 7-10
  • Fairy Tales: 12
  • Fantasy: 11
  • Realistic Fiction: 15
  • Historical Fiction: 15
  • Children’s Literature: 4
  • Manga: 10
  • WHOA!

On the 27th, that Saturday, Miles, my dad, and I went to my Aunt Dot’s for him family’s Christmas.  It was nice to see everyone although I was sick.  I kept coughing and everyone was either asking me if I was okay or backing away from me.  I played a little bit with my buddy William, my third cousin who is now nine. He is always gets so thrilled to me, but he was…busy this year. Our now three -year-old cousin, Braxton, was clinging to William’s leg, whacking him, biting him.  William was as calm as a champ, but he looked at me with pleading eyes and sighed, saying in a breathy tone, “Kids…” I busted a gut laughing and although I felt ill, I played with Braxton. Man! He was hyper! He was scared of me and would run around the house and push people. He also whacked me in like every possible imaginable place. -_-;;  My Aunt Rosie was asking many questions about my books. She is a large bookworm and it was nice to sit down and chat with her about literacy and see her support in me.  I really love going to my dad’s family.

The next day, the 28th, my bestie since high school, Missa (who Chloe is based on in Spirit Vision), came over for our Christmas.  We went to Pasta House, chatted, exchanged gifts at my place (I got her a Harley Quinn mosaic pint glass because she loves her) and she got me an artist print of Tuxedo Mask hugging Sailor Moon that she got at a Horror Con in Texas.  We played Pokémon Sorry with Derrick.  ^_^ Can’t wait to see her again! I know there is a certain movie she is interested in seeing next month *coughs* ;)-


On Tuesday, the 30th, we were SUPER busy! Derrick, Nathan (his brother), and I went over to his parents for our belated Christmas.  It was so much fun! A great meal, lots of sweet treats, funny conversations, gifts, Cards Against Humanity.  They spoiled us this year: the boys both got new XL 3-DS (this way, Derrick will not borrow mine) and I got a fancy Pandora bracelet with a apple teacher charm, a dragon for Derrick, and a silver cross for my faith. We got long pillows too (mine is a pink Hello Kitty one), some DVDs and books I wanted and other little fun things. But..my favorite things was a stocking stuffer: AN ALAKAZAM PLUSH!!! =D  He is my second favorite Pokémon of all time and I already have a Ponyta! I love him so much and kept hugging him all night. 🙂


That evening, we had our Poke Crew come over for a Christmas get together, the first time we had so many people over EVER.  Everyone came but Brown (who was in California still), Logan, and Andrew.  I had gifts for everyone, really AWESOME ones, but alas, the custom made Pokémon hats I ordered were lost in the mail! >.< The poor girl who made them felt horrible, made me a new set, and rushed them to me, but they still did not get them until this week or last.  Anyway, we had our fourth annual Twister match, Nathan winning (we did girls verses girls and boys verses boys.  Jonathon recorded it), food (pizza, chips, soda, and pies…we are so nerds), a white elephant gift exchange that was a hoot, played Cards Against Humanity, that was a SCREAM to the core, played with Socks as she got loving and “opened” gifts from Jolleen and Bruce. She was super popular.  At the end, some had to leave and the others wound down and either played Super Smash Brothers for the Wii, chatted, or battled in the Pokémon card game in the kitchen (Socks was “helping.”)  It was such a super fun time and I am so glad I have all these people, who are now my friends, willing to help me teach kids this life changing to me series to the next generation and showing their nerd pride themselves.  I <3 my Poke Crew! Julie made the wood burning above for her white elephant. She is so talented!


Socks has been as silly as usual.  =^-^= She had her first check up and shots two weeks ago and she is 100% healthy! 🙂  Even the doctor commented on how curious she was after her shots, hopping down and looking around the room.  Everyone said her coloring was pretty and that her split colored nose is rare.  The only time she hollered was when they had to take blood out of her and it broke my heart! :'( I was tearing up and clinging to Derrick’s arm. Sad, I know. How will I have kids? *sighs* Tabby got to help with her (she is a vet assistant if you didn’t know) and took care of her, the three of us getting a quick supper at Burger King after we fed and watched Socks to make sure she was okay. It was nice to get together and discuss wedding plans (her and Brown are getting married in April) and Pokémon.


We went back to school on the 5th and things have been crazy. New semester, more projects for the kids and it did take them a week or two to get back in the groove.  Wish us luck on helping out students succeed!  We did have one snow day since we came back.


I was off on the 19th so mom, Miles, and I went to Cape (90 minutes away south of where I live) to go to my favorite Japanese restaurant to eat at the Hibachi there for the first time. It was belated for my birthday in November.  The food was, sadly, only okay (I have been there four other times and it was excellent).  The chef was nice and he did try to flip broccoli into our mouths (Mom was close. Mine bounced off my hat), but the one in my hometown was more engaging and did more tricks.  Our waitress was shatter-brained too. I am not trying to be mean, but she messed up on 5 other things and kept apologizing, but she did not try to fix any of them. Still, it was a pleasant time.   We then went to the mall (where, to our dismay, Game Stop, Miles’ one desired place, was moved out.  This made me rush on the clothing window shopping I wanted to do and I had no money hardly to get anything).  I did get a clearance blue Lion King shirt, a Sailor Moon brooch button, a Kingdom Hearts II mini bag (where the guy at Hot Topic asked for my autograph, LOL), Power Rangers the movie on DVD (I have it on VHS), some discounted books, and a back of Pokémon cards (I got nothing good sadly).  When I got home late that evening, Derrick and I ate pizza and watched anime together. ^_^ It was a nice day off.


Yesterday, Saturday, the 24th, we had our January and our first 2015 Pokémon event at Gamers Bazaar.  I usually have 6 boys who can help out.  I was down to one. 🙁  Nathan, Antone, and Derrick had work, Brown is in California, and Evan called me that morning, throwing up.  Luckily, Andrew, who usually works on Saturdays, came, and Jonathon AKA Koga JR for his poison deck, the Annihilator’s boyfriend, helped us out.  My student who beat me back in November is now our first Junior member and she got to be a member today too.  🙂  My ladies were on it and I am so grateful for everyone’s help. I will be adding ALL the photos with the descriptions on the 29th or 30th! Check out my author facebook for that.


Since it is the start of the year and things are changing, what Pokémon changes more than Eevee? So…we had an Eevee day!  ^_^ Tabby, being her nickname is Miss Eevee, had her ears and tail.  I got her a crown to wear. Julie, our assistant, was such an amazing help! She made a birthday poster for Evan, Brown, and Tabby (who all have January birthday.  She drew a poster for them with a Snorlax for Evan, an Eevee for Tabby, and a Gengar for Brown, our ghost trainer).  a chocolate cake for their birthday, an ADORABLE drawing for Tabby and Brown of an Eevee and Gengar pulling on each other’s ears (we all signed it in secret for them; Tabby seemed really happy), AND, the biggest project of all: An Eevee-Evoluations ears for each one (except for Espeon, Flareon, and Jolton.  I had Espeon ones I got an a con in 2013 and The Annihilator made Flareon ears out of felt for her and Jolton ones for Jonathon).  Julie came over on Thursday night and Derrick and I helped her make them while we watched Pokémon: The First Movie.  It was a fun time! The kids, even though we were all running around, had a blast and were so patient.  I did battle this awesome guy, Jason, for the month’s title, and he beat me…but man! We both only had one prize left and our EX Pokémon were both on their last legs, but alas, he shot first.  😉  He was so kind and cool to talk to and wants to help us out next time.  I wish everyone could have been there to enjoy it, but it was a fun event to start 2015 with and I am so grateful for all these amazing trainers!


Our next event will be February 21st and it will be HUGE! We are doing the first ever DOUBLE CARD BATTLES! It will be similar to double battles in the games, but with cards. Everyone is really fascinated with it.  It will surely be interesting and most likely a one time fun thing we are doing for Valentine’s day (doubles…couples…HA!).  Other than this amazing event, we are also going, as a Crew, to Applebees afterwards, to celebrate Brown joining us for this event, the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of starting this endeavor, and Valentine’s Day and friendship.  I cannot wait! =D

Afterwards, I got to eat a late lunch with my dear friend and fifth grade teacher, Ms. Mahan at Pasta House.  She inspired me to go into teaching and is still helping and supporting me to this day in all I do.  🙂  I am so lucky she is my role model and how I got to treat her for once as an adult.

Thanks for sticking with me guys!  I look forward to making amazing worlds for you in my writings, educating the future generation, and being a proud nerd to my fellow ones.  I’ll see you guys for the next AAS, top ten, and after the 21st, massive update about Pokémon double battles, Valentine’s, chocolate making, and application month. Until next time.


I want to dedicate this post to a piece of my heart, a dear best friend I lost on January 15th and I want a minute to share what he means to me:

“To my darling little boy, my Scruff Pup, my Sugar Bear…

You were my first puppy, my loyal boy, my best friend. I remember carrying you around when you were only a puffball, and how you would sleep on my head, even when you got too big. You’d freak when I was sick and had to cuddle with me and would sit on my lap and growl at Derrick whenever he came over. You messed with your Momma Winnie, but you would always love on her and even the other critters were your friends…even when you acted like a cranky old man towards them! We’d play with your baby ball and toys, as I sang you song: “Little Lancey fuu-fuu, tripping through the forest, searching for his mommy, and rolling down the hill.” You loved me unconditionally with your sweet kisses and your soft, warm fur comforted me as I laid near you, played with you, treasured you.
Baby boy, I love you with all my heart and miss you so. I am so sorry you had to suffer, but now, you are on your way to rainbow bridge to frolic with your momma, the siblings you never knew, and all your other lost friends. Like I told you the last night I saw you and kissed your little golden head: “It’s never good-bye; I’ll see you next time.”

In loving memory of my baby, Lancelot Leo Lee Straughan, known as Lancey (and Sugar Bear by me). December 10th, 2000-January 15th, 2015.”


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