March Disney Villain Madness- round #6- Lady Tremaine

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fgt5Hug that teddy bear tight; step-mother is here!

Welcome to round #6 in Dan Wright and I’s “March Disney Villain Madness!” You can vote for round #3 from March 11th and 12th!

But…I know you’ll vote for MY team! #TeamPBCMorgan! Cruella De Ville, Jafar, Scar, Yzma, Captain Hook, and now the Wicked Step-mother! Stare at the glare if you dare!

Make sure to watch my video (and Dan’s too…if you want…;)-) for our contenders and vote for your favorite at the link below!

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Round 6- March 11th

Round 7- March 13th

Round 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. If you ever wanted to see your favorite Disney characters beat each other down, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll also be posting to Youtube and you can see my challenge in video form here!

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.

Bring on the March Disney Villain Madness!

My Round Six Lady Termaine Video

Lady Tremine/Wicked Step-mother

villian6Original Film: Cinderella

Status: Socialite with the goal of marrying one of her daughters off to the Prince in order to have the highest rank in the kingdom.

Wrestling Move Set:

Wicked Stare- These cold eyes will stab into anyone’s heart and leave them doubting themselves.

Mental Poison- You’re not good enough! You’re not pretty enough! You’ll never belong to this family! These are just some of the hateful remarks this parenting-done-wrong lady will calmly inform you of to seep poison into your skull, making you ponder on what shrink to get instead of the match at hand.

Shattered glass- Jealousy is a powerful thing, and with the fragments of the Cinderella’s broken glass slipper, glass will rain and shards or bloody feet are surely there to slow down the competition.

Fun Facts/Reasons why she is such a baddie?

  • Cinderella is the most retold story tale in the world.  With this, Lady Tremaine and all the other evil step-mother’s from the retellings should be considered well known. She is the only villain to live with her enemy day after day, all the time.
  • The creepy thing about Lady Tremaine is that she is fully human with no powers, no connection to the supernatural. She’s just a major witch with a B. This is its own form of evil, one that can hit pretty close to home.
  • She never lays a hand on Cinderella, but belittles her to the point of child services being called in our time, poisoning Cinderella’s mind with doubt if she wasn’t so tender hearted! That’s low!
  • She is jealous in nature, her social status and riches meaning more to her than love even. Her calm nature is unsettling.
  • She teaches her daughters that they are better than Cinderella and to treat her like dirt, go out of their ways to make her life miserable. She even pushes her daughter Anastasia away when she falls in love with the town’s baker, hating it because they are from different social circles, “Cinderella II- Dream Come True.” She never does accept this. Parenting: you are not doing it right! Even her cat, Lucifer, named for the fallen angel/devil, is cruel!
  • She is often considered the most “hateable” Disney Villain for her long–term cruelty, which is committed without any rational motivation and lack of “cool.
  • Voted 9th greatest Disney villain of all time on “The Ultimate Disney site.”
  • In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, After the slipper fits Cinderella, Lady Tremaine gives into her fury once again and her negativity transforms Cinderella’s pumpkin coach into a giant Unversed, the Cursed Coach, who is then sent to murder the now-freed Cinderella. Cinderella id recused and the Cursed Coach accidentally drops a fire bomb in front of Lady Tremaine and her daughters, which explodes and leaves their fate unknown.
  • When Lady Tremaine does get a bit of magic in Cinderella III (the Fairy Godmother’s wand), she tries to turn Cinderella and her daughter Anastasia into toads when she doesn’t get her way.


Round Six Poll

(Dan’s round #6 blog post and video)

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