Top Fifteen Youtubers (according to me) (Top Ten #34)

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Youtube inspires me and sucks my time! It is the Yin-Yang of my Internet working life and it stole my brother’s soul! It has been three years since I subscribed to my first channel (although I had a channel and would watch videos), Smosh, which is why they hold a place in my heart. Here are the channels that I check daily and that always put a grin on my face, even just listening to them in the background as I work for the 20th time in my life. 😉 All the channels are hyperlinked.

For a listing of all the Youtube Channels I’m subscribed to (friends, organizations, official companies/shows channels, and more), go to my Youtube Channel’s Subscription page (I have 60 thus far; I am picky with who I subscribe to. ^_^) To check out my videos of book material, anime conventions I attend, playlists, and more, check out of Youtube Channel, Sakurastar07. Please subscribe!

WARNING: A good handful of these channels are 16-18+ in content, graphics, and language. I AM an adult, so this is acceptable for me. However, I know I have fans in this age range or younger. Make sure to ask your parents/guardians or use care when looking at these channels. =) Thanks!

  1. Smosh and all respected channels (Smosh, Smosh second channel, Smosh Games, Smosh Games crew personal channels, Shut Up! Cartoons, and Kalel Kitten)
  2. The Jwittz
  3. Game Theory
  4. D Piddy
  5. The Fine Brothers and The React Channel
  6. Peanut Butter Gamer
  7. Harry Potter Puppet Pals
  8. Buzz Feed Videos (the Try Guys and Odd Couple are my favorite)
  9. Thomas Sanders (I know he got his start on Vine, but I watch his videos on YouTube)
  10. Unlisted Leaf
  11. Todrickhall
  12. Alex Ogloza
  13. Paint
  14. Random Encounters  OR Nate Wants to Battle (for their songs)
  15. Rooster Teeth (RWBY anyone?)

Honorable Poketubers: The National DexMANDJTV Pokevideos,  MunchingOrange, Almighty Mandals, TrueGreen7

Honorable Mentions:  Soul Pancake (just for Kid President though; LOVE HIM), Simon’s Cat, Pellekofficial, Evan Maclsaac, Epic Rap Battles of History, Brizzy Voices

On an extra note…Who is pumped for this as much as I am?! 😉


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