Cosplacon 2015 Review

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To check out most of the panels I attended, you can view videos of them on my Youtube Channel (key word: Cosplacon 2015), along with Cosplacon 2014 videos and past Anime St. Louis and NatsuCon!

To see ALL my pictures from the event, please go to my public Cosplacon 2015 Facebook gallery.

I am a creative person and I support others in their endeavors. I am an otaku, so anything to proclaim the amazingness of my fellow nerd comrades that breath the greatness of the Land of the Rising Sun always makes my heart pump excitement, the possibility to unite with others with similar interests reassuring. However, Cosplacon really impressed me last year. We decided to give it a try since we could not attend our usual summer anime convention, Natsu Con, and we fell in love with Rodney and his crew. They were full of energy, front and center, ready to help anyone who needed it and made sure everyone was having a boss time. Their dreams to show the world their love for cosplay and rock out with us otaku shining brighter than an army of Lumas. We are now Team Rodney for life and ready for another year of Cosplacon awesomeness.

A lot of my con friends who were planning on coming could not this year, which was a major bummer. =(

Miles, Derrick, and I left on Thursday (Miles did not sleep over like last year). We did have a snag; Derrick and I were packing bags (I had all of Miles’ cosplay and accessories so Miles just had to bring his overnight bag), and Derrick’s large bag of cat litter he has in his trunk in case of his tires getting stuck in snow, busted! He also found tons of pieces of glass. Derrick JUST got his car windshields fixed TWO DAYS before (they were supposed to come 2 weeks earlier, but they kept annoyingly canceling on us). This made us a bit late, but that is why I decided to leave early just in case. It rained heavily like last year, but I was grateful I got a new, chewable motion sickness pill for it helped a lot. The boys were busy discussing E-3 news and with that, being careful in the rain, and quoting funny lines from “R.W.B.Y,” we were there around 1:30, half an hour before expected with the late start. I’m also proud of myself that I only have to use the restroom once on the whole three plus hour trip! GO me! 😀

10003486_993879040645133_7628390758575872232_nWe went to the amazing Japanese restaurant, Fuji, that Derrick and I enjoyed last year, to meet Brown (who we have not seen since the wedding two months ago) and his lovely now wife, Tabby AKA Mrs. Eevee. It was great to see them and Derrick was jealous that Brown got to rent a Charger, his dream car! HA! The food was DELICIOUS! Even Miles, who does not like foreign food much, enjoyed his sliced beef. My bento was WONDERFUL! I know that has to be one of our Cosplacon spots every year, plus, it helped us get in the mood. After this, we had some time to explore the attached mall. Derrick got 2 pairs of sunglasses (his fetish, but he hasn’t gotten a new pair in a while), Tabby and Nathan left for a bit to get safety pins at the craft store. So, Miles and explored. It was mostly clothing stories and home décor, but around the exit, we could a candy shop AND a LARGE, AMAZING arcade! We ran back to the others, trying to pull them along. Derrick found his rare and beloved Neco chocolate wafers he loves at the candy shop and I got 4 truffles, which were expensive and sadly, nasty! ;(- But, the lady was awesome who checked me out. She loved my Sailor Moon purse and told me her daughter loves anime. We told her all about the con. Here, they live in Jefferson City and had no clue about it! I hope her daughter got to check it out.

11402734_993879123978458_3270002886128159602_nThe arcade was amazing. It had ski ball, DDR, air hockey, Ms. PAC MAN, pinball, racing games, Guitar Hero, ticket games…We spent almost an hour there! The neatest thing for Miles and I, that we almost got on the ground to worship, was this old Dinosaur coin game we remember seeing a lot as kids at my family’s favorite Sunday place, Pizza Hut. It sadly closed after I had my 12th birthday party there (Miles would have been 7), but it was a GREAT place! Miles and I saw this game and both stopped, mouths dropped. Well, I tried to play the game and there must be a god of clumsiness and I’m his favorite mortal! -_-;;  I put my quarter in the slot and it slid out when I pulled the trigger, making the coin flip from the force and land in this hole on top of the gun that somehow fits the quarter, but then it’s stuck. I BROKE our childhood! Man, I got scolded and I was horrible at the game once someone got the quarter stuck, still, this was a great way to relax.

Although, now, we were later than planned to check into the hotel. Checking in was not an issue, and parking, all weekend, was SO MUCH BETTER than last year! Either we lucked out or someone felt sorry for us! No parking garage for us! 🙂 Any who, checking in was easy and quick, but we were on the top floor; the 9th floor…GAH! >.< And anyone who knows me know I’m scared of heights and elevators. Yeah…I was not Rapunzel with the chestnut colored hair and I didn’t like it one bit. Although, when I made that joke to calm my nerves carrying our stuff up the elevator, some girls laughed and asked if I could be Rapunzel next year and let my wig fall to the lobby floor! HA!

 Our room was in the far corner. Miles and I tried to change quickly so we could be in the Cosplay Parade that travelled downtown at 5:30 (it was around 4:30 and we had to change, go downstairs, and pick up our badges). He got to wear his new Tōshirō Hitsugaya from Bleach (with a wig, prop sword, and a green scarf and sword holder mom made him). My mom got my a Lolita kimono maid outfit and I really liked it, but some of it was complex or didn’t fit me quite right, so I modified it with things from my closet and I pulled out my Chi from Chobits ears and made myself a Chi outfit since she has many outfits and most of them have lace. I made a headpiece for it the day before. I am glad I did because I got some pictures, squeals, and hugs, which, for Thursday, the starting and slowest day, that was great! 😀

We went downstairs and MAN! The Pre-Register line was super long! It took 45 minutes to get through (the Assassin in front of us from the Assassin Creed series was super nice to chat with though). Rodney, the con chair, noticed this and pushed the parade back to 6:00 (our friends Tabby and Brown were in the room, waiting to go). We got up there at 5:50. Now, last year, I ordered all our badges in one order and they all had my name on it. So, this year, I made sure to do three separate orders, right? Well…Derrick and Miles’ went through, but mine didn’t! 🙁 So, I had to get pulled to the side and show them my proof of purchase on my I-Phone. They got me one all set up, but it took a while. *sigh* Why is it always me? We also had to wear green wristbands this year. They were paper, so if you wanted to shower, you had to rip them off and pray you could reattach it (we clipped ours, but it was scary to double check) OR not shower for four days, which is gross! I really didn’t see the point of these since we had badges. The people there were super nice and helpful the whole con and the organization wasn’t bad, but still has some bugs. I’ll rate badge pick-up a 6 out of 10 stars.

10557249_993879153978455_7457402012774589705_nOne REALLY good thing happened while I was pulled aside and they were trying to get my badge. The awesome and now my friend, Samurai Dan (I did a writing panel with him last year, which they sadly would not let us do this year for some unclear reason. I just finished his book, Fenris Farir, a few days before the con too. I brought it so he could sign it) came out of the set-up room. He waved in our general direction, but one, I didn’t have my glasses on, and two, there were a lot of people where I was at, so I wasn’t sure if he was directing it at me (but I waved any way). Well, he zig-zags through the line with all the people in it and hugs me silently from behind! 😀 I was so happy! The few people by us were shocked. I smiled at him and told him his hands were cold, which was awesome; he gave me a funny look and we messed around for a bit. He waved to Miles and Derrick and then told us he’d see us later. It was awesome!

I was putting my information back in my purse as the people who were apart of the parade walked right past us, so we BARELY missed them! I heard it was fun and they got some neat things out of it, like a cheer and a surprise, but I also heard it was super hot (since the rain stopped only an hour before) and I don’t do well in heat. They want to make it bigger and better next year and I hope I can be apart of that.

Derrick went back to the room to chill while Miles and I walked around for a bit to show off our costumes and see what was happening. The venders were supposed to be opened for a bit, but they were setting up. Grrr! Cons always seem to lie about vender times! Miles and I saw people in there, so we just popped our heads in to see when a volunteer, who was super tall and had a fake scar on his face came from NOWHERE in the door frame and asked us in a loud voice what we were doing there! Miles and I both shirked and jumped back, trembling. I think he felt bad, for his voice got quitter and he explained they weren’t opened. I stuttered that we were just checking and how we were very sorry before sprinting off. MAN! We both freaked out every time we saw him that weekend.

With nothing to do, I registered my Pokémon team for the DS League. Last year, being their first year, was in disarray, but it was popular. I saw the badge designs and I knew they were made out of stronger material and they had a lot more to offer this year. I was SUPPOSED to have a panel to go to at 7:00 (it was close to that time after I registered), one about “Victorian Fashion” that Tabby and I wanted to go to (Miles was going back to the room for a bit with Derrick). We waited for over 18 minutes, but no one came and a staff member was running around, trying to find them. Brown joined us, informing us his “Star Wars Costuming” panel was canceled right before it was supposed to start. Okay, people, I have to vent; unless there is an emergency, if you sign up for a panel, YOU NEED TO BE THERE! I don’t know what happened, but this became a common thing on Thursday and I understand that its not the busiest day, but STILL! You made a commitment. I would have LOVED for the chance to do my writing panel, but Cosplacon chose you, which is fine and all, but…BLAH! Sorry! Being irresponsible doesn’t sit well with me.

10304637_994550203911350_2539002308139400110_nHaving now about 35 minutes between the panels I wasn’t expecting (There was a Pokémon round table in the same room at 8), I ventured upstairs on my own to battle some of the gym leaders. Being Thursday, the few there were easy to find, and the line not too long. I battled the psychic gym leader first and we were both down to our LAST Pokémon, in the red on HP, and he was lucky enough to be faster than me and get the knock out. He told me I was his toughest opponent yet. ^_^ It was three on three too, a style I don’t normally do, but I figured out some strategies that worked well for my team. I then got to have a double battle with two cute girls who were the ice gym leaders. They even had puns and snowflakes on their skirts! Aww! I won and got my first badge, which, I have to admit, felt great. I ended up drawing a crowd because everyone thought my Swampart and Gardivior were cool and for my Chi cosplay. It was different. I wanted to battle more, but I didn’t want to be late for my panel, so I went back downstairs.

I was there about 7 minutes early and there was a group of nicely dressed, but super quiet girls talking. I was confused. I slid next to Tabby and she told me they were the girls from the Victorian panel, or so she thought! They seemed very sweet, but…I…I won’t comment. If they were girls in the clothes who were attendees and were helping the con out, then thank you for the help. 🙂 At 8:00 was the Pokémon round table with one of head staff members. It was my first round table. I have been advised by friends not to attend them for they can get rowdy. This one tried to stay organized from the get go, people raising their hands, and they succeeded fairly well. I enjoyed listening to everyone else’s input, which was mostly about megas in the game. Someone mentioned something about the cards and we got blank stares (I did have a few people who heard I started a card league in my town come to me in awe and ask some questions. You think the CAPTAIL of our state would have one or at least interest…). It was not a bad panel, but it just felt…off to me. I left at about 8:30, Miles following me for he forgot his wallet in his room. I would give the Pokémon Round Table a 7 out of 10.

It took us a while to get to the room and back, but around 9:00, the five of us were staring and went to the hotel’s restaurant (that closed at 10). It was super busy, but our waitress was SO INCREDBLY kind and efficient. I thought she was a manger, but she told us this was only her first week and here she had to deal with a big con! HA! I liked her a lot. I had a burger, which was awesome! My Chi ears were making things muffled, so I wasn’t much in the conversations because I either couldn’t hear or was tired. HA! I’d give the restaurant a 9 out of 10.

It was ten at this point and Miles and I were going to check out the dance, but we were too tired. The three of us went by to our tower (Tabby and Brown had a room in a different hotel) and we unwound, getting ready bed slowly and unpacking. I did some training on my Pokémon game to increase my partners a few levels. OH! The Wi-Fi was NOT meant to work on the 9th floor. It was horrible! I had to hold my game WAY above my head to get a connection and we tried to watch a few videos, but it was near impossible.

Day #1, complete!

 11402694_993879247311779_894529232488467432_nI didn’t sleep too well, so I woke up around 6:30, unable to get back to sleep, so I trained my Pokémon up some more by beating the Elite Four. This is the first game I have ever beaten the Elite Four more than twice. Once the main story is over in games, even Pokémon, I usually do not play past it longer than 10 hours, even if there is a lot to do. Maybe that’s the writer in me; I have to have a guideline! HA! We then went to a local restaurant for breakfast that had the feel of “everyone knows your name.” It was INSIDE the airport, which is cool, and super close. We all were a little sleepy, but the food was nice although it took FOREVER to get (granted, they only had a cook, the manager, and a waitress). We got at the hotel at 9:26, right before the venders were open, but I had a goal in mind; I wanted tickets to the Hetalia themed Rose Tea Café. Last year, they sold out in like five minutes! 0.o Well, I got a ticket for Miles and I, they only $5 a piece and I was the fifth person to get them (I think they had 25 seats, they said…). So, this was quick and good news! ^_^

Miles was going to cosplay his beloved Roxas that day (Beyond me <3ing Roxas, the outfit look super cool and Miles says its comfy). I got on my “known” cosplay: Sailor V. She has a lot of parts and I had a few minor issues. Sadly, I will have to get a new mask soon for some of the top stick I have to use ripped some of the material off around my nose (and it left a major mark on my face that stung and was there for two days!). Still, I love it and we were off after around 30 minutes, Derrick with his swag bag ready.

11220474_994550173911353_2727737901209987508_nWe headed to the vender’s room. Now, as a whole, selection wise, the venders were okay. There was nothing huge that I had to had, an oktau item I knew I was waiting my whole life to own, and of all the years for this to be so?! Derrick offered to get me I chose, something nice, for our anniversary (he got me two kawaii Studio Ghibli shirts). *sighs* -_-;; On an individual level, I saw many talented artists, creators, sellers, and all of them were nice and most happy to be there. =) I make it a goal to buy something, even if small, from all the artists because that takes such time; as a writer, I can understand all the work it takes to promote your passion. The first thing I did buy was an ADORABLE, super well-made, soft Riachu plush. I haven’t bought a plush at a con in well over a year, since my Flareon plush and Soot spite pillow at Natsu 2013 I think! So, this was nice. SUPER ODD this year: I didn’t buy a single button! I got stickers, prints, badges, bookmarks, keychains, snacks, and other things, but NO buttons! The boys jaws dropped. I really didn’t even look; there weren’t that many and the few I saw didn’t grab my attention. I was also sad only one booth had grab bags and they were all jewelry. 🙁 There is A LOT of Steampunk venders at Cosplacon; I think Steampunk is pretty popular in Jefferson City. I like Steampunk, but not really interested in buying it, so that limited my options. Overall, as a whole, I would give the vender’s a 7 out of 10.

We were on our way to our first panel a bit early, when I got a text from Samurai Dan. He wanted to meet us in the panel room we were heading to (he was hiding there, killing time until his wife was awake). We got permission to go in there early, the room empty other than him. We started talking, which mostly consisted of him teasing me! The boys were only too happy to help him with that project. He said I reminded him of a girl in the new Jurassic Park film, how she had a list of things to do on their first date. I chuckled at this, admitting I never did that, but thinking it was a good idea! I was flattered he thought of me at all. We talked about our books as well, him poking fun that I don’t read a lot of adult works, but he seemed interested to see my review for it. I asked him a month earlier if him and Jillian wanted to go out dinner with us.  I was so nervous with how he’d take it, but he said they would like to join us! 😀 What an honor to have dinner with these two amazing people!

Our first panel was “What’s that anime?,” a game show. We were still joking around with Samurai Dan as people began to enter in and they waited for a while. Dan was stunned for such a good turn-out for a morning panel. We told him a bit about and then he told us the panelists were 10 minutes late. We sighed, informing him of the running trend our missing panelists. He arched his eyebrows, and shook his head at this. He left when they were 15 minutes late, scared they would make him go up there to improve! HA! The five of us got a seat in the second row. The gentlemen who ran the Pokémon round table, one of the main staff people, said that the panelists were not going to be there, but I saw their notes and was going to run it! So, he picked two teams of three and people had to ask questions to figure out what their anime was. He even had a bonus one that was messing with everyone’s heads! He made the event engaging, but, again, it felt off. I am grateful he made people raise their hands or walk to the front of the room, but a few people still would not listen to the rules. I also HATED how he was calling on people when people were being quiet for a few seconds! As a teacher, I know it’s never right to just call on someone like that. This only happened a few times, but it still upset me because I know it threw some people off. I didn’t record this panel. I will give this panel a 6.5 put of 10. It was okay, but, again, it felt off to me. I appreciate the audience, who as a whole was awesome, and the staff members for taking over! That was amazing!

We looked around the venders again for a bit, me taking my time to smile and chat with the artists, which I enjoyed. A lot of people shrilled with fandom-based delight at my cosplay and I got several pictures and a few hugs. ^_^ THAT is why I like Sailor V! Before heading to the second floor with my Miles to go to the tea party, I did get my pictures taken by this year’s professional cosplay photographer. She was super nice and a HUGE Moonie! Her shirt, her wallet, her bag! So, she was really happy to see a Sailor V. I posed the best I could, but my photos were goofy. >.< I DID love one part; later, when I saw Sailor V, I saw the photographer with her three month old daughter and I halted and walked backwards, backtracking so hard that Tabby said she could literally hear my breaks! The baby…was in a Sailor Moon onesie! AWWWWWWWWWW!!! I talked to the mom a bit and the little girl had the biggest, sweetest eyes, innocent curiosity sparkling in them. I then decided to do what I must; I bowed to her and stated warmly, “Hello my princess. My name is Sailor V and I am meant to protect. Thank you for letting me be by your side.” OMG! Did the mom had a field day! 😀 Every time I saw the little one, no matter what I wearing, I bowed to her and said, “Hello my little princess.” It was such a pleasure for me.

OH! Side note; every kid at this con was SUPER adorable and sweet! I mean…it was overload! Even the boys said the kids were precious!

 11537696_993879847311719_7934946373561270845_nSo, Hetalia café! The line wait was not pleasant, but I won’t get into that. -_-;; Miles and I went in and Denmark clipped our tickets. There were six themed tables, each with their own theme and country there: There was Chibi Italy, Holy Rome (the only boy in the group), Russia, Britain, Canada, and America. It was an easy choice; Miles and I went straight to the back to America. She looked like a 1950’s housewife with an American flag apron; it was awesome! She acted well as America and everything, to quote her and another America cosplayer who sat at our table, “tasted like freedom.” We were a quiet table, but the group was very nice and provided great service. There were treats from all six countries, all tasty, and the cold America tea was tasty. My favorite part was when they interacted with another country. Russia was trying to ‘capture’ countries as America pranked him (and gave EVERYONE in the room an American flag cloth napkin. HA! 😀 I kept mine), Holy Roman was trying to ‘join/marry’ Chibi Italy very dramatically, so America tried to buy her with pasta. We made fun of England across the table because they were acting too proper and laughing too robustly. We also discussed how China is giving us good deals and how America had a teacup her buddy Japan gave her. I wish they would have done this a bit more, but they were very welcoming to their guests, so they were busy. I really enjoyed it and know I need to go again. I heard they had a fancy Black Butler Saturday breakfast. Might have to do both next year! 😀 I’ll give them an 8.5 out of 10. U.S.A.!

Miles and I left a little bit early to go the Samurai Dan and Jillian’s Self-Defense panel, meeting up the our gang. They had longer in the room than usual, so they showed a few more moves, but they were as fun, helpful, and informative as always. Tabby and Brown are really good and Derrick, although he is double jointed and Jillian said it’s harder to make these moves work on him, does well. I am not sadly and I know I am the one who could benefit from it the most. I need constant practice and classes.  This was Miles’ first time doing it and I know he was like me my first time, but I am proud of him for trying. ^_^ Dan even pointed at the end that you can’t just learn from anyone, especially “someone dressed like that,” and he pointed to me. I gave him a wicked smirk. Then he added, “I don’t even know what you are?” Well, the group yelled, “Oh my gosh! That’s Sailor V! with a duh tone and the room exploded with comments on Sailor Moon, people looking at me for the first time, happily stunned, and others saying I need to call Sailor Jupiter to teach the class! Dan stood there for two minutes, open-mouthed at what he started by picking on me, until finally, he said, “See! Now I’m out of the conversation!” It was a great time! 10 out of 10!

We immediately went to the awesome Iron Cosplay event in the Main Room, hosted by our rockin’ con chair, Rodney! It had a good turn-out. For those of you who do not know what an Iron Cosplay, it is where there are a few teams competing, each with about 6 members (and one is the model).  There is a random pile of items and teams must grab usually 5-6 items, and make a cosplay with a title within the time limit! It is really fun to see the craziness and creativity. Rodney was sorting through the box and talking to us, which was grand. Then. they called for volunteers and the room, that was pretty quiet, erupted. There was this darling little girl who was waving her hand like mad to get picked, but I knew they would not see her. I looked at her dad, giving him a smile, and told her, “I bet if you stand in your chair, I’m sure they’ll see how hard you’re waving.” She did, her dad helping her and my hand on the other side just in case. I cheered and pointed to her like mad, chanting “Pick her!” My friends noticed what I was doing and started pointing to her too and she got picked! ^_^ Her smile was so worth it.  Our cosplay guest, the amazing Captain Jack Sparrow, went to help the little girl’s team and he cheated for them, stealing an item while Rodney was explaining the rules! It was entertaining!

The rules were a tad different: this time, instead of one person at a time running to get an item, the teams had to dance and the audience pointed to the best dancers, then sending one person to get an item (max at 6). This was fun to see! The little girl’s team had the best dancers, so they got items first, but each team had 6 items. This year, there was also a theme: squirrel monster! Well, the results were neat and the little girl was ADORABLE! There was a great Sailor Neptune cosplayer who helped her up on stage and showed her off. The little girl ended up winning and she got a free pass for next year (something Rodney was handing out like free candy this year apparently, especially if you could dance. I tried to dance in the crowd, but apparently, I’m not good enough! HA!).  This was an event that gets you pumped, even if it only took half an hour. 9 out of 10!

We had some more downtime. I tried to battle some gym leaders for the DS Pokémon League, but they were not where they were supposed to be, most of them recharging their DSs I heard. It was more organized than last year, but for the love of Pete! I can’t tell who the gym leaders are! Everyone has their DS! All GYM LEADERS NEED A BADGE THAT SAYS “GYM LEADER!” Nothing fancy, but this would REALLY help, plus they could keep it as a memory of Cosplacon! Simple fix! I still think they need their own room too. >.< So, for organization, personality of leaders, and how it was ran, I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 (it was a 5 last year). I really like it and I only hope it gets bigger and better. ^_^ Giving up after 20 minutes of waiting, I went upstairs to change into some comfy clothes (my Team Rocket shirt, sparkly white hat, and jeans) so I’d be ready for dinner with Samurai Dan and Jillian after opening ceremonies. Miles changed too.

10958809_993879970645040_946976804843761033_n5:30 was the opening ceremony and MAN! It was packed! But, we actually got decent seats on the side. Rodney went over the rules, how to shower, make sure you talked to him if you had a question, and the achievements. OH SNOT ROCKETS! The achievements! It would take all the con to find them all and you have to get 10 of the 13 just to get a free t-shirt! 0.o It was neat to see how the Peach’s Castles around (you opened the door and if there was the cut out of Peach, then you turned it in to get your mark for that achievement. On Saturday, I found the right castle by the girl’s side bathroom, freaking out, and dragging to show Miles, but someone already took the Princess Peach! Grrr!).  Some were easy: like dancing with the Groot at the T-shirt table and taking a picture, answering a riddle, posing with the double wrench at one of the fan tables, and spending the most money. Some, you had to find things, such as the Holy Grail, rupees (that were hidden in the plants at the hotel…I’m sure they LOVED that…-_-), hatching a Yoshi egg, and finding all seven dragon balls. There were also 6 bottle caps hidden through the con. Brown and Tabby, who found a few items and wanted to get as many as they could, found 1 of them and Derrick found TWO on our NINTH floor (one in the vent and one in the fire extinguisher)! Rodney did say the items were anywhere you had public access to, and his room was two from ours. We also thought we figured out the “create a time paradox” one, but not 100% sure on that…

Anyway! I got sidetracked! After this, we had a dance party on the way out, took some group selfies, and, of coarse, introduced the guests. Everyone seemed lovely, but I was bummed that there were NO voice actors, special guest artists, and authors, even though Dan and I offered and were denied…Still don’t get that… We did have, about eight cosplay guests. I know Cosplacon is Cosplay Con because Rodney loves cosplay and takes pride in making the judging amazing for it, but still, if you were not a cosplayer, you had Samurai Dan and Jillian, which I am great with and…that’s it. Not a lot of variety, which was a disappoint to me for you guys KNOW how I love my voice actors! Dan and Jillian were the cutest, Dan saying he was the second runner up in the Miss South Carolina beauty pageant (one of the cosplay guest was the winner) and they brought the darling dogs of coarse, Naya and Kuma. ^_^ I’ll give the opening ceremony 8 out of 10 and guests variety a 7 out of 10.

 11535827_993884927311211_6314897313956541177_nAfter this, we met up with Dan and Jillian, who gave us minion shaped tic-tacks (I couldn’t have one because they had citrus, my allergy, which surprised Dan).  We waited for their friend, the massage lady from last year (I had planned to see her Sunday, the final day). It was a long wait, but the hotel was crazy. Tabby and Brown left early to the pizzeria to secure us a table for eight. Dan then told us about how the con he went to the previous week, a new one in Kansas City, someone stole about $2,500 worth of their equipment! Luckily, they were okay and their swords were not taken. They figured it was a staff member since no one else could have gotten into the room and Dan saw a cleaning lady leave their floor and went straight to her car, abandoning her cart. Later, they found out someone else on their floor had their money stolen as well! They informed the hotel and had to file a police report, but they refused to listen to Dan’s suspension because there were no camera to prove it. Dan understood that, but he figured they could as least question their employees, but the hotel refused. The con was not happy with the hotel and Dan and Jillian were furious, with GOOD reason! They have had a rough few months (I know this from my talks with Dan). I know when I told him I’ll make sure to make this weekend better, he chuckled and said, “I think anything can top last week!” He said he saw of the same people at this con and they were knocking on their hotel door unstop then running away or would scream would they see the dogs, scaring poor Kuma-kun. I know kids are not always mature, but I can’t understand this rudeness! Even when I was younger than them (and yes, I am aware I sound OLD), I would never be rude to an adult or a guest and especially go OUT OF MY WAY to cause issues for them! They are providing us entertainment, four days of their time; the least we can do is respect them, especially the innocent dogs! We also talked about the dogs for a bit too as we waited.

We went to this awesome pizzeria we went to last year, Kate and Ally’s NY Pizzeria. Our tio were the last to arrive, Dan waiting for us with his arms crossed like he was a body guard, but Jillian said he did that every time they went out to eat with others; he waited for everyone to make sure they were safe. ^_^ We got a table inside, which was good since it was supposed to rain that day (it was supposed to rain 3 of the 4 days that trip, but only did 1 and a half). We got our table and ordered our food. Dan was quiet, which was an oddity for me, but I realized he needs to have time to relax too. The first thing he asked me (he was across the long table from me, which was awkward, but I noticed that when he addressed, he looked directly at me 80% of the time, which I was grateful for the acknowledgement) was, “Okay, I have to try on your hat!” I was wearing my sparkly white newsboy hat with the Team Rocket button the side. I gladly handed it over and he wore it with a grin, staring at his wife until she looked up from her conversation and died with laughter! She took a few pictures of him in it and posted it on their Facebook page, asking for their friends and fans to comment it! HA! Every time a new one appeared, Jillian’s phone sounded like a dog squeaking a squeaky toy! ^o^

 danconhatJillian revealed to us that for some of the 18+ panels they have done, they have had voice actors act the…intimidate scene out or do voices for it! They went on into more details about VERY 18+ material that even made Dan blush! The stories were fascinating, but I’m pretty sure my face froze, not sure how to respond. It was such an honor to ask Dan questions about his book, his inspiration, and we compared struggles for marketing and trying to make it as a ‘professional storyteller.” Honestly, to connect in person with another author about these hardships in the business was an experience I am so grateful for, especially since it was with a person I consider a role model. I wanted to thank him and Jillian for all they do for us fans, so I sneakily went up to the counter, talking to a waitress, and asked to play for their pizza order along with my group’s. We stayed there for almost a two hours, talking, sharing stories, and messing with each other, in awe and content with dining with our staple of con experience, Samurai Dan and Jillian. An hour after I paid (I paid pretty early there), Jillian said my name in that sweet, but firm mother tone, halting all the conversations. I smiled at her, thrilled, but then she leaned on her elbows, her head in her hands, a smile on her face that told me I was busted, “Did you go and do something sneaky?” I had planned on cracking a joke, figuring Dan would have noticed first, but my voice was dying in my throat, knowing I couldn’t lie to Jillian. “Yes, I did, to thank you for all you do for us and putting up with me; I know that’s tiring.” I gave them a loud laugh to hide my embarrassment. I know it wasn’t much, but I hoped showed them we care.  I will always treasure this dinner and honor. 10 out of 10 on all accounts!

BTW: I found out later that Dan and Jillian had pizza for lunch with another friend (Dan made a stab that if I really wanted to thank them, I should have taken them to a nicer restaurant, him getting a slap from Jillian. I told him I was sorry, but teachers just don’t make that much money). I still feel bad! I told him, next year, if we do this again, they can pick where we go. 🙂

After this, Brown and Tabby came up to our room and we played UNO for a bit, Brown editing the skit him and Tabby were going to do for the Skit Contest the following day. Dan and I texted for a bit and I tried to play my Pokémon Shuffle. I also watched the new episode of my friend Dan Wright’s web series, where I did the voices of Maleficent, Sailor Moon, and Pikachu! 😀

Day #2 complete!

 Saturday, the big day…and I got up a little bit before the sun! -_-;; I was up by 5:30, not by choice mind you, but I got a nice picture of the sun rising by the cattail dome. I played Pokémon and tried to sleep, but I tossed and turned, taking my shower early, dressing in normal clothes, and heading downstairs, waiting for everyone to join me for the breakfast buffet at the hotel we had planned on. I sat there, alone, feeling sick for some odd reason, for almost half an hour before my peeps showed up. The breakfast…was not very good this time, but the bacon was still good. The servicers were as nice as ever, but the meal, the big money spender, not so much. I would give this one a 5 out of 10.

I then got dressed for the day as Hungary from Hetailia (her battle outfit from the Austria War of Succession. Everyone thinks I’m a pirate though if they don’t know the show…) Miles tried his Bleach ice dragon guy again. There were A LOT of amazing cosplayers I just saw on this day and, strangely, many of them were not in any cosplay contest or skits, which was unique to me. I have the pictures of them below and I became friends with some of them on Facebook. Everyone at Cosplacon 2015 was SUPER nice and I like I get to be apart of this community, hopefully more than once a year. 🙂

Our first panel was an ‘early’ one for con standards: “Samurai Dan and Jillian’s Stage show!” This was the only time they wore their uniforms. MAN! They looked tired! They are night owls and Dan kept joking how Jillian normally doesn’t fully wake up until noon, but she didn’t fight it. I don’t know if it was the early morning show or what, but Dan was on his A GAME on the comedy! I have seen this show 6 or 7 times now and although, of coarse, they add their own things each time, the level of comedy (some 13+) and audience interaction was a riot! All of us have seen the show a handful of times and yet we still were trying not to roll on the floor in tears! It was fantastic! 10 out of 10!

1511638_993880080645029_7924951158613033108_nAfterwards, I had my copy of Dan’s book to sign. I got a bracelet from Jillian with the title of the book and “Bite me!” on the side, telling everyone I had to support Team Drew (the main character). Brown got the book and Derrick got 3 DVDs of theirs we didn’t have (we have 7 of the 9 now). Dan was engrossed for 20 minutes, talking about swords and I didn’t want to interrupt, although Derrick and Jillian told me too. Brown did and without missing a beat, he signed that and other items (a DVD for Derrick and a few other items from others), still talking or gesturing with his hands. When he was finished and the room wanted to kick them out for the pre-judging for the Cosplay Royale (Tabby was entered, so her and Brown had to stay anyway), I smiled widely and handed my book to him. He paused, silent, grabbing it, and sitting down on the stage, without saying a word for two full minutes as he wrote. He seemed satisfied when he handed it back to me and we took a nice picture together. The words he wrote, for me, on his own accord, touched me and I’ll keep them between us. =) Again, I am glad to meet another author who can understand the good of this industry too.

 11539700_993880167311687_4589354607473284556_nWe exploded the Vender’s Room a bit, me curious to see if I could find anything for Derrick to get me, but no luck. He did get me this nice key pin brooch from Europe, the guy selling them very charming. I ran into an Austria and Prussia from Hetalia and they took an awesome picture which me, Austria looking uncomfortable (Hungary and him like each other) and Prussia pointing a sword at my throat! HA! The girl playing Prussia was awesome. She called me names and everything. I shot back, “Whatever Prussia! You didn’t even know I was a girl!” This got them chuckling. I found out later they were in charge of the Hetalia panel I was going to next. I went alone, in awe that the cosplayer who was Austria for she was playing the violin as we entered and well! The panel was like another Ask-A-Nation one I went to; people raised their hands to ask questions to the cosplayers/countries (France, Russia, who had to step out twice for laughing so hard, America, England, who was quiet, Austria, and Prussia. Apparently they had a Germany too, but they couldn’t find them). Their costumes were good. The people were shy, but some of the questions were interested. I DID really like the dance contest! HA! 😀 I even got asked to dance by Austria, and if I knew how to waltz and wasn’t holding a camera with people all around my stuff and seat, I would have for the fun of it. OH! The fan service we would’ve been giving?! ;D Prussia and Austria had to dance instead, which was funny. I DID ask a question before I left (not recorded), that if they liked dancing at the end of the Hetalia Movie: Paint it, white!  (they even called my Hungary in their accents). What was sad is half of the room had NO IDEA there was a Hetalia movie! o.0 They advertised this thing SO heavily around Christmas time in 2011 for Funimation! I told Mikes this later and he about fell over from shock! To those Hetalia fans who have NOT seen it, it is recommended! I would rate this panel a 8 out of 10.

I was a tad late getting to the Cosplay Royale, Miles and Derrick waiting for me. We didn’t get the best seats, hence why my pictures are blurry although I took them on my awesome I-Phone (which is a year old now! Hard to imagine!). This was the MOST organized Cosplay contest EVER! It flowed perfectly, the cosplays were amazing, into their roles, the crowd so encouraging! I adored it. The ONLY issue I had was I wish Rodney would have said the name of the cosplayer or the character or at least the series they were from! Tabby did a wonderful job! 😀 The whole show only took a half hour, but it took a half hour for the 8 or 9 judges to make their choices for winners. While we waited, Rodney made us dance, was talking about awesome things at the con, and he even shared a touching moment with us. Since Cosplacon will always be on Father’s Day weekend, Rodney, who told us he didn’t grow up with a dad, but now he had a lovely wife and three year old daughter, he wanted to celebrate Father’s Day with Sunday morning being “Donuts with Dad,” where you bring your dad to share donuts or you talk about how awesome your dad was. Rodney was crying a few times and I know for me, it took all my strength now to jump out of my chair and hug him. Everyone cheered for him and his staff were hugging him or talking for him while he composed himself. For him to be so open and kind with us about something so personal was inspiring and made me adore this man even more. Everyone in the Royale was amazing, all 52 entries! I was impressed on every level! 9.5 out of 10! I also liked how our great DJs, on call in case there was downtime, played Thomas Sanders Pokémon prank vines! <3 Thomas! 😀 Love your Pokémon theme remix too! Congrats to all!

We then went to play with Naya and Kuma for our third time again for the Akita Panel with Samurai Dan and Jillian. Naya didn’t want any of my treats, but Kuma ate them greedily for his momma! HA! Dan and Jillian did tell some more interesting stories, I unaware that the reason his book is dedicated to Kuma was that four years ago, they almost lost him and that was the time Dan was finishing the manuscript of his work. It was touching. 🙁 Naya as very playful though and that was sweet. She let me pet her at the end and Kuma was sitting in adorable, relaxed guard duty, watching everyone. I knew he liked to be scratched on his bottom so I showed him my hand and I know his face was darling when he realized I was petting his good spot, him sitting down instantly and panting happily. Jillian saw this and giggled. Of coarse, the dogs were as playful and darling as ever! We love this fuzzy creature and, don’t worry Dan; they won’t replace you at Cosplacon. 😉 10 out of 10. You can see Jillian’s history lesson on the Akitas from my 2014 Cosplacon videos and see MANY pictures of them from this year’s event (I didn’t record).

I changed and then our gang of five went to Chili’s (I did, before we changed, battle the fairy gym leader for the DS league. He was dressed inspired by Slyvion and was super nice! We had a good time talking). The sweet iced tea was AMAZING, the waitress nice, but Derrick and I’s food was DISGUSTING! :'( I barely ate my small sirloin and could only muster a few bites of my mashed potatoes, which I normally love, but I swear it tasted like mold and bad cheese. Everyone else said their food was fine, but for me, it was the worst of the trip. 4.5 out of 10 only for the good service and flawless iced tea! We were at a very uncomfortable table too.

Brown and Tabby had to go to the skit practice, so we had about 45 minutes to kill before we got there a bit early. There was a Barnes and Noble across the street, so I went and looked at the manga section. It was okay and I found a handful I wanted (I refused to look at the normal books section; I have SO many I have to read and I’d be there all day if I could), but I decided on two manga. Derrick grabbed them and paid for them along with a book he got, saying it was part 2 of our anniversary. ^_^ So, he got away with a brooch and two mangas! HA!


Since we had some time, we decided to take all of our cosplay outfits, props, and bags, about 1/3rd of our luggage or a tad more, to the car. Again, parking was grand and since one of the elevators was broken (not sure how THIS year), we wanted to wait because we were NOT walking up and down nine flights of stairs with all our stuff!

We then went to the Cosplay Skit contest, which was insanely crowded, but I was able to get a corner seat to record. And, just like the Cosplay Royale, I was deeply impressed with how well the skits went, the variety, the entertainment level, the time and cosplay variants…nine AMAZING skits! Usually, there are a few that do not overly appeal to me or you can tell it was thrown together last second, but all of Cosplacon’s this year were fantastic! I laughed, I cheered, I cried, I went speechless. I was shocked how many of the skits did not sign up until the day OF the contest, except for Tabby and Brown. This was an odd thing to me that made me think the other skits were unprepared, but that is not the con’s issue. The only complaints I had with the con on this was I am not fond of letting the audience vote for all the skits. I like how close everyone is at Cosplacon, but one, I can’t scream as loud for as long as you expect me to, and two, people will scream for their friends, which is kind, but not good for a contest. Other anime cons have the Cosplay Royale judges judge the skits. If you wanted to combine the two, allow the judges to choose the top 3 on entertainment value, then the crowd could vote. Since Cosplacon had the cosplay contest and skits eight hours apart, this would have been harder, but I think doable. We had a three way tie this year skit wise, but the three were amazing, so I’m not mad about that. Tabby and Brown did a great job! They were Team Magma grunts and they were doing an informational video for new recruits. ^_^ Other than there’s, my personal favorites were Aiken Skywalker singing a parody, entitled, “Let it Go,” called “Let it flow!” The other were the amazing Wicked Step-Sisters from Cinderella I talked about with the Cosplay Contest; they were looking for husbands and their personalities’ were perfect! 😀 I’ll give the Skit Contest as a whole, 9 out of 10!

We had about an hour before Cards Against Humanity (an 18+ panel) with Samurai Dan and Jillian. We found Brown and Tabby to congratulate them and chilled for about 15 minutes, meeting some wonderful, unique, and kind cosplayers, enjoying geeking out with them (especially a girl who was Phantom Thief Jeanne, a series from one of my favorite manga-ka of ALL TIME! 😀 She was stunned I knew her and we started talking about Ariana-sama’s works. She is going to do a “Full Moon” one next year! *fan girl delighted sheik!). I had a feeling to go double-check the room time and I’m glad I did. The volunteer told us that the panel had been bumped up to 8:30! So, we had 12 minutes beforehand and we went into the room, luckily getting seats in the second row. We met some really awesome new friends, whom thought I was nice and funny and were showing me all kinds of memes and fan art on their phones. One of them thought I was 16, shocked when I mentioned my students. I tapped her shoulder (she was 20) and I said, “Awww…Thank you sweetie, but you need to add 10 years.” 😀 We waited until 9:30, confused on what as going on (I was fine chatting) when the volunteers came back and said that it took them awhile to find Dan and Jillian about the surprise time change and the panel wouldn’t be until 10:30 now! So, I waited for over an hour to be told I had another hour. Derrick and Miles left, but I knew the halls and elevator lines were getting insane. Saturday night is when all the 18+ panels and parties are.  I knew next door we had a…well, let’s say a show where you could bring dollar bills to thank the entertainers…*blushes*

11181091_994550060578031_5516599420010554253_nANYWHO! I waited with my few peeps, Miles coming later (we watched the new Game Theory that were had been trying to watch in our room for ages). At 10:15, Brown and Tabby came, Derrick soon after, then Samurai Dan and Jillian with about eight guests, all cosplayers, to be the judges. I had texted Dan that night to tell him I had a request commented on the picture of him in my hat on Facebook that I needed to wear it to Cards Against Humanity. We played for a bit (Jillian split us up, so we did boys verses girls, Tabby and I with the two girls we were talking with), Dan’s expressions priceless. 20 minutes in, he walked backwards to me (I was in the left corner) and asked me, “Did you bring my hat?” I grinned, responding, “Of coarse,” handing it over. It put it on his head, modeled it, and the crowd went wild. I thought he’d take it off right after, but nope! He wore it the WHOLE hour and a half! 😀 A few people were asking about it and he pointed to me. He made faces at me a few times, showed me a card he had to read as we chuckled together about it, and even got behind me head and was playing with me panda plush hat, saying, “I felt bad for taking your sparkly hat all night, but you just have an assortment of hats, don’t you? Make sure to get me a sparkly hat, one that fits better on my big head!” I can’t discuss any of the topics due to the 18+ content and the ideas weren’t as funny as last years, but overall, still a rowdy good time!  ^_^ 8.5 out of 10. More people should have been “One of us.”

We didn’t get out of there until 12:30 in the morning! We were DEAD on our feet. We lucked out with getting to the elevator. We didn’t get settled for bed (we were cleaning up so we could sleep in and not pack up too much in the morning) until 1:30. Also, we got woken up at 3:00 A.M. by party screaming for almost 20 minutes! -_-;; I know most panels go up to about 1:30, but THREE?! JEEZ people! I felt bad for the non-con-goers in the hotel who paid money to be there! All three of us groggily woke up, stunned. I still have no clue what it was and the cheering was LOUD and we were on the NINTH stickin’ floor! >.< I can’t imagine being on the ground floor! Blah!

Day #3 over!

We didn’t wake up until 8:00 to 8:30, and we had a panel at 9:30 along with wanting to explore the venders a tad more. We got dressed, skipping breakfast, and packed the rest of our stuff. It was bliss! No line to the elevator (although poor Miles did almost get squished against to the glass wall and I was scared his large duffle bag would break the glass and he’d fall), our car was in the parking lot and not the horrid parking garage like last year, and when we got in, the lobby was fairly clear. All this took like less than 5 minutes! 0.0 It was SO much better than last year! We walked around, meeting an Umbreon cosplayer for the Pokémon Carnival (we didn’t attend because we were not impressed with it at all last year, but we got a picture with the Umbreon because I had my Arcinine hat and Miles his Bulbasaur).



At 9:30, we went to the Samurai Dan and Jillian’s Ninja Weapons of Death panel, where we learned the history of popular weapons seen in ninja movies and how they were actually used in their era. It was neat to see Dan show them off, passion for his job clear in his voice. Poor Jillian was the sneaky ninja who got caught and she was so tired. Awww! This was our first time seeing this panel and it was the perfect balance of information, humor, and interaction. 10 out of 10!

Tabby and Brown were at another panel, “Anime vs. Reality” that I wanted to go to, but it was at the same time. I hope it was good! 😀

I stayed in the room for the next panel I wanted to attend was in there. Dan thought I was waiting for him (he snorted at my different hat again, arching his brow when I informed him it was from Pokémon). I received two warm hugs from my friend, so lucky again I get to work with such a wonderful person. ^_^

The next panel I wanted to go to was “Let’s have a Mario Party,” which was a Live Action version of Mario Party! Miles and Derrick were not too interested, but there was nothing else for them to do, so they came too. The panelists worked super hard to make it so fun and colorful and I felt bad that they got scheduled during the Pokémon Carnival, for I think they would have had a ton of people there if so. We were divided into two teams: Team Peach and Team Ashley. A lovely female Wario hosted (there was a female Mario and Lugai helping out in the backed) and like in the Mario Party video games, we had someone from our team roll the dice for our team and Peach (TEAM PEACH RULES) would go that many spaces, some spaces special. The goal was to go to the end of the line and try to get a star. After Peach and Ashley went, there was a mini game, where someone from our team would play a mini game! The group were so kind, fun, and encouraging and as an overall creative with my lesson plans person, I can admire all the work they put into their games. I hope they will have a much larger group next year and their cosplays? Spot on! 😀 10 out of 10. I didn’t get all of the panel, but I have about the first hour recorded.

Brown and Tabby went to the Achievements Turn-In panel and then Brown had to get to his flight to go back to California, skipping the closing ceremony. I got my 10 minute massage and did a final look at the vender’s, satisfied and sad I didn’t see anything a little more expensive for my anniversary, but Miles, Derrick, and I headed out. We were famished by then (it was 1:00), so we stopped at an awesome Subway and then wove a-do to the fantastic Jefferson City.

The first half of the ride home were just fine, but 10 minutes before Steelville, which is close to the halfway point, I started feeling sick. We stopped at Steelville so I could “upheave” my sickness, the boys getting snacks. GRRR! I hate how I get sick so easily (and yes, I took my motion sickness pill; I forgot it last year on the way back). Well, I wish I could say that was the end of our adventure, but OH! Fate had something else in store for us!

There was a vechile following us after we were out of Steeleville for about 5 minutes, tailing us, but we didn’t think anything about it until it randomly had some blinking lights on top of it. I told Derrick that I thought it was an officer, although I didn’t see any decals on the side of the SUV. Derrick said no and kept going (he was on the speed limit). Up ahead, we saw a smashed dirt bike in the middle of the road, looking like if fell out of the back of a pick-up truck close by. With that, we assumed that was where the car was going, but nope! It zoomed past the scene, lights on, still on Derrick’s tail! We knew then, so Derrick pulled over. BOY! We were nervous! >.< The officer tapped on my side (the front passenger). I looked to make sure he had a proper badges and then slowly rolled it down with Derrick by me. He was friendly and informed Derrick that his car tags were three months overdue. Okay, so this is mostly Derrick’s fault and he took responsibility for it, but Derrick had not had his car for two months due to the hail storm taking out his windows and he also did not get a letter like his dad and mom did for there’s. Still, Derrick and I were overly polite and he had to take Miles and I IDs too, since we could be “in” with Derrick. I wasn’t thrilled that this might be on my record now, but I did what I was told.

The officer asked us about where we were at and we told him a Japanese culture convention and he asked for the name of our hotel (we were fairly share he called the hotel to ask about the event). He returned after ten minutes and then told us he noticed Derrick’s hands were shaking a bit (which was understandable; I would have too, but I was channeling my inner, calm teacher persona). Derrick smiled tightly and told the officer it was nerves. The officer, then, however, said the thing that floored us, “I also noticed the car smells like marijuana, so I’m going to need to search the car.” 0.o Okay, I will come upfront; I was stunned and we all looked at each other. I have never done any sort of drug in my life unless it is medicine I am told to take and with the recommended doses! I gag if I smell smoke and after 3 sips of the weakest wines, I’m done for months! I was looking around as the officer made Miles get out first, searching all his pockets with his hands out like an airplane (yeah…my brother got patted down), trying to see if I could figure out the smell. When it was my turn, Miles having to stand in front of the car, I showed the officer our Subway bag, which was the only thing I could think of for it was the only real smell in the car (my other thought was Derrick’s car might have mold in the back due to his window being out for a while and some rain may have leaked into his car), but I was ignored. The officer looked at me then away quickly, his face slightly red, asking me if I had anything in my pockets. I took out my chap stick, my only thing. I asked him if he wanted me to turn over my pockets, but he said no and swiftly went to patting down Derrick. He went through everything in the car as we stood in the front, me feeling like such a bad kid. 🙁 He had to go through everything in my purse, which took forever, but luckily, he found nothing, didn’t need to look in our trunk (which would have taken a half hour with all our things), issued Derrick a warning on his tags and how he had to get them within the week, then we were on our way twenty or so minutes later.

Now, we were afraid of what he would think of our wooden weapons in the backseat with Miles, but he didn’t say a word. We also had Miles’ metal keyblade in our trunk, me learning from the Ninja panel hours before that in some states, having any weapon in the back seat can warrant arrest and I was unsure if Missouri was one. I was so glad it was in there and the trunk was not searched (we had nothing to hide though). The boys were quiet as we drove away for a moment, nervous tension in the air. I let out a huge breath, knowing how to solve this, “Well, we’re horrible people; Samurai Dan just told us it was dream to get pulled over with all his job weapons in his car and we stole that dream from him!” I tsked and they started chuckling and we then discussed it, okay the rest of the way home, getting home around 4:40.

Our 7th con ended with his questioning if Subway smells like marijuana and the goal of knowing we were part of a true convention because the police were involved! I can deal without that ever again though. 😉 #BestConEver? I texted Dan that we had a very eventful ending to our con and he texted back around 8:30 that night, telling me it was bugging him not knowing. He cracked up at our story! 😀

Cosplacon, thank you once again for a cosmetic good year and I can’t wait to be apart of it again! Also, I owe Cosplacon for one important, unexpected dream: Miles got some DVDs at the con from one of the venders and as he was putting his stuff away, he texted me, waking me up from my nap. He found a postcard for another con in October: Getaway Con, that was in our good ole’ Collinsville, Illinois. It’s a one day, 12 hour convention, but I WILL be attending this con, come heck or high-water, for the guests: The fabulous J. Michael Tatum and…THE FANTASY, the LEGEND, the SMOLDERING…VIC MIGNOGNA! =D I can’t even deal! I’m going to meet MY DREAM PICK FOR A VOICE ACTOR!!! 😀 Miles and I are so pumped!

You can see videos of many of the panels I attended on my Youtube Channel along with videos from past cons, including Cosplacon 2014! 😀

Amazing Cosplayers (lots more pictures in my Cosplacon 2015 gallery) AND Things I bought:

19020_993879973978373_7524033606885481288_n 10345825_993880113978359_244250470796349087_n 10361411_993882033978167_7309982734290592088_n 10421554_993882887311415_298364453327414057_n 10423740_993880050645032_5537156315057178961_n 10561658_994550457244658_6111125036737588736_n 10603774_993880257311678_6080723381583583127_n 10858643_994550527244651_5462469637540677057_n 10985875_994550463911324_4395890409147394755_n 11329882_994550380577999_4552761747948973099_n 11329950_993880213978349_8771086953909610061_n 11535670_993879853978385_5703464388349864146_n 11540926_993879700645067_6839187656652132621_n



10985057_994550327244671_8376592692738401703_n 11535914_994550290578008_3097488322508838938_n 11224617_994550170578020_3309546042939617621_n 11014818_994550213911349_6614614560170879451_n

11144970_994550240578013_1568989481035240300_n 1554390_994550243911346_2145471258798637319_n 10419962_994550297244674_5928797023248681239_n 10941826_994550330578004_4287371797607526268_n


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