COMPLETE Top Ten Kingdom Hearts series Worlds (Top Ten #41)

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This list is based on how memorable they were for me, playing wise and visuals. There are some that, in a Disney film aspect, I adore, but they were not as engaging as I was hoping or vice versa. ^-^ Enjoy keyblade wielders!

  1. County of the Musketeers
  2. Atlantica (all of them)
  3. Disney Castle/Disney Town
  4. Symphony of Sorcery/Mysterious Tower
  5. Neverland (Birth by Sleep’s version)
  6. Halloweentown (358/2 Days is my favorites, but I like Kingdom Hearts II a lot too)
  7. Castle of Dreams/Dwarf Woodland/Enchanted Dominion (three princess worlds, all similar, but still fun)
  8. Timeless River
  9. The World that Never Was (amazing, edgy visuals!)
  10. Olympus (358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts II are my favorites)
  11. Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden/Tron (I was shocked how much I loved the Tron levels!)
  12. Agrabah
  13. Beast’s Castle
  14. Twilight Town
  15. 100 Acre woods
  16. The City of Bells
  17. Keyblade Graveyard
  18. Castle Oblivion
  19. Prankster Paradise/Monstro (I like the theme park in Prankster Paradise, but not the rest at all)
  20. Pride Rock
  21. End of the World
  22. Land of Departure
  23. Deep Space
  24. The Land of Dragons
  25. Destiny Island
  26. Traverse Town
  27. Wonderland
  28. Mirage Area/Olympus Coliseum
  29. Deep Jungle
  30. Port Royale



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