Max-Con 2015 AND Anime Getaway 2015 Mini Blogs and Reviews

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Max-Con 2015

As a writer, we have two jobs: writing our works and advertising it. Social media, interviews, promotions, word of mouth…In our modern, technology run era, the outlets and outreaches are endless. However, there is one method that stands the test of time; human interaction. As an otaku, I know the giddiness of meeting my voice actor that I adore face-to-face, thanking them for giving me such joy, asking them questions, making that connection that makes them real and more precious. It is a surreal experience and I wanted to be on the other side, to help inspire anyone who had a dream, even just to give them a word of encouragement.

In 2014, during my first Cosplacon, I helped run a writing panel with my dear friend and fellow author, Dan Wright AKA Samurai Dan, and another grand local writer, Jennifer Sights. Dan and I wrote the script together, but he was the star. I also have done local tour spots, reading samples Q & A’s But, to be an independent guest, dubbed as important enough to be seen with talent and words of wisdom was finally given to me by my dear hometown, the place where Spirit Vision is based in.

How did this come about?

Well, the organizer of our county’s gaming community (he added me because of the Pokemon events I run locally), told me I would be an amazing guest not only because of my books, but because I connect to people through Pokemon, otaku culture, and am a teacher, getting the younger audience hooked. He gave me the contact information of the couple, his friends, who were running it, and they said yes!

So, on September 19th, I was the first and only female guests at the first EVER Max-Con! GIRL NERDS REPRESENT!

maxcon3My wonderful friend and Poke Crew member Andrew as paint ball Deadpool, Rhiannon (it was her first con ever and I needed help running my guest table. She also made homemade plushies and other kawaii, crafty things to attract the eye), and I showed up at 7:00 to set-up.  We decorated our table with purple and stars and had some raffles going on: play UNO against Team Magma, Pokemon Sorry agaisnt Sailor V and Sailor Mars, and to be an important character an upcoming, published short story of mine.

People started walking around and I met the other two guests: one, Kyle, was a sci-fi/fantasy sculptor and artist, and the other an author named Nick, his books dealing with a robot war.  Both of their sites are on my LINKS page. Apparently, I taught Kyle’s son and read stories to his darling daughter on the bus. His wife was our MC and the whole family was sweet.

Everyone was coming over to our table to take picture with Deadpool and Andrew was really funny. One of our regulars from Pokemon brought his friend with him and he ended up helping Rhiannon sell plushies and did some food runs for us. He is pretty cool and has helped me out at Truman once (he was a juggler at our Grand Night).

At 2:00, we had one panel with all the guests. The three of us got on stage (after some confusion with a documentary on how to make videos was playing at our time slot). So, what was so grand was I got to do my first guest spot on the stage I have sung on during my treasured choir performances! What an honor.

I know I was overly bubbly during our panel; we had themed questions prepared in advance that we would do until we had questions asked of us. We had eight total questions ready and only used three. We had ten people show up at first, which made me nervous, but people began to trickle in and we ended up with twenty. Which, for a first year, small-town convention, is good. The questions were wonderful and I was thrilled to share my experiences and give some advice for those who asked. We had two young girls in the audience who asked questions and that made me feel good.

You can see the whole panel on my Youtube Channel here:


At the panel, a mother and her two daughters (one in high school), asked some amazing, engaging questions. The high school young lady later declared to me at the table later that she was my new best friend and that she loved me and I was amazing, adorable, and the best writer ever. Tabby took over for Andrew right before the panel (in her Alichard outfit from Hellsing), but she got to see this exchange and Tabby’s eyes got huge. Later, she told me, “Wow! You made a stocker.” HA! This young lady was very sweet and energetic, hanging out with us, showing off her costumes, her mom (who was so cool) got her a copy of my book that she was pumped over, and she even drew a kawaii picture of Maren that you can find on my Fan Art page.

I also got to meet a super kind owner of a modeling/unique wedding planning/accessory shop in Branson. We talked for about 40 minutes before the vender room opened on Sunday. We talked about Pokemon, Hot Topic, cosplay, how I should sell my products at Visioncon in Brandon this February, and even voice acting connections and ways to fill my resume for that. She was dressed up at Wednesday Addams Saturday and was one of the cosplay contest judges. On Sunday, she was wearing the Hot Topic dress I really wanted and had her face painted gray and had ears, making her Totoro! It was darling! She was passing out golden acorns to everyone and was fully in character, making the cute sound effects. I got three acorns and was trying not to fangirl. She even once let me away from my table (Tabby was there) and we shuffled our feet to an area that had a model with a little tree! We pretended to plant the acorn under it and did the Totoro grow dance. I was laughing from such happiness!


I met so many amazing otakus from Missouri that I had never met before! This was so wonderful because I thought I knew most of the otakus from my town, but not only did I meet more from my town and I saw a few of my students as well, but I met people from up to four hours away, many of them were there Sunday to just shop! Two of the people I met were at Cosplacon this year, one of them on stage for the skit contest! Everyone was so nice and it was such a grand experience and I made some new friends, including a boyfriend who was able to geek out with my about 90’s boy bands (I had my Spirit Vision playlist on at my table on Sunday).

The cosplay show on Saturday was wonderful for its first year. Everyone was very supportive and had a good time. The judges and photographer on Saturday were trying to get me to enter because I had my Sailor V cosplay on for three hours between the Guest Q & A and the cosplay show. They said we had to have a monologue prepared, which is why I did not do it, but man! Now I wish I would have! Tabby was dragged in as Alucard from Hellsing and her speech in character was flawless and everyone loved it! Rhiannon made her costume as an adorable Sailor Mars. She won one of the audience favorite spots, which we all assumed would be given a certificate or maybe a free pass. Nope! She got $80! 0.o I knew that the three main winners received cash prizes, but wow! I will have to recall that next year.

The cosplay winners were all original characters from the local LARP group. They did great. They are all nice guys and have invited me several times to go to the LARP events (Julie, Jason, Tabby, and Evan have gone now, but I sadly do not have time, but, one day, I would like to go). I got to talk to the winner on Sunday when I was cleaning up at my vendor’s table and he was so nice! He is working on a book and we discussed writing, our interests, and more. Again, I was so happy to meet so many fantastic people!

I did have to teach my second week of Sunday school Sunday and since the venue was down the road from the Civic Center, I walked (I got there at 7:30 and left at 8:45 so I would be there by 9:00 to set up. Service is at 10:00).  I only had two kids, but it was a nice time. Dad was making me crack up at a story as he drove me back (my doctor forgetting who was president during the Civil War) and I got there at 11:30, there at my table until 4:00 when it was clean-up time (they closed at 5:00). It was steady, but, again, there were enough people who drove all the way to our town to buy things. This was the day I sold my final two copies of “Spirit Vision” and placed my four back-orders!

maxcon14Afterwards, Tabby and I had a needed a girl day to celebrate the end and discuss fun con events and future endeavors, so we went to the Hibachi buffet that we like (it sadly just closed down a few weeks ago and a different Oriental cuisine buffer is in its place. Strange…) It was a perfect way to a good, fulfilling weekend.

I have been asked to be a guest next year, and yes, they already have the date for next year! We had over 200 attendees, which, for a first year, small Missouri town con, is pretty awesome sauce! I am so pumped for next year and to share my books with more otakus, meet cool new cats and friends, and be pumped at Max-Con 2016!


Anime Getaway 2015

My dad always told me that celebrities were regular people. Although I agree with this statement, they are given the spotlight for a reason, and, if they are a true celebrity at heart, they are a shining star for the same reason; to inspire! Sure, they have talent, work hard. Some are born into it or luck out. Some define beauty. But, no matter how they get this gift, they should inspire others to follow their dreams and share their happiness. For this reason, this is why I adore meeting voice actors, for their dedication, kind hearts, talent, work ethic, and their words and manners of wisdom.

At the end of Cosplacon this year (2015), after we arrived home that Sunday a bit after 4:00, I was taking a nap and received a text from my brother Miles. Now, normally, we do not buy DVD’s from venders just because they are more expensive than on Amazon or Rightstuf, but this vender was reasonable and Miles found a set he liked. The Otaku kamis were smiling down upon us. In his DVD bag was a flyer for another, one day convention to be held at the Gateway Center and…and this is why he HAD to fanboy text me…the con’s two special guests were…J. MICHAEL TATUM AND MY DREAM GUY…VIC MIGNOGNA! Even though I was groggy, I about fell off the bed after I read this. Derrick did not want to go, but Miles and I were determined, come heck or high water! So, we invited my friend Julie and my mom, since we thought a one day convention would be good for their first (mom has always wanted to attend for some reason, I guess to see what we really do at an anime convention).

ag21With lots of saving, packing, and planning, we decided to leave on Friday, October 9th after I got off at work. The con was Saturday, October 10th, and we stayed over night then as well since my mom cannot see at night. To prep, Miles and I got mom a red with glittery anime font letters a shirt that says, “Anime Mom.” We met a group of mom’s wearing them our first convention in 2012 and we told her about it. Mom was all offended that we were excluding her from this secret group or something. So, I contacted the gentlemen who makes our awesome Poke Crew shirts and he whipped it up for her. She was scared that you HAD to wear a costume and we thought this would do the trick. She also begged us to wear our cosplays although we had not planned on it due to it being only a one day convention, but we wore them for the morning session to make our momma happy, a true rule to live by. And, yes, that picture is a pre-con selfie Miles and I took, being stupid. Julie did not want to join in our fun.

Now! I always give presents to voice actors to thank them for all their work and taking time to see and interact with us fans. It seems like the kind thing to do. ^_^ I knew I had to make/get something EXTRA special for Vic and J. Michael because of how incredible they are.

It took me a lot longer than I thought (plus I didn’t have much time with the book fair around the bend), but I drew pictures and wrote poems for both of them (along with coloring) and got them each presents that I thought represented their interests.

ag39J. Michael is very fashionable to me so although I wanted to get him as many Jack in the Box coupons as possible and a car bobble because he loves Jack in the Box and Derrick works there, but that didn’t happen. So! I got a light bulb to get him a hat. I don’t know why, but, whatever. I rolled with it and spent 20 minutes at Wal-mart trying on guy’s hats to see which one worked well on what I envisioned was his head. I’m sure it looked odd. I, funnily enough, bumped into my dad and he liked the hat, which surprised me for it was a combination of a paperboy hat and an artsy one. I did leave the receipt in their just in case. He told me that was thoughtful and thorough. I also found him purple roses for Kyoya from Ouran High School Host club, the first character I heard him as. I DID color J. Michael pictures too; I forgot to get a picture of it before I gave it to him though. -_-;; I was sadly rushed for time.


ag22For Vic, our big reveal was that we named one of my dad’s cats after him about 6 years ago: Victor Joseph Mignogna, the cat! Seriously! That’s the cat’s name! I found two good picture of the blond furred Vic and then typed the story for Mr. Mignogna.  He also got a poem and a drawing (I added the Star Trek symbol to the top to get that fandom of his in). It may seem strange, but I know he loves apple pie and I know he likes fire red hot sauce from Taco Bell from a 2008 video I watched on Youtube. I even went to Taco Bell, ordered two plain tacos for me (I didn’t have hardly any money), and, as sneaky as I could, I went through ALL the fire sauce packets for they say different things and got him one of each of the eight funny slogans on them! Dad said this makes me a caring, super fan…as he rolled his eyes. Vic, of course, got red roses for Tamaki too,

We left right on schedule on the 9th and drove up there without a hitch, getting there in almost 95 minutes. Mom had to stay at a different hotel for she booked too late and our Days Inn that we used to go to for Natsu Con and Anime St. Louis in Collinsville was full between the con and a weekend soccer championship for upper elementary kids (MAN! There was a lot of them! o.0 They took over the whole place so much so on Sunday morning we had to skip free breakfast because there was no room. It was insane).

Well, it had been since April of 2014 since we had visited Collinsville and Days Inn. And, after the experience I had, I can say clearly and profoundly: I AM NEVER STAYING AT THEIR DAYS INN EVER AGAIN!!!

Here’s what happened:

We got there right when I said we would and were planning to meet my mom a half hour later to FINALLY go to the Mexican restaurant in the parking lot of the convention center (Derrick does not eat foreign food, so Miles and I have never gone. PLUS! It looks like a TACO PALACE with the shape of the building and the Aztec paintings all over it…)

Wow! Sorry! Off topic! Taking the wheel back now…

I tried to check in (I always call a few days before to make sure our reservation went through to any hotel since I usually book on-line and I knew we were good) and pay with cash. Well, if you know anything about booking a hotel on-line, you have to give them a credit card number to hold the room, but you can normally pay with other methods of payment. I had cash for mine since Miles and Julie gave them their share in cash. The lady at the desk blinked at me and informed me that if I give them cash, then I owe her an $100 extra dollars as a deposit, making my total $270 instead of $170! That extra money was all my food money for the con along with a bit into my swag. She said I would get it back Sunday morning, but that would do me NO good since the con was only Saturday. I asked her nicely about it and said I have been at their hotel five times before, always booked on-line and I went through their Days Inn site one other time and this never happened.

She said she had no idea how the on-line site for booking worked. YOU ARE A MANAGER! Shouldn’t they KNOW how that works? She started fiddling with numbers and telling me all these different things so I had no idea which way was up and which was down, while poor Julie and Miles have to hold all our stuff. She finally found my account after 18 minutes and said that my room had already been paid for by my debit card! I knew that was not supposed to be the case. So, we looked at my printed copy of the on-line receipt and, in the tiniest, micro-print possible that took myself and the manager five minutes to locate and a few more to read, it says that cards will be charged immediately! I did not get an invoice back in July when I booked the room and I began to panic. She still had a large portion of my cash and I KNEW I only had $140 in my bank account and the room was $170…With all the medical bills I have had to deal with recently, my money has been slim. I could not afford overdraft. I was about in tears, but finally, she asked how important the money was to me and I told her that was all my food money. She gave me my cash back, all $270 of it, and said on Sunday, we would see if my room was still paid for…

Well, it was. So, good news: I got to keep all my cash I saved for the hotel. Bad news is: I was off on ALL my balances for the past three months by $170! o.0 How I did not go over must have been a grace by the Lord, but I never did see a charge for the room on my bank statements. Mom says I must have gotten lucky.  I was so panicked that on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday the following week, instead of taking lunch, I raced to the bank and deposited all the $160 I had for the hotel (I spent some of it) and every little bit of money I could find so I would not overdraft. I guess, I managed to be alright, but man! That was so stressful and I was on the edge of losing it. It took 25 minutes for this whole ordeal.

I know now to never use Days Inn’s website again…

Actually, I will never use them again.

I am normally not this dramatic; Days Inn has been good to us our last four/five cons we used it, but not only did all this mumbo-jumbo happen, but our room looked like it had been ransacked. The bathroom was disgusting, the floor creaked every step you moved by Julie’s bed (a scary, like you would fall kind), the office chair looked like it was clawed by a werewolf, one of the lamps was tipped over and had to put back in place, the microwave and fridge looked like they were from the 70’s. The ice machine did not work on our floor, their soda machine was empty all weekend, and the door handle on the stairwell on the second floor (our floor), could be turned 280 degrees. >.<

I don’t know WHAT happened in the year since we have been, but Miles and I agreed never again, which is a shame, because they are affordable and give breakfast. It’s a tad more, but we will try the Super 8 next time; mom said her room was great.

We then went to Taco Palace and everyone was going on about how amazing their food was. My basic beef and cheese tacos were good, but not as good as the one at my local Mexican restaurant. Still, the place was really cool looking on the inside and everyone enjoyed! They had a DJ and dance floor in another side room too!

ag3Julie, Miles, and I tried to sleep, but it was hard. This did not surprise me, however, since I never sleep well at hotels or other people houses. We got up on Saturday morning at 6:00 to work out the shower scheduling, ate a bland breakfast in a room that was filled with upper elementary soccer kids with their parents and younger siblings taking over (it was nuts). To appraise mom, because we love our mother very much, Miles and I wore our first cosplays from 2012: Our Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles from the “CLAMP in Wonderland” music video (mine was from a manga cosplay). Miles was Fai, the magician Vic plays in the show (AKA: Big Cat) and I was Princess Sakura AKA Jingles for this was the outfit with all the jingle bells. Sadly, it barely fit, but I was able to manage although it was tight. >.<

We got over to the convention center at 9:00 to pick up our badges, which were pink wristbands, and then saw that there was already a line to the Main Room for J. Michael Tatum’s 10:00 Q and A. So, we stood in line for about 45 minutes, my mom shocked by this (but looking awesome in her Anime Mom shirt), although she was fascinated by all the cosplays, pointing a few times.

I did run into my “new best friend/fan” from Max-Con and one of her friends and they were awesome! It was great to see her.  ^_^

At 9:50, we were seated in the Main Room of our part of the center (there was an antique roadshow type set-up that had the right side of the building and the left La Salle was taken by a psychic. Anime Getaway had the center portion).  I got on the left-center side, on the end to get some good shots and then the world screamed and Mr. J. Michael Tatum, with his hair buzzed off, appeared! 😀 Julie was the most pumped to see him, but oh my goodness! One of the BEST and funniest Q & A’s I have ever been to. My mom was rolling with laughter and told me that he should be a stand-up comedian. And, of course, I recorded everything and it is on my Youtube Channel in six parts! 😀 Thank you for visiting St. Louis for the first time Mr. Tatum and for being so incredible in every way, sharing your start in voice acting, what you fanboy over, the weirdest thing you signed LIVE, and so much more! You guys will deeply enjoy his panel; he is perfect inside and out.

ag1We then got in line and we were in the fourth line out of seven. Mr. Tatum only had two hours before he had to catch a flight back to Texas to work that evening! Bless his soul! He was determined to see and please every single one of us. We were in line for…about an hour and 15 minutes to see him! When we were 20 people away, Julie and I got really jittery excited. 🙂 I, unfortunately, did not have anything appropriate he could sign, but, since he is so well-known, I was able to buy a large print of him with several of his characters at the bottom (it was $25 though; Miles got one too). I tip-toed over to him because I did not want to make too much noise from my bells (mom left after the panel at 11:00 by the way because she wanted coffee and to not stand in line! HA!).

Poor Mr. Tatum looked drained, but he still tried to smile. I gave him my print and asked him how he was, even calling him Mr. Tatum and sir (I try to be polite, plus it makes me seem younger. ^_-). The deal was he could either sign two things or could sign one thing and the picture. I really wanted a picture! I presented him with my present and he was stunned, his eyes glistening. He then asked for my name again after calling me sweetie and I told him. He then said, “Oh my gosh! Morgan! You are the best!” I informed him he was and gave a quick rundown of what the gift bag entailed since he was low on time (although he did rummage through it). He seemed surprised when I told him I was a published author (he saw my poem) and he seemed to like the hat, even placing it on his head. I think it was small though from the look of it, but when I told him I had the receipt in there in case, he chuckled and stated: “Wow! You are very thorough!” I kindly asked for a picture and he agreed. I pranced over around the table and apologized for the fact that my bells were noisey. He chuckled and said, “Don’t; those are happy bells!” =) Yes, yes they were Mr. Tatum.


But…this was the best gift for me of all other than meeting him and making him smile for a second: After Julie snapped our photo, he OPENED HIS ARMS UP TOWARDS ME and said in the kindest, purest voice, “Morgan…” and arched his eyebrows, “I have to thank you…” I counted to three and when I saw he still had them open and it was not a dream, I tip-toed into them and gave him a HUG! 😀 It was glorious!


Julie drew a wonderful picture on poster board of Sebastian from Black Butler and Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club and he was amazed at it. She got the last picture with him too due to time. Mr. Tatum was super nice to Miles and told him he looked great in the dragon costume. him admiring it. When we told him we were from Tsbuasa, he acted like he recalled it, but I don’t he did. Awww! Thank you Mr. Tatum for such a grand meeting!

ag27After this, we decided to go to the vendor’s room since that would be our only chance before Vic’s panel and autograph session. For a one day con, they had a good selection and variety (and it was packed!)  I got a really good deal on a whole bunch of Japanese drinks and snacks, many of the snacks new to me and all delicious! I got some kawaii other items as well, all pictures at the end of this post. However, I did miss out on some Pokemon plush because I was in line for so long and, due to Anime Getaway being a one day convention, if you did not get the item when she see it, too bad! >.< My favorite find was the Sailor Venus Bandai figure with the changing faces. It was in the box, sealed, and ONLY $35! Normally, on Amazon, it is $40. Everywhere else, I have no idea. I thought I saw the Super Sailor Moon butterfly transformation from S there as well when I did my first walkthrough to scope my surroundings and when I saw the Sailor Venus later, I realized that WAS the Super Sailor Moon I wanted, but it was gone. 🙁 Oh well! It’s on my Christmas list and I have at least one of them. ^_^

I went to change in the back of the SUV out of my cosplay (where I heard the funniest thing from a cosplayer! A group was walking on the sidewalk past us and one girl turned around to her friends and loudly and overdramatically, with a Southern accent, said, “We ain’t going to dang Applebee’s!” I am not sure why, but this got me and mom real tickled). Miles had his clothes under his robe. Mom got us all chicken tenders from the snack bar in the venders area and Miles went back in there to do final shopping. Julie and I stood in front of the Main Room, waiting for permission to go in. Mom could not find Miles so I went to look, but to no avail. Julie sent me a text (she was still outside the Main Room) so I headed back, helping to carry one of the chicken tender plates mom got as she finished paying at the snack bar.

ag2Julie and I found an empty table right outside of the Main Room and began to munch, I apologizing for not answering her text. She started to tell me what it was, “I texted you that I think I saw…” and like magic, miracles, and wishing fused together in one divine moment in time, we both turned to see a man walk past us, one of the con-organizers behind him with a red suitcase. The man looked over at me, his eyes showing recognition (I had my knit Pokeball hat on) and he waved at me with a friendly smile and sparkle in his eyes before continuing his walk. It took me a few seconds to swallow and hold in a squeal, my mind finally unfreezing to recall to wave back and grace him with what I hope was not a chicken tender filled smile. As he went away, I leaned over out of my tall stool chair to make sure I really did wave at the right man, and I fell out of the stool! I did catch myself, bugged-eyed, but Julie was rolling with laughter. She asked me to confirm if that was Vic because that is what the text was about. I told her it sure was! Julie then asked if I knew him because he looked at me like he did. I told her it must have been my hat, but man! I got a friendly, pre-meeting wave from VIC HIMSELF! Mom came over a minute later with the rest of the chicken tenders and I told her all about it with glee as Julie kept reminding everyone that I almost fell, fangirl style.

After we crammed food in our mouth, we went to sit down, but other con-goers decided to sit in the back (the autograph table was there) early and it was really packed! I didn’t want to stand for 90 more minutes on top of the line, so we chose to sit (I did not get the best seats this time, so I am sorry people kept getting in the way of the video. Vic also moved around a lot to interact with us). He came in and the room roared with cheers and girls fanning themselves. He was so smiley and happy that he got 90 minutes with us like he asked instead of the normal hour for voice actor/actresses Q & A panels. Vic was so kind to his fans and willing to do about anything for us (that was acceptable, of course). He did some of his favorite lines like requested, told us indirectly that “Black Butler: The Book of Circus,” the third of season, is being dubbed now, informed us on how to be good to each other, sang for us on the spot, and spoke other uplifting and fun things. It was a fun panel, but people were talking in the back and fangirling so much in the seats that it was hard to hear him at times and that was irritating for me and I am sure him; he even nicely had to say something once.

When we looked back at the 50 minute mark of the panel to see how insane the line was, Miles, Julie, and I decided to go stand back there, making us in the fourth line already made! Although some people were cutting in front of us (even when I told them we were in line. By the fourth time this happened, I was dragging Miles with me every inch and getting a tad territorial and showing teacher dagger eyes. It seemed to work). I DID see my friend Zelda! 😀 She was the postman from The Legend of Zelda series and she looked grand. She was supposed to get her green milkshake I promised her from Anime St. Louis with us, but she looked tired and ill, so she went home after she got her items signed. 🙁

I am SO glad we did go back there a half hour early because after seven lines, they TURNED people away! 0.0 The con had three hours until they had to be out of there, but Vic had no flight like J. Michael did and no item or request limit (making it longer) and he promised to get everyone. We were in line for a bit under two hours and boy! I never realized how tired your feet can get for standing in line for so long. The whole con, we had been in line for four hours! -_-;;

ag30My heart was fluttering the final 15 people and I did buy a Vic print (he had ten different ones. The one I got had Takami from Ouran High School Host club on it. The headshots were all different too and the one I got was not my favorite, but I wanted Tamaki. Miles got one with Edward from Full Metal Alchemist on it). That was $10 and the I had to spend $10 for a picture with him, but he did make sure the fans were happy with the pictures. I also got the second to last copy of his concert DVD WITH the limited, hard to see short he wrote: Full Metal Fantasy, where many of the voice actors, including him, from the show Full Metal Alchemist, cosplayed as their characters. This was $20 and it was worth EVERY cent! Miles and I watched it two weekends later and adored it to pieces. So, I spent $40 for Vic and $25 for J Michael, $65 in all. I hope that shows support. <3

I was so busy shuffling my DVD that I didn’t realized there was a gap in line…and I was next to meet Vic! I gulped and went over, addressing him as sir. Although he had been signing things for two hours, he still had such vigor and kindness in his signing and working. He was pumped I got his DVD and grabbed that first to sign, asking me my name and instructing me; “Now, Morgan. Can you make me a promise for me, darling? I want you to turn this up real loud for me. Can you do that for me?” I beamed and promised. Then, I presented him with his gift bag. He had the ultimate, mouth agape shocked expression. “What is this?!” He exclaimed and I gave him a run down was in there as he dove in. He was the most touched, surprisingly enough, about the fire red sauce from Taco Bell! He asked how I knew he loved them and I told him about the video from 2008 and he was floored that I had been a fan that long. He told me…well, I know he was being nice, but I will carry this with me from his sincerity, that…HE LOVED ME! VIC MIGNOGNA SAID HE LOVED ME, TWO TIMES!  Was it the gifts? Maybe, but it made me really happy.


He signed the Tamaki print and asked if I like Tamaki. I stuttered a tad and declared, “Oh yes! He’s my favorite. I love him.” Well…I felt stupid saying that and wanted to facepalm myself, but he grinned and signed it, with my name on it, looking at me, and told me, “Tamaki loves you too.” Okay, I know Tamaki is a fictional character, but the fact Vic said it made it seem true! HA!


Then I got my picture that Julie took and he not only hugged me (he hugged a lot of people though), he LAID HIS CHEEK ON MY RIGHT ONE AND IT WAS TEN SECONDS! I COUNTED!!! =D It was…LEGENDARY! Julie was beaming for me! He was smiling a lot and thanked me. He signed Julie’s poster of Tamaki and Phantom Dark, saying those were two of his two favorite characters and gave her a lot of praise for her art work. She got a cute picture with him too. Miles got his print signed and Vic was tickled by his Full Metal shirt, that says, “Equivalent Exchange is for Losers” with the symbol in the background.  So…meeting my dream voice actor, Vic Mignogna, was flawless and I thank him a thousand times over!

Bless his heart too! He was there for three hours, making sure everyone got their stuff signed. He had a few people finishing up when the con was closing! o.0


We had 15 minutes until the cosplay contest, so we found seats and I ran into my buddy Sapphire, dressed fabulously as one of the My Little Ponies. Everyone really liked it and it was so good to see her (she sat by us). I met a new friend too who wants to be a voice actor and I gave him my author business card. I told him I could not pay him, but that I work on a web series and I might be able to get him some experience. He was really cool. ^_^ He was bummed though because they cut off the cosplay contestants with not a very large amount and many people wanted to enter. The contest was one too where you clap for the winner. I dislike those. There was no pre-judging of any kind, so it was a popularity contest. The winners were fantastic, do not get me wrong, but I think this needs to be deeply fixed next year. It was super short too. They said the con closed at 7:00, but they were literally shoving us out the door at 6:35 by the time the cosplay contest was over. And Vic was working away.


After the con was officially over, we went to Ruby Tuesday’s, which was tasty (go figure; the places Derrick will not eat at taste decent in Collinsville, the land of bad food), went to the hotel room to chill and fall asleep.

On Sunday morning, we could not even shimmy through to get breakfast with all the soccer families, so we skipped breakfast, packed, and flipped through the T.V. until it was time for mom to pick us up, glad to be out of Days Inn.

ag25We then went north for 20 minutes to go to the mall and it was awesome, but no one wanted to clothing shopping with me (mom kept finding those massage chairs. She found like three different ones to use). I was starving and wanted a pretzel, but the high school worker said they did not open until noon (it was 11:30 and they had pretzels out for sale in right of me. I did get one later).  Julie and I did go to Hot Topic and I got a Totoro dress I really have been wanting since we combined our items and I got my dress half price due to it! =^-^= I wore it to the book fair with my silver kitty ears and the kindergarteners loved it, calling me Kitty Comnick. I did also get three manga at Barnes and Noble, tapping $20 into my saved hotel money… But, they were all good.


ag35Julie convinced me to get my first Build-A-Bear and she recorded it! I am sure I will share it…maybe, one day… I got the full experience from the kind worker: warming the heart in my hands, putting it on my cheek for humor, my elbow, kissing it, and making a wish on it before pumping the stuffing in it. I felt so silly, which is odd because I work with kindergarteners and I cosplay for no reason! I then had to brush him in the tub and I picked out a ninja outfit for him and named him Tamaki in honor of the con. I do like Tamaki a lot. 🙂 I did drop him down the escalator once! I have a terrible fear of them (long story) and Julie made me get on one to conquer it. Well, I missed my footing and started to fall, panicking, leaning on my left side on the progress (and hurting my ankle) and my hand tossed the item that was weighing me down on instinct: Tamaki in his house box. He slid all the way down the long escalator and hit Julie’s leg. MAN! I’m a bad parent! He’s okay, but I got a lot of crap for that the rest of the ride home! -_-;;

I got home a tad after four, bum tired. Derrick let me sleep and got me Jimmy Johns later. We watched “Once Upon a Time” after my nap/lunch and supper and I unpacked and told him about the con. Evan stopped by too. Vic and J. Michael, these two men truly are inspirational in every way and use their talents as intended. Thank you, and I’ll see you then. 😉

Items I Got at Anime Getaway:

con1 con2

ag23 ag24 ag26 ag31 ag32

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