2015 NanoWrimo month Results Blog (Aspiring Author Spotlight special)

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Hello friends!

Tomorrow is the final day in November, my birthday month, and with it is a writers dream that has spread like wildfire across the world the last few years. ^_^ I am, of coarse, referring to, National Novel Writing Month, ran through the organization, Nanowrimo (my user name is starymoon07 if you wanted to be my buddy). =) I have been interested in attempting to finish 50,000 words in 30 days like the qualifications require for two years, but I have been too busy. Alas, in the long run, I was too busy this year as well, but I did get to have some great experiences with my friends because of it, the task lighting a small fire under me to work on “Spirit Vision 4.” Here are our numbers and genres from my circle of authors and aspiring authors who participated:

*All of these authors are ones I have worked with before, have been interviewed for “Aspiring Author Spotlight,” or, in Mr. Rowe’s case, will be featured on my website soon for AAS. ^_^ Please click their names to view their sites or their AAS spot. 🙂

bookimagesymbolMe: Novel: “Spirit Vision 4 (name pending):”

Word Count: 18,559 words as of November 29th, 2015


bookimagesymbolCasey Blumenestock: Genre: Romance

Word Count: 40,213 words


bookimagesymbolEvan Rowe: Genre: Mystery Investigation

Word count: 52,723 words


bookimagesymbolDan Wright: Genre: Diesel-punk Thriller

Word Count: 52,435 words


bookimagesymbolKate Dillon: Genre: Alternate Mythology

Word Count: 7,150 words


bookimagesymbolMorgan Wilson: Genre: Supernatural

Word Count: 62,052 words and 131 words on Google Docs


bookimagesymbolFrancine A: Genre: Dystopian/Romance

Word Count: 4,795 words


Word Total: 237,927! Together, we completed 4.7 challenges! That’s pretty incredible in 29 days! 😀


What a wonderful turn-out friends! Thank you for getting me to work on my next manuscript with such fun support of food, laughs, incentives, get-togethers, allowing me to speak to other aspiring authors, and more. Kate, the other Morgan, and I are going to do this monthly (our November get together fun photo is above) and December, we are having a sushi and Oriental cuisine writing party. Once a month now, at my public library, me and another newly published local author will be giving hints and tips to how to make query letters, looking up publishers, and other publication starters. I also have been asked to come in to my former workplace and local middle school to help edit their Writing Club’s collective story they are starting in December. I look forward to all this support and being a leader as well! <3

Writing Updates:


“Fallen Star Dust” is now finished with its second round of edits, so we are one step closer to getting it published for all your patient, fabulous readers soon!^_^


From tomorrow, November 30th, to December 4th, “New Beginnings,” the second book in my “Spirit Vision” series, is going on its FIRST BLOG TOUR starting tomorrow! HAPPY LATE FIRST BIRTHDAY OF PUBLICATION “NEW BEGINNINGS!” It turned one year old on November 27th. Promos spots, excerpts, a giveaway, a guest post, a review, and more! Thank you Enchanted Book Promotions for helping Paper Crane Press set-up my tour. Here are the list of the tour spots:

stariconblueNovember 30th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

mooniconblueNovember 30th: Promo Post @ Indy Book Fairy

stariconblueNovember 30th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ Literary Musings

mooniconblueNovember 30th: Promo Post @ Solafide Book Club

stariconblueDecember 1st: Guest Post @ Jessica Larsen’s Blog

mooniconblueDecember 1st: Promo Post @ 5 Girls Book Reviews

stariconblueDecember 4th: Book Review @ PRATR

Also, to celebrate, the first book in my “Spirit Vision” series will be $0.99 on Amazon during the week of the tour! Get this deal now so you can get the second one as well! 😀

Please check my social medias or back here with the schedule to see all the tour stops and what they are offering. =) Thank you, my friends, and I will see you in December! <3

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