Top Ten Fandoms (Top Ten #43)

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For the holidays, I have done favorite songs and specials. Other than traditions, I am out of ideas! >.< So, here are the fandoms I will be squealing like a fan girl to get anything from them! ^_^

These are in no order, but these are the series that make me fangirl the most; people may be included in another list;

  1. The Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series
  2. The Selection series
  3. Anything by Rick Riodian
  4. Anything by Stephanie Meyer
  5. Stuffed Animals
  6. Elvis Presley
  7. Anything by CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura and Man of Many Faces most of all)
  8. Sailor Moon
  9. Ouran High School Host Club/Fruits Baskets
  10. Disney (especially Lion King OR Disney Princesses)

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