Another Top Ten Anime Couples (Top Ten #45) Valentine’s Day

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Two Valentine’s Days ago, I did a top ten of my favorite anime couples. It was a tricky list to narrow down! Since then, I have watched more anime and thought, what the hey! Love is beautiful and kawaii! So, for Valentine’s Day 2016, here is another top ten favorite anime couples of mine! <3

Unlike the other list, this one’s order is not at cut-throat: they are all close. Soon, I will do a Top Ten Manga couples.

  • Takeo Goda and Yamato Rinko- My Love Story
  • Haruka Kotoura and Manabe Yoshihisa- Kotoura-San
  • Suoh Takamura and Nagisa Azuya- CLAMP School Detectives
  • Romeo and Juliet- Romeo x Juliet (anime)
  • Momoko and Yousuke Wedding Peach
  • Tsukimi Kurashita and Kuranosuke Koibuchi- Princess Jellyfish
  • Koizumi Risa and Ōtani Atsushi- Lovely*Complex
  • Lady Oscar and Andre- The Rose of Versailles
  • Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura- Marmalade Boy
  • InuYasha and Kagome OR Sango and Mirkou- InuYasha

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