Disney Couples: Reshuffled- Match #6- Pocahontas and Prince Philip

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phillip657752hcjuksmdcaWhich new Disney couples will get your heart a twitter and have the awwww’s flowing out of you like the river of love? That’s what my fellow author/channel mate Dan Wright and I are trying to find out. Which newly crafted Disney couple has the greatest fate of true love destiny? You help us decide!

But, I KNOW you chose in Match #5 #MPPMorgan! The uniqueness that was Maid Marian and Taran was too appealing.

This couple are the dream seers, the dream achievers, and the dream journals and they love horses! Please welcome Pocahontas and Prince Philip! Match #6 is being thrown down today, from March 11th to 12th! Make sure to watch my video (and Dan’s too…if you want…;)-) for our contenders and vote for your favorite at the link below!

Match 1- March 1st

Match 2- March 3rd

Match 3- March 5th

Match 4- March 7th

Match 5- March 9th

Match 6- March 11th

Match 7- March 13th

Match 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty and what it entails! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. Below are the reason why this couple is ready to go head-to-toe with Dan’s!

The poll and my video for my pairing are below and on my social medias. My team’s name is Team #MPPMorgan for our new channel (Dan and I’s: Moon Panda Power). Please check out our channel (all the videos will be on there).

Now, introducing our first Pocahontas (Pocahontas, 1995) and Prince Philip (1959, Sleeping Beauty):

Tagline: “Once upon a dream, they met around the river bend.”

  • Pocahontas means the spoiled child, showing how loved she is.
  • She is the princess of her tribe, her father the chief,
  • She is resourceful, full of spirit, and not afraid to take risks.
  • Yet, she is open-minded.
  • She lives outdoors and is familiar with nature and her home, the forests.
  • She has a close and humorous relationship with her animal friends.
  • In the film, she appears to have shamanic powers since she was able to commune with nature, talk to spirits, empathize with animals and understand unknown languages.
  • She also has unusual dreams.
  • She does not want to be forced to wed or is in love with the person chosen for her.
  • She will make any sacrifice for her people, even her life.
  • Phillip means lover of horses. This fits him well since he is the first Disney hero to have a serious and adore bond with his horse (Samson)! Pocahontas also likes horses, as seen how she reacts to John Ralph’s gift in her second film.
  • He’s also the first Disney prince to get a proper name! You go bro!
  • Both Phillip and Pocahontas are good at stalking people in bushes and the woods.
  • Phillip did not want to marry the person he was supposed to according to his father (although he lucked out, for it ended up being Aurora).
  • He is a realistic about it’s the 14th century and people can marry whom they choose.
  • Phillip goes on his guts (such as following a dragon singing voice, listening to fairies, fighting a dragon for love), making him resourceful and a free spirit.
  • He is a prince, so he is used to royal duties.
  • He also has dreams, like Pocahontas, but for him, it’s for love. Dream journal sharing!
  • He has also been exposed to magic and…killed a dragon by throwing a magic sword, with the sword of truth! His shield is virtue. Good traits to have for a lover.
  • Plus, their initials would be P+P=Love! HA!

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.


Match #6- poll- VOTE NOW!

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