Disney Couples: Reshuffled- Match #7- Anna and Prince Frederick

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anna The-Prince-from-Snow-White-leading-men-of-disney-1472328-100-100Which new Disney couples will get your heart a twitter and have the awwww’s flowing out of you like the river of love? That’s what my fellow author/channel mate Dan Wright and I are trying to find out. Which newly crafted Disney couple has the greatest fate of true love destiny? You help us decide!

But, I KNOW you chose in Match #6 #MPPMorgan! The dreamers Pocahontas and Prince Philip are too dreamy together not to get your vote and I bet they galloped into your heart!

This couple has me on a mission: while doing research for this match-up, I learned the true potential for The Prince in Snow White and I MUST share this information! He deserves our respect and the modern, adorkable Princess Anna’s affections! This video is dedicated to Prince Frederick! Match #7 is being thrown down today, from March 13th to 14th! Make sure to watch my video (and Dan’s too…if you want…;)-) for our contenders and vote for your favorite at the link below!

Match 1- March 1st

Match 2- March 3rd

Match 3- March 5th

Match 4- March 7th

Match 5- March 9th

Match 6- March 11th

Match 7- March 13th

Match 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty and what it entails! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. Below are the reason why this couple is ready to go head-to-toe with Dan’s!

The poll and my video for my pairing are below and on my social medias. My team’s name is Team #MPPMorgan for our new channel (Dan and I’s: Moon Panda Power). Please check out our channel (all the videos will be on there).

Now, introducing our seventh new paring:  Anna (Frozen, 2013) and Prince Florian (Snow White, 1937)

Tagline:“I’m wishing for love through the open door.”

  • Anna’s name, the way its spelt, means grace, which is cute with her clumsy nature. Her name was almost Greta, which means pearl and would have been closer to the Han’s Christian Anderson character she is based on, meaning protected.
  • Anna wears greens and pinks, colors that represent spring and summer. Her birthday is even on the summer solstice!
  • Anna is a romantic at heart and always has been, wanting to fall in love at first sight. Her and the prince should fall in love then just fine!
  • She has been confined in her castle for years, unsure why, but accepting of it for her family despite how bored she is. This not only shows how loyal she is to her family, Elsa, and crown, but also her desire to be free. Florian, who just travels on a horse at whim it seems, would be a ticket to adventures Anna has read about.
  • Anna is like a normal girl; a klutz, impulsive, a fighter (such as throwing a snowball at the marshmallow monster or setting Kristoff’s stuff of fire), naïve at times from her lack of real worldly experience, and not always ladylike; very unique for a princess. She can also protect herself with self-defense.
  • Still, she is a good friend, very positive, energetic, and full of faith in others.
  • Since she is the second princess and Elsa is now queen, Anna can go off to marry another prince without worrying about her kingdom and also forming an alliance! Royal politics.
  • She is playful in nature, showing her youth. Since Snow White is the youngest Disney princess and the prince fell for her right away…maybe she is into that.
  • The Prince does not have a proper name (like Cinderella’s prince) because he was meant to be such a minor character. However, the Internet rumored Florian is officially used on one Disney media: a Disney On-Ice show. At the Walt Disney studio archives, there was found artwork and documents that stated his name was “Frederick.”
  • Florian means flower and Frederick peaceful ruler. Both fitting names.
  • Anna and the Prince both can ride horses (The Prince’s name is Astor) and they, of course, know the pressures of being royalty.
  • He is the only Disney Prince to serenade his love interest. There’s your romance Anna!
  • He is the only prince to, in the official film, never deal with the villain, making him and Anna’s fighting spirit a cool gender-swamped concept. He DOES own a dagger though.
  • It was originally planned that, jealous of the Prince’s affections for Snow White, the Queen would have him brought to her, and she would have him locked in her dungeon. As the Witch, she would have made the skeletons in the dungeon get up and dance. She would have left the Prince in the dungeon, and he was to escape in the manner of Errol Flynn, enabling him to reach Snow White and break the spell. After escaping, the forest animals were to tell him where to go; however, only the horse was to understand, however, causing the Prince to take the long route and arrive too late to save Snow White. The idea was abandoned when it was realized how difficult it was to animate the Prince. Anna and the prince could have imprisonment in common.
  • They both were affected by an act of true love.
  • The comic book version way he was supposed to meet Snow White fits well with the awkwardness that is happens with Anna and her men: Snow White made a dummy out of supplies of a prince, naming him “Prince Buckethead” and sang and danced, not realizing the actual prince was behind him (Stocker much)! When he emerges, she asks startled where he came from, his reply was: “Where I came from doesn’t matter! The only thing that does matter is that I am here. As for my name, I like the one you gave me―Prince Buckethead―though perhaps it is more honest than flattering.” This embarrasses Snow White since she did not know he was hiding behind the dummy she named “Prince Buckethead”.
  • Plus…I LOVE the Prince (David) in Once Upon a Time! *Dreamy sighs* Him and Anna/Joan met in the show when David was still a shepherd; she taught him how to sword fight and stand-up for himself, later helping him become a great leader.

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.

Match #7- poll- VOTE NOW!

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