Top Ten Mangas that need to be Turned into Anime/Live Action (Top Ten #48)

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Ah…mangas; one of my deepest loves! The drama, the action, the love, the life lessons, the art…I can’t get enough! I may not be a comic book nerd, but a manga otaku, I am and I excel at it. 😀 However, with how the world is today, every good book or comic is turned into a movie or series, and manga is no different. I would say at least 80% if not more of animes are based of a manga first, or, if the anime comes first, you can bet your life savings it will be made into a manga within two years. But, it is interesting the approach anime companies take these stories and expands the array of audience members to these memorable characters to people who would rather watch TV than read.

In honor of National Free Comic Book week (HEY! It counts to me), here are the top ten mangas that deserve to be animes OR live-action shows and need to be shared with more of the world (this is an obvious note, but I do want to clarify that these mangas do NOT have anime already).


  1. Man of Many Faces (I am aware part of the story was includes in two episodes in “CLAMP School Detectives” but this is the cutest, heartfelt love story ever! A 2 hour movie or a mini OVA series (Live Action in my mind), would be grand for it! THEY MUST HAVE IT! I quote this manga TO THIS DAY and learned so many life lessons from it!)
  2. Stepping on Roses (one of the best shojos I have ever read! The thrills! The chills! The romance!)
  3. Code Name Sailor V (straight manga adoption! 13 episode series! Perfect!)
  4. Muilleiuem Snow (Such a darling story!)
  5. Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Mode (this two volume side manga warms my heart every time I read it and I don’t think Berry makes an appearance in the anime; so sad!)
  6. Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (such drama!)
  7. A.I. Love You
  8. Monkey High
  9. Drama Con (HA! What a riot!) AND Amazing Agent Luna (kicking butt, American manga style).
  10. Pixie Pop OR Cyber Idol Mink

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