Top Oriental Pop Singers/Groups (Top Ten #49)

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Ah! Summer is here! 😀 Last year, I did my top Youtubers and now, here are my top ten favorite Oriental Pop singers and groups! J-Pop, K-Pop, and C-Pop infuses my soul, makes me smile, makes me wonder, and fills me with intensity and happiness. I owe them and I want to share their awesomeness with them. Look them up (I have their Youtube channels or playlists provided by Youtube linked to their names) and I know you’ll be jamming too! ^_^

  1. Yui Horie (Japanese voice actress and singer of many openings and original songs. I own ALL her albums and she is my favorite)
  2. Orange Caramel (Adorable K-Pop Singing Trio)
  3. BoA (Loved her since I heard her sing “Every Heart,” opening 4 for InuYasha. Amazing singer)
  4. Secret (A very diverse and wonderful K-Pop group of four girls)
  5. SHinee (K-Pop boy band…Hmmm…They are the bomb!)
  6. Jolin Tsai (Chinese Pop Singer I discovered when doing research on modern Chinese music for a summer class. So in love with her sound!)
  7. Ayaka Komatsu (Sailor V/Venus for the live action Sailor Moon show, model, and she sang many songs in the show. She’s a role model to me)
  8. Pig Star (I know them for the singers of all the Jonjou Romantica themes, but they rock!)
  9. Big Bang (Fantastic Baby is my jam!)
  10. Utada Hikaru (Singer of the Kingdom Hearts one and two openings in Japanese and English. A super talented star!)
  • PSY is pretty great too; he cracks me up! There are SO many opening songs and singers I like, but these are the ten I ALWAYS come back to and stick in my mind as a group or individual, not just a show or concept. =)


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