Top Twenty R.W.B.Y. Characters (Top Ten #50!!! WOOT!)

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50 Top Tens! I can’t believe it! How amazing it is! To honor this, I wanted to do a Top Twenty of a gem of a show that I like a lot and that is my brother’s fan boy media: R.W.B.Y.  The characters are very engaging and you can see the passion the creators (rest in peace, Monty) put into it. The one liners crack me up SO much! >.<  Anyway, enjoy R.W.B.Y. and be Combat Ready! =D

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  1. Penny
  2. Yang Xiao Long
  3. Jaune Arc
  4. Nora Valkyrie
  5. Ruby Rose
  6. Qrow
  7. Pyrrha Nikkos
  8. Neptune
  9. Zwei
  10. Mercury
  11. Coco Adel
  12. Weiss Schnee
  13. Lie Rin
  14. Dr. Oobleck
  15. Flyant and Neon
  16. Velvet
  17. Shopkeeper
  18. Professor Ozpin
  19. Glenda Goodwitch
  20. Winter Schnee


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