Top 15 Favorite “Other Pokémon” Types (Top Ten #52)

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Top 15 Other Pokemon (NOT legendries, starters, fire, psychic, or water):

  1. Altaria (dragon/flying/fairy when it mega evolves)
  2. Skarmory (steel/flying)
  3. Glaceon (ice)
  4. Teddiursa (normal)
  5. Furret (normal)
  6. Eevee (normal)
  7. Pichu* (electric)
  8. Mawile (steel/fairy)
  9. Ditto (normal)
  10. Linoone (normal)
  11. Butterfree (bug/flying)
  12. Roselia (grass/poison)
  13. Cherrim (grass)
  14. Lucario (steel/fighting)
  15. Herdier (normal)

*Pikachu is on my Top Ten Starter list because, technically, he is a starter in Pokémon Yellow and was my first one. 🙂

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