Top Ten CLAMP Couples (Top Ten #54)

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CLAMP is so near to my heart and it embedded itself into my cells, flows through my veins, and allows my soul to speak.  My first manga was Cardcaptor Sakura and their manga-ka? CLAMP.  I have never looked back, willingly going the rabbit hole into their Wonderland of deep thinking stories, stunning artwork/costume design, endearing characters, and cultural references. They are a HUGE reason I am such the otaku I am today, the true me I was born to be and the ladies of CLAMP my angel guides. Thank you! <3

Romance is a large part of the CLAMP Universe.  All these couples are either CANNON OR heavily hinted in the manga or anime! The girls are listed first.

Here are my Top Ten CLAMP couples:

#1. Sakura and Syaoran Cardcaptor Sakura AND Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicles







#2. Chi and Hedeki- Chobits




#3. Utako and Akira- Man of Many Faces AND CLAMP School Detectives






#4. Nagisa and Suoh- CLAMP School Detectives






#5. Fuu and Ferio- Magic Knights: Rayearth







#6. Suishou and Iorogi- Kobato







#7. Nadeshiko and Fujitaka Kinomoto- Cardcaptor Sakura






#8. Hikaru and Lantis- Magic Knights: Rayearth







#9. Princess Tomoyo and Kurogane- Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles






#10. Kobato and Fujimoto- Kobtao


Honorable Mentions (there are several):

*Okay, so the work Angelic Layer has four student characters: Misaki (the main character), Tamayo (her best friend), Kotaro (the boy-next-door type that is friends with our two elementary ladies), and Ohjiro (A high school student who excels at Angelic Layer).  In the manga, Misaki gets with her sweet classmate Kotaro (who REALLY likes her) and Tamayo with Ohjiro, BUT! In the ANIME, they switch partners: Ohjiro confesses his love to our main lady, Misaki, and the tomboy Tamayo reveals she has loved her childhood friend, Kotaro, forever, confusing him, but he DOES pick her (sorry; spoilers!) Both of these couples are TECHINALLY cannon, but I can’t decide which match-up I like the best, SO, that is why, in good faith, I could not put them on the list, BUT! I really do LOVE all four couple possibilities listed here!


  • Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong- The Legend of Chun Hyang
  • All 12 couples in “The One I Love…;” a collection of seven page manga stories, each with a different love topic.
  • Toya and Yukito- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Kaho and Eriol- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Yuuko and Clow Reed- Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles
  • Terada-sensei and Rika- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Chiharu and Yamazaki- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Shimizu-sensei and Shinbo- Chobits
  • Yuzuki and Minoru- Chobits
  • Yumi and Ueda- Chobits
  • Dita and Zima- Chobits
  • Emeraude and Zagato- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Caldina and Lafarga- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Lady Aska and Sanyun- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Kohaku and Shuichiro- Wish
  • Hisui and Kokuyo- Wish
  • Hinata and Shiro- Suki
  • Kotori and Kamui- X/1999
  • Sorata and Arashi- X/1999
  • Yuzuriha and Kusanagi- X/1999
  • Hana and Chikahito- Gate 7
  • Zashiki-warashi and Watanuki- xxxholic

Pairings I think really SHOULD happen (in order):

  • Umi and Ascot- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Mako and Nokaru- Man of Many Faces and CLAMP School Detectives (both in the CLAMP school universe)
  • Primera and Clef- Magic Knights- Rayearth
  • Himawari and Dōmeki- xxxholic
  • Eagle Vision and Geo- Magic Knights- Rayearth
  • Tachibana and Sakura-san- Gate 7



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