Top Twelve Favorite New Sun and Moon Pokemon (by design) (Top Ten #57):

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Last week, the highly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon dropped around the world.  I was so hyped for the graphics, the new landscape, and all the features that I went to the midnight event with Derrick (my husband), eager to get my copy of Moon.  As of this post, I have only played the game for eight and a half hours, but because of my busy schedule, Thanksgiving plans this week, and the fact I want to take my time to enjoy the experience, is why this is so.

I haven’t encountered or got to battle against over 75% of these pocket monsters yet, but I will and I plan to do a FULL, detailed review of my experience with Moon just like I did with Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon X.  Plan for that in early 2017! ^_^

I know I have not been updating everyone about my life lately and rest assured, I will.  I figured, on this Black Friday, I owe you a post! So, here are my Top 12 Favorite Pokémon Moon Pokémon (by design).  I look forward to using all these guys in the future on my team or to bond with.  Enjoy and I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! =D

  1. Popplio/Brionne/Primarina
  2. Rockruff
  3. Togedemaru
  4. Cutiefly/Ribombee
  5. Stufful
  6. Cosmog
  7. Mimikyu
  8. Bounsweet/Steenee
  9. Komala
  10. Pikipek
  11. Oricorio (psychic type)
  12. Tapu Fini


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