Top Twelve Favorite “GLEE” Characters (Top Ten #63) and Life Updates:

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Related imageGood golly, good night! Hello world! How I have missed you all! I think I finally have to admit to myself that I do not have the time to update my website here as much as I would like. I mean, as you get older, life gets busier and its a train coming at you at 180 miles per hour that you cannot stop (unless you are Wonder Woman, which I am not, but that was an epic movie).  Still, I AM writing (slowly), doing events, and I check Amazon and my other on-line retailers often for reviews, comments, and such. So, those who are still interested and believe in me, I thank you. ^_^

My goal truly was to write all summer, but my grandmother had a heart attack the first Saturday of summer and we almost lost her. She is still recovering and things are hard for her. So, she takes priority and I know you guys understand that. I also had all my classes made at College for Kids, which is epic, but has given me three times as much work as usual. Don’t worry; I have had some fun times, what with an AMAZING Cosplacon (I am slowly uploading videos to my Youtube, so check there often. I CANNOT believe I have been to four cons this year! >.< I DID get to meet some incredible voice actors too), still have Pokémon events monthly, some fun times with friends and family, like shopping, antiquing, walking, beige watching, karaoke, silly card games, and a rad 4th of July. Derrick and I also celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary, where I surprised him with a new computer and the works! Seeing his reaction was priceless! ^_^ We got to go on a day-cation together too and see my old college friend Jennifer and her precious baby. Socks turned three years old and is as cute and spoiled as ever. =^o^= I’ve been reading too, which is so nice.

Related imageI am still working on my new standalone (?) book that I am planning hard core on releasing at the end of the year and then I will get cracking down on “Spirit Vision 4” for next year along with another collection soon after that. It may take some time and I am not going to feel too guilty anyone if I cannot achieve every goal. Life is going to be busy for a while now, but as long as I am here on this earth, I am going to be happy and do the best I can. 🙂

Thank you guys for being the bees elbows! OH! As a note: my author Facebook and Twitter are both broken.  My Facebook will not let me update and my Twitter won’t let me log-in, so that explains that inactivity. However, my Goodreads, Youtube, and Pinterest (800 plus followers on there now! WOOT!) are working fine (knock on wood).  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at: or comment on here! <3


NOW! On to a new top ten! I DO have some of these planned for the rest of the summer, so come back here to check that out. I sadly cannot PROMISE a FULL Cosplacon review, but I will try my darnest!

Top Twelve Favorite GLEE characters:

I have been rewatching “Glee” through the power of the epic deity that is Netflix and rediscovering how much I adore the songs, characters, and the heart. I have cried about four times, like full out cry, which is more than I did in its original run! HA!

Now, I know I could never list all of the songs I like in an order; too many to comprehend. But, I thought to honor this series and the joy music has always given me, here are my top ten favorite characters from the show “Glee.”

  1. Burt Hummel
  2. Coach Beast
  3. Kurt Hummel
  4. Finn Hudson
  5. Will (Mr. Shue)
  6. Ryder Lynn
  7. Becky Jackson
  8. Unique “Wade” Adams
  9. Blaine Anderson
  10. Mike Chang
  11. Brittany S. Pierce
  12. Sam Evans

Don’t get me wrong: I ADORE all of the characters in Glee and they taught me a lot. ^_^

And for your viewing pleasure: my favorite scene from the whole series! 😀

And I always have to honor Cory. I still miss you, even though I only knew you through my TV screen; it felt like we had been friends for ages. Rock on in the sky, good sir.

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