Top 30 Reasons I Love Being Married to my Best Friend (Top Ten Special):

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Tomorrow is my true love’s, Derrick, big 30, and he has been freaking out over it for over two years now! For our third year dating anniversary when I was 18 in college, I wrote a list of 355 reasons why I loved him, one for each day of the year. Now, being married for six years, we have learned more about each other. Some traits are annoying, others treasures, but I am glad for each one. Here are the Top 30 reasons I love being married to my best friend on his special day (in no order):

#1. He still kisses for forehead often and its cool touch still comforts me.

#2. When he calls me his angel.

#3. How he adores and loves our kitty as much as I do. We love being her parents! 🙂

#4. How he will laugh at random things I say, cover his mouth with his hands, and when I blink confused, he just says, “Gosh, I love you” and kisses me.

#5. How he forgets to take the trash out half the time, but can tease me on funny things I said as a kid when I was like four with perfect recollection.

#6. His love for animals that makes him beam so bright.

#7. Our mutual, intense love for Pokémon and our serious discussions over it.

#8. Watching movies or T.V. shows together.

#9. How neither one of us cooks and the other doesn’t care.

#10. How we both still disagree on who is paying for who when we go out to eat.

#11. How he spoils me at Christmas with anime, manga, and POPs, and only rolls his eyes about it.

#12. How we can vent to each other about work.

#13. He’s my muscles when I need it, although he whines about it.

#14. When I am sick and crying, he holds me and supports me, but also tries to make me stand on my own.

#15. How we are the responsible couple in our group, which shocks us.

#16. That he is okay with our place being the hub for our friends to hang, something I never really had growing up.

#17. How we go shopping together just so he can carry the bags and push the cart.

#18. How he treats my family like his at work.

#19. His work ethic.

#20. How he often tells me I look cute, especially if I am being shy.

#21. How he scolds me for working too hard, but knows he can’t often stop me.

#22. How he is fine with taking me shopping to places I want to go, no matter how boring to him.

#23. Our con adventures together.

#24. How he is the driver for big trips and trusts me to plan.

#25. How he tries to help me at Pokémon events, even though he isn’t overly patient with kids.

#26. How grateful he is when I treat him and he gets all boyishly humble.

#27. When we laugh and share memories of when we first started dating and look at each other with such tenderness.

#28. The way his eyes sparkle when he looks at me and tells me he loves me.

#29. How we always tell each other to be safe before we leave, no matter how far we are going.

#30. How he, a stubborn person, is willing to grow with me into adulthood, partnership, sometimes for me. We know we make mistakes, but he refuses to leave my side, a vow he tells me during our darkest times; he allows the light to shine through.


Happy Birthday, my sweet! You will always be young, full of passion, heart, and nerdiness to me! <3

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