Top 31 Anime Japanese Anime Opening/Closing Songs (Top Ten #68)

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I’m going to send 2017 out with a BANG with this lyrical and large Top Ten special! I hope everyone has a grand 2018! 😀

For this “Top Ten,” I am picking my favorite themes from animes I have watched at least a handful of episodes of, but it’s the original Japanese lyrics. Some of the songs I love are already on my English translated themes top ten here: Top Ten English Sung OR Translated Anime Themes.

Also, they have to be a theme (opening or close) and cannot be in the anime itself. I will try to be honest and only do one song per anime, but many have a lot of good themes! If they are movie themes, they are not in this list as well.

Also, ALSO! None of these themes will be sung by my FAVORITE singer, Yui Horie, who sings an array of anime openings since 2000. But, I am saving those for a separate list… 😉

These are kind of in order, but kind of not. I like so many of them! >.<

Wow…I sound like Watchmojo now… ENJOY THE LIST! Hyperlinks are attached to the titles. ^_^

Happy New Year! Looking forward to a good one with everyone! 😀

Top 31 Anime Japanese Anime Opening/Closing Songs:

  1. “Open the Door” Cardcaptor Sakura second opening theme
  2. “Let Me Be With You” Chobits opening theme
  3. “Scarlet”- Karin anime opening theme
  4. Hetilia Axis Powers seasons 1 and 2 ending theme (China and America’s are my favorite versions)
  5. “Sentimental Generation” School Rumble: Second Semester opening theme
  6. “Moonlight Legend” Sailor Moon theme song (season 4’s version is my favorite)
  7. “Moon Pride” Sailor Moon Crystal season one opening
  8. “Merry Angel” Wedding Peach DX opening (OVA series)
  9. “Cyclone” Romeo x Juliet (anime) closing theme one
  10. “You” Shuffle anime opening theme
  11. “Leave It To Me Tonight” Is This a Zombie? season 1 opening
  12. “White Destiny” Pretear opening theme
  13. “Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line” Chrono Crusade opening theme
  14. “Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi”_ Vampire Knight opening theme
  15. “Takanaru” hiiro no kakera season two opening theme
  16. “Shoudou”Junjou Romantica season 2 opening theme
  17. “Synchronicity” Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Tokyo Revelations OVA mini series opening theme
  18. “Let’s Fall in Love” Cute Earth Defense Club Love opening theme 1
  19. “Gorgeous 4U” Special A anime second opening theme
  20. “Brand New Breeze” La Corda D’oro Primo Passo opening theme
  21. “Can you Keep My Secret?” Maid Sama opening theme
  22. “Even If You’re In the Ends of the Earth” Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season 2 opening theme
  23. “Idol White” Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works opening theme 1
  24. “Peony Pink” CLAMP School Detectives opening theme
  25. “Genius of Smile”- Petite Princess Yucie opening theme
  26. “Shiver”- Black Butler series 2 opening theme
  27. “Be Strong” Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple season 1 opening 
  28. “The Starry Sky” Angelic Layer second closing theme
  29. “Egao ni Aitai” Marmalade Boy opening theme
  30. “19 Sai” xxxHolic opening theme
  31. “Tattoo Kiss”- Kaledio Star third opening theme

Honorable Mentions:



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