Top Ten Anime Opening/Closing Songs Sung By Yui Horie (Top Ten #69):

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I recall when I was first introduced to this amazing singer and Japanese voice actress over ten years ago, by accident. I was working on my computer and my T.V. was right by it.  I had just finished a disk of anime and I was bored and needing background noise, needing a few minutes to work, so I clicked on the “What Else You Can Get…” feature.  All of the sudden, I hear the opening musical notes to “All My Love.” It was a music video with real actors, not explaining the anime.  I stared and watched the video, loving the song immediately. I began singing it to myself the second it was over at my computer.  Not long later, I saw a preview for “Mao-chan  Ground Defense Force” and I heard the same song as its opening! I was practically drooling at this point, enchanted by this kawaii singer.  I did some research and found out her name was “Yui Horie.”

The rest, was history!

Her light, fun, kawaii nature fills me with joy and her talent and humble nature inspire me.  She has never disappointed me as I searched the far reaches of the internet to get her CDs with my Oneechan’s help. After almost two decades, she is still a lovely force to be dealt with in the industry and gives me quiet strength in her mannerisms, fashion, songs, and acting. I respect her immensely and am happy to do this top ten for her! ^_^

You can find out more about her on her wiki page.

Top Ten Anime Opening/Closing Songs Sung By Yui Horie:

  1. All My Love- Mao-Chan Ground Defense Force opening theme
  2. “It’s My Style”- Ground Defense Force closing theme
  3. Love Destiny- Sister Princess opening theme
  4. Say Cheese- Nagasarete Airantou closing theme 1
  5. Silky Heart- Toradora! opening theme 2
  6. Coloring- Papa no Iukoto wo kikinasai ending theme
  7. Days- Nagasarete Airantou opening theme
  8. Vanilla Salt- Toradora! closing theme 1
  9. Scramble- School Rumble season 1 opening
  10. Hikari- InuKami opening

Honorable Mentions:

Koisuru Tenkizu- Nagasarete Airantou closing theme 2

I also really like all the “Golden Time” themes (she’s done all four) and the “Dragon Crisis” opening, but I haven’t watched those animes yet OR have those songs on my I-Tunes, so I didn’t feel right adding them above.

I do like “For Fruits Baskets” too, but I actually like Laura Bailey’s English version of it a bit better. “Love Hina’s” opening is great too and Yui did her own version, but she didn’t sing it first and I like the original a bit better too. There are MANY Yui Horie songs I LOVE too that are not anime songs too! =^-^=

Youtube is being not nice and blocking most of her songs now. 🙁  I found this video with snippets of 30 of her songs so you can get the idea on why I love her so much. ^_^ This Youtubber gets all the credit. Thirty Anime Songs by Yui Horie

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