Disney Couples: Reshuffled- FINAL TWO SHOWDOWN!

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It’s here! Many lovely couples have been split apart and pitted against each other to prove their new, randomized love. But, I personally have learned of some couples I would support if all Disney worlds were connected, maybe fanfiction/OTP worthy! And I always love to learn more Disney facts; they are worth more than all the gold on Treasure Island. ^_^ Everyone fought with their hearts hard, but we are now down to TWO couples, for from Team Dan and one from my team, and MAN! The numbers are intense! #TeamMPPMorgan

And, the moment of truth: Our final two couples are…


Rapunzel and Prince Charming (Team Dan) VS. Simba and Belle (Team Morgan):

MAN! I know my couple is the most unique and I am the under dog (under…lion?) here, but please recall to check out my original video and blog post on WHY these two would be good together.

Final Match Additional Belle and Simba Couple Facts/Reasons:

  • Paige O’Hara (The voice actress for Belle) and Matthew Broderick (The voice of Simba known from “Ferris Bueller”) are both close to the same age and have backgrounds in Broadway. O’Hara is give years older like Belle’s film is three years older than Simba’s.  Age closeness and similar careers can be a huge connection that can transcend to their characters.
  • After her fifth and final audition, O’Hara received a telephone call from Disney on her birthday, informing her that she had got the part as Belle. How amazing and inspiring!
  • Simba is based on Hamlet from Shakespeare’s Hamlet (along with a bit on Bambi).  Screenwriter Irene Mecchi said in “The Making of The Lion King” that the idea for the movie was first presented to her as “Hamlet in Africa with Bambi thrown in, so Bamblet.”
  • Belle is based on Jo March of “Little Women.”  Both are based on strong book heroes/heroines that are classics and mold breaking.
  •  Both films are very successful. “Beauty and the Beast” has been added to the Library of Congress achieves for its revolutionary approach to fairy tales and a strong fairy tale heroine (Belle) and “The Lion King” is still the in the top #5 highest grossing animated films of all time. Both have successful merchandise lines as well, even after two decades! Simba and Belle must know what they are doing!
  • Belle and Simba are both traditional shown to wear yellow, the color representing: “ joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.” This is true that when even their lives are thrown into chaos, they try to find happiness in it and we know Simba has energy and Belle is smart.
  • They both have brown eyes. Brown-eyes mean: “attractive and confident, associated with earth and thus, things like simplicity, creativity and positivism. They are independent, polite, caring and love making new friends and they are always up for trying new things in life. They are also practical but when it comes to the people they care about, practicality tends to take a back-seat as love and care overtakes it. They are usually the happy-go-lucky people who don’t care much for earthly possessions and are close to all things nature. Even though they are self-confident and determined, sometimes, they can have a hard time trying to express themselves to people. Great lovers and mighty trust-worthy, these people are the ones who you can go to for any help and they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy and satisfied.” This speaks to several of the personality facts in the last video and is SO true in an array of ways? What do you think?
  • Both have brown hair as well.
  • Belle and Simba makes friends easily, friends who are different, outcasts, but they do not judge and are loyal to them to the end.Belle, along with Aurora are the only two Princesses who weren’t protagonists in their original stories, but shared a protagonistic role in Disney’s version. You go girl!
  • Simba is the first animated Disney character to have a villain as a biological relative. THE DRAMA!
  • Simba’s adult mane was supposedly inspired by Jon Bon Jovi’s hair! Just a random fun fact!
  • Simba has trouble speaking in other animal languages, especially elephant. Good date for him and Belle?

Link to the original facts/information/reasons blog post:

Tagline: “You are as certain as the sun…I just can’t wait to be your king.”


Yes, I understand Cinderella’s film is classic and yes, I think Rapunzel is as awesome as a chocolate fountain, but they just don’t fit together. The Prince, in the original film, lacks personality and is a token (no offense). I get Rapunzel would go with ANYONE to get out of her tower to see the lanterns and she is adore for the Prince to fall for, but I can’t see her falling in love with him. He’s too white and she likes a world of color, a world of adventure and the Prince may have the kindness and resources, but not the spunk or fearlessness and THAT is what Rapunzel needs in a life partner.


Belle and Simba (AGAIN, I am focusing on Simba’s personality; I DO NOT BELIEVE IN BEASTLILITY!), have similar morals, desires for adventure, a loyality to their outcast friends, and have been vanished from the homes, having to find what is best for them. They are independent, stubborn, bright, but not scared to grow or show emotions; they NEED each other. Plus, Belle is used to seeing the man inside the beast, so…;)

Our final couple is from my favorite film and my publisher’s combined, these two can make a life where there must be more, and have no worries while achieving it! Please give Belle and Simba your votes so they can be the crowned champ of “Disney Couples: Reshuffled.” I also really don’t want to do the penalty. xD

Voting for the Final Match:

Voting is from March 26th to March 30th (winner revealed on March 31st)


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