Camp NANO 2016 Cabin/Friend Overview (An Aspiring Author Spotlight special):

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Hello world! Back in November, I worked with a group of friends and co-workers for National Novel Writing Month (NANOwrimo) and it was amazing the numbers and results they turned in! In April, Nano does another program called Camp Nano, similar to November, but the goals are a little more independent.  Most of my friends continued on works they were already working on. In November, I was doing personal edits “Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals,” and working on its companion bonus feature for the most part, but I still helped when I could (so, I did not do the 50,000 word goal is what I am trying to say, but that was not my mission). Many of you are also aware that I do girl’s writing days with my friends Kate and Morgan W from the middle school I used to work at.  It has been great and between those adventures and April for Camp Nano, I have been working on a new novella story, separate from “Spirit Vision.”  I did not try to meet a huge goal, but I joined their cabin and helped maybe just a hair. Casey joined the public library cabin and I wanted to join both, but Camp Nano only let’s you pick ONE cabin! >.<

I have had all THREE lovely female writers on my site before for “Aspiring Author Spotlight.”  For today, I will do something similar to what I did in November for NANO: The ladies will be giving an overview of their progress this month, what they are working on, and maybe an experience or sneak peek they would like to share.  Who knows what could happen… 😉


bookimagesymbol#1. Mrs. Casey Blumenstock:

I spent this month working on my manuscript called To Ignite a Phoenix. It will fall under the dystopian category and is the first book in a planned trilogy. I made a loose goal of writing 15,000 words during the month of April, but my main intent was simply to work on this project and make some progress. I was able to attend a write-in with my writing group that actually turned into a plotting extravaganza. They asked me questions regarding my story that I wouldn’t have thought to ask myself. It was very helpful and opened so many new possibilities within the plot. I’m currently at 2,400 words for the month, but I did a lot of outlining and plotting for the overall story that will help me in the long run, so I’m definitely calling this Camp NaNo a success.

bookimagesymbol#2. Mrs. Kate Dillon:

Word Count: 29,024

About Project: Girl who weaves time. Boy who mentors her. Bad evil. Resolution.

bookimagesymbol#3. Mrs. Morgan Wilson:

Title: Wolf Hunt
Words in April: 58k just about

It was easier than I thought it would be to get back into writing every day after procrastinating.

Scene you left on: My main character was off running in the woods and caught wind of a scent she didn’t recognize. While she lost the scent, she came across a blood trail, following that she was led to a recent kill but couldn’t discern what had brought it down there were no tracks or scents to tell her. Before she could investigate further howling back at the house drew her attention and she knew she was wanted back, considering she’d gone off without permission.

bookimagesymbolAnd me…?

Like I stated above, I was working on a new novella separate from “Spirit Vision.”  And to celebrate the end of a grand Camp Nano, I am sharing a SNEAK PEEK of my new manuscript, known for now as, “H and B” (I have the title, but I don’t want to reveal it yet: Sorry! ^_-).:

Total Words Written on this project: 10,000 (I know! It was strange how it was exact! HA!)

Genre: Supernatural Fiction (Monster Fiction sub-genre): Adult

Surprise with this work during Camp Nano?: I got to do research on monsters from all over the world and make a lore on why there are monster hunting/guardians in the world we live in and I am amazed on how many different monsters there are from every land! It was incredible and a mass wealth of knowledge! It is fun to be a little more violent and crud than I am used to since I am not that type of person…;)

Sneak Peek:

My head ping-ponged between this short, but what felt like an eternity eye lock. I sensed something was sizzling invisibly from myself and Dork-ulous between our two bosses, but that could have been a mis-digiouness on my part. Being the only two leaders of the two American monstrum groups, one would assume they had similar attributes and stresses to running it, a connection others would not comprehend.

Jeremy leaned forward, his eyes intense with sudden interest, “Father Stillman, you look as fetching as ever in your forest green sweater vest…”

Urgh! Why is it every time this bozo opens his pie hole, I want to slam a pie down his throat?

Mr. Stillman did not miss a beat, “Thank you. I got it at Kohl’s.”

“And I am sure it was a tremendous deal, but I would like to please be informed as to why we are having a meeting here and what it entails. Ms. Hemmingway, although as pretty as a picture, needs to change her clothes.” He gave me a look of innocence, that his comment was all for my safety, but by the way he crinkled his nose and his eyes skipped like a trickster leaving town with a bag of gold, his honest, for my sake intent was all a pony and stage show.

Unclear by his meaning, I glanced down to inspect my outfit. My purple flared long sleeves peasant top and beige knee-length skirt with light brown leggings was spotted with splashes of internal organs,  blood prickles, and grime and mud that looked like it was mixed with…mucus? You know what, I did not want to know. I had a small snag on the embroidery of my skit, a rip the length of my thumb on my right shoulder, and my shoes were crusted with gunk. I suppose I should have inspected myself closely in the pitch black van. At least I flattened my hair from its winded tangled ungodliness.

I just hope I did not smell, like rotten eggs or vomit or even lemon pledge. Yuck!

“I mean, it doesn’t really seem…combat ready, if you ask me.” He voiced as he rocked on his heels, his eyes pretending to be interested in the ceiling like he was mapping out constellations.

I puffed up my cheeks like a Jigglypuff after she gives a concert and everyone rudely falls asleep. How dare he question my fashion sense and look closely enough to even make a comment? The nerve of this ape! “I was at a P.T.O. meeting and fundraiser for a new creative arts room in a school closest to my town, helping to pass out cookies to our visitors when I got the call, thank you very much. It’s none of your business about my clothing choices, any way.” My lips puckered in a sour and I shifted my vision a centimeter to give him the cold shoulder without looking like a non-team player. I felt his body stiffen next to me, his annoying natural heat radiating away from me with my action.  I did not realize I had adopted to his body heat being in close quarters with mine to begin with. Stupid Jeremy!

Chief stood up taller, looking massive now despite her small structure and frame. “To answer your question, Mr. Darington,,” she hissed out before she continued, “we have strong suspicions that local abductions in the area, although not close enough to be on the immediate target for police nor following a pattern of areas, people, gender, or social classes, are due to an intelligent monstrum…

“A lamia.”


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