Top Ten “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Characters (Top Ten #58)

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Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.  I love buying the right gift for those I love and seeing their eyes light up, taking the time to think of only them (I like UNWRAPPING gifts as well too).  I sing Christmas songs at concerts and church, celebrate my parents’ birthdays, watch tons of Christmas specials, have family get-togethers.  Decorating, making activities for my students, wishing for light snow, baking a little, and, apparently, getting sick with a cold has become an unwanted tradition of mine these past two years.  -_-;;

Regardless, I got my love of Christmas from my mom and grandma and their awe was inspired by the 1964 Claymation masterpiece “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”  She owes so much that is of this icon and tears up at the same spot each year. Miles and I have to watch with her every year, being bribed with cheese and sausage, but deep down, I really like this story and treasure this tradition that makes my mom who she is more.  Yes, we gest about it and roll our eyes now that we are adults and we have it all memorized, quoting it throughout the year, but I would not give this up for anything.  Besides, Miles and I now have our Christmas Eve Eve celebration on the 23rd where we watch OUR favorite Christmas specials, mostly VHS, so I suppose we are setting up for our future kids to make fun of us. 😉

In honor of this special’s impact on my life and my lovely momma, here are my Top Ten Favorite “Rudolph: The Red Nosed Reindeer” characters:

  1. Yukon Cornelius 
  2. Hermey
  3.  King Moonracer
  4. Momma/Mrs. Clause
  5. Spotted Elephant
  6. Clarice/Rudolph
  7. Head Elf
  8. Sam the Snowman
  9. The Bumble
  10. Santa Claus

I know I haven’t done any personal updates since school started, and I still plan to.  Adjusting to a new district and teaching as taken a lot of rewarding time. ^_^ Thank you all for the support this year, especially with “Spirit Vision 3.”  I hope you guys have a Christmas as bright as Rudolph’s nose; bring shades! See you next year with more! Tr La La, bye-bye!

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