Top Ten Disney Princes (Top Ten #70) (Valentine’s) AND Small Updates

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Hello everyone! Awww, Valentine’s Day.  A day of romance, exchanges of sweet nothings, stocking the one that makes your heart race and palms sweat from afar, and the day dentist eagerly await as the start of their busy season! I have my fifth Valentine’s Day themed top ten ready for you, but I do have one QUICK announcement:

Two wonderful people in my town have opened up a DELIGHTFUL used book story AND tabletop/TCG center and it is everything my little gamer and book nerd self could want! So, I added them to the links and wanted to fully support them on here. You won’t be disappointed.  If you are in southeast Missouri, come find them. Open seven days a week: Aesop’s Treasury.

Now, on to the Top Ten!

Everyone knows I am a Disney lover, to put it lightly. The magic, the vividness, the way it weaves story is charming in every sense of the word.  Well, I may be a nerd, but I still dreamt of being whisked away by a prince charming.  I got a dorky knight in shining tin foil I am madly in love with still, but hey! I can still wish from my youth. I think deep down, most little girls wanted someone wonderful to help them live a happily ever after meant for the couple.  It may not be love at first sight or castles, but that doesn’t mean the love isn’t as deep.  So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are my personal Top Ten Favorite Disney Princes! Not all of them are animated, so as long as it was from a company that Disney owned or a film/show they helped create, they counted.  And I chose those who are either licensed princes or have prince in their title at some point in their life.

Enjoy and lots of love! <3

Top Ten Disney Princes:

  1. Aladdin,
  2. Flynn Rider,
  3. Prince Charming/David (Once Upon a Time),
  4. Prince Philip,
  5. Prince Eric,
  6. Hercules,
  7. Prince Edward (Enchanted)
  8. Prince Simba
  9. Prince Adam/Beast
  10. General Shang

Honorable Mention:

Prince Naveen

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