New Jobs and a Start to Sizzling September!

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writing8Weather: SUPER hot and humid, in the 90’s, for 2 weeks now. :(- I got caught in a bad, random thunderstorm while walking a few weeks ago! o.0 Saw lightning in front of me and I was two blocks away! Scary!

Working on: Lesson plans for all three of my teaching positions, some writing projects, and updating the website.

Currently Listening to: My I-Tunes. I haven’t had my I-Pod in almost six months and having to use my old one that fried in 2008 (it still works, but I can’t add any more songs to it). I’m about to go INSANE on my walks! 0.o

Currently Watching: Just finished”Fate/Zero.” HOLY GRAIL WAR BATMAN (Ha…)! It’s so intense! 0.o Going back and re-watching “Fate Stay Night” now (An epic, dramatic picture of Archer’s coat blowing in the wind is my current wallpaper). I did watch the first 3 episodes (out of 5) of that Live Action OVA series, Battle Maids…Ahhh…It is awkward fan service with a random, no scene Power Ranger’s coating. Miles and I were cracking up from how B rated it is…My brain still feels fried from it…

A few weeks until the new seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” and “Once Upon a Time!” YEAY!

Currently Reading: The second book in “The Woodcutter Sisters” series.

Currently Playing: Been taking it easy and playing “Pokémon Shuffle.” On level 160 now.

Icon: For my afternoon job of teaching keyboarding to 3rd and 4th graders and Digital Citizenship to 2nd grade. They are a silly group of kiddos, thinking I am so cool because I do funny voices, and for my love of Pokémon, Power Rangers, and random catch phrases.

Quote: “Give people high-fives just for getting out of bed. Life can be hard sometimes.”– Kid President. I love him! ^_^

Hiya pretty people! Morgan here! I’ve been away for a while, but preparing for a new year is always stressful and insanely busy, but when you are having to make TWO NEW sets of lesson plans for NEW DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS of kids and TWO DIFFERENT buildings…it’s nuttier than a professor! Still, although I run around like Liz running away from a wild Miss Frizzle field trip (I kid; who would run from THAT adventure), I really like being a librarian for kindergarten (my dream job other than writing and voice acting) and teaching my goofy elementary ones in the ways of computer. They have such an excitement for it. I wish they keep that in middle school! HA!

Now, on to this month’s segment of  “World of Writing, Publishing, Promotions, and Paper Crane List!” ^_^


#1. On a radically rad note, “Spirit Vision” is in the Top 250 Kindle Christian Fantasy books bought on Amazon! Please give it a try today for $2.99 and if you read it, send a review. This helps us authors SO much spread the word! Your voice is powerful!

#2. My Publications Update: Sheenah, my publisher, is going to reveal that in the newest newsletter coming out super soon that “Fallen Star Dust” is aiming for a late September/early October. We apologize for any delay. We wanted it out this summer, but things got busy at the press (Go Michelle for her newest release to be published soon). If you cannot recollect, it is my second collection of short stories, poems, essays, scripts, and other literacy work, all written from 2007 to 2014 (my college years and first 3.5 years of married life/starting my career). I really look forward to sharing “Fallen Star Dust” with you soon. It has gone through on full set of edits (the first).

After “Fallen Star Dust” is published, we will tackle edits on “Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals” and its special bonus for your guys! ^_^ These edits should happen right after the collection’s release. I am slowly as a turtle covered in caramel sauce working on writing the manuscript for “Spirit Vision 4” (name still pending). Again, I’ve been busy with school. But, I still write other projects if I do not have a lot of allotted time for my main series. =)


#3. Suzy AKA Cherriuki, the amazingly talented and sweet as sugar artist for my “Spirit Vision” series did show me the final concept art for approval for the “Spirit Vision 3- The Power of Mortals” cover. Guys, I was blown away! Once again, Suzy-chan as made my characters come to use life and in stunning detail! She now gets to color the piece and we go through editing and approval stages there as well. I cannot wait to reveal it closer to the book’s release! <3 <3 <3 Suzy also has been selected as one of the 11 storyteller artist to be apart of an artist collection to submit a story about stars! How incredible since Stary is the main character in my series. Congrats Suzy! Check out her work on her Facebook (links to her other medias there).

#4, Unbelievable news friends! On September 12th and the afternoon of September 13th, I get to be a GUEST at my town’s FIRST gaming/geek/anime convention, MAX CON! =D I was urged to ask about being a guest by a sponsor of a large gaming community administrator and the organization accepted me! It’s unreal that a con is in my town (we are a decent size, but not big city level). I am also the only female guest! GIRL GEEKS RULE! ^o^ There is another author as a guest there and two artists (one is for Magic of the Gathering cards and another props for sci-fi films, like detailed aliens).

I know I get to sell my products and cosplay (there is a cosplay contest here, of coarse). I also may get to do a writing panel or two, Pokemon events, and help with judging the cosplay contest! They are finalizing the events. This is my first time being a guest by myself, but I will do my best! For more information on MAX Con, check out their site.

#5. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are looking once again for an audio book narrator for my first book, “Spirit Vision.” If you have any experience, skills, or desire to narrator an audio book or know someone who would/can, please look at the official audio book audition link here. My dream is to have “Spirit Vision” an audio book for my students who do not like or struggle with reading, but want to enjoy my work like everyone else.


#6. It’s hard to imagine, but I DO watch shows that are not anime, Japanese made, or cartoons! Want to know what my favorite shows from 1998 to current are? Find out in my latest top ten here! More to come this month!

#7. I DEEPLY apologize guys! >.< Due to all the work with school, I had no time to contact other writers, so there is sadly no A.U. OR AAS for August, but we will do a double in September! To hold you over, check out Patricia Lynne and…”Gabriel’s” interview about her latest book. She was my first A.U. segment ever (Author’s Gold).

About “Author’s Gold” Or “A.U.” for short: My tagline being “Because every author’s story is worth its weight in gold.” I will do this OR Aspiring Author Spotlight. During Author’s Gold segments, I will host an interview, guest post, blog tour spot, or something else by an author and share it with everyone on my website. If you are interested in being on a spot in an Author’s Gold Segment OR Aspiring Author Spotlight, please e-mail me at ^_^ I want to support all authors; future and established. =)

#9. Once again, Dan Wright bestowed on my the honor of getting to voice some reoccurring characters in my TWATS series. This is episode 11! WOW! I recall him asking me to help him in episode #3 and now I have been in all of them and the Christmas special in 2014 and Valentine’s Day one this year! Poor soul…;) See if you can hear which voices I do again. Like usual, this video is for audiences 16+! Please be cautious!


#10. I updated some of the profiles on “The Poke Crew” page. In addition to adding gym leader sprite pictures that five of us got. For all the photos of our August Back to School Pokémon event, please go to our Poke Crew album (on my author Facebook). We had an awesome time and I can’t wait until September 19th where we get to chase Mrs. Eevee around with stones! ;D Our Halloween one on October 17th will be dazzling too! More details on upcoming events on the Poke Crew page.

#11. I got interviewed by two sites this August. If you missed those interviews, check out the links to them in the August section of my interviews page (at the top for they in order of newest to oldest). All my interviews are there as well if you feel compelled! Thank you Ms. Rose and Ms. Samantha! =)

#12. You guys still baffled me with how you helped me out with getting now 201 Author Facebook likes for my page! Thank you so much for the support and love! <3 Now…can we make it to 200 Twitter follows for my author account? (I have 170 now). Let’s promote! =)

#13. REWIND time! Want to learn about how I got my new job at the kindergarten library and elementary technology? About Cosplacon, my 4 year anniversary, College for Kids, “New Beginnings” first official review, my hosting spot on the #IndieBooksBeSeen event, and more summer fun? Don’t miss it! Read my MASSIVE late June and July update!

#14. Other Update and Information:

  • Pinterest is updated once again. It does need to be organized I bit, so I apologize there. I am trying to not get addicted to it; I swear! >.<
  • I HOPE to add more items to my E-bay soon. I make some used book and manga sales a few times a month. :) Would like to sell more “Spirit Vision” items and add more DVDs and such I have. Look at my E-bay items if you have time or interest.


My Normal Life:

So, I have been working at the kindergarten in the mornings and one of the elementary schools in the afternoons for three weeks now. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I enjoy it. ^_^ I love their awe of everything I do, how they wave or hug me like I am a superstar just because I like Power Rangers, Pokémon, and do silly voices and lines all the time. I didn’t like when they called my Kero had from Cardcaptor Sakura Pikachu though because he was yellow…-_-;; My schedule has already changed a lot for technology already, and will again this upcoming week. I just hope I do a good job. There is a lot of work, but I am taking advantage of the little plan time I get and slowly getting what I need to. I also get a high school helper for a bit every other morning AND my former elementary principal (retired now) will come in starting Tuesday for an hour or two twice a week! =D The support is greatly welcomed. I get called library by the kids and have breakfast duty and I notice I am using my higher pitched voice more when I am not with my students. HA! Criss-cross applesauce guys! We also have a plush Socks (they got to meet her at Open House with my photo booth I made for the students and parents. My helper gets to hold her in their laps as long as the class is being nice and quiet. ;)) Looking forward to a different school year!


On top of my new full time jobs with my school district, I was selected and approved by my church to be the new Sunday school teacher! =D I presented formal lesson plans, research, a letter with my qualifications, a budget, and got supplies of course. 🙂 My first class starts this Sunday, the 6th. I mostly have students in the three year old range so it will be very basic in lessons, but I hope I do it justice and the kids learn something!


On a sad note, the church I first attended (same church family as now, different building) was torn down a week ago. 🙁 They made us move five years ago in the first place (the City) to build a mall, but that fell through right after we finished building our new church. Now, it’s gone for another business to use the land. Everyone on-line was so sad it was gone, calling it “The Little Blue Church.” That upset me that no one tried to know its name and they went on and on about how they loved it when they knew nothing about it! I am very lucky to have a new building to worship in now with my dad and church family, but…*deep breath to stop venting* Thanks for all the wonderful memories church.

About 2 weeks ago, I had to go to the ER suddenly. I awoke a bit after midnight to an extreme chest pain that woke me from a dead sleep and it was so scary! I was dubbed okay and I got a new medicine to go with my other acid reflux one, They said my heart was healthy, which was a relief! I had to take off a day from work and it was the second week of school! 🙁 I tried to go in, but my principal shooed me away, but I did sleep a lot (I was in the ER from 1:00 to 5:00 in the morning and had to get up at 6:00). I took it easy for a while, but when I had my follow up with my main doctor two days later, they did some blood tests to see why I am so fatigue the past few months and my ANA cells are EXTREMELY high! This can be an indicator to some more serious issues, so I have to see two specialists in two weeks (more money I don’t have) and see what else I have to do, waiting for the results. I have received a lot of love from my family, friends, and co-workers and I appreciate all good vibes. 🙂

About a MONTH until I get to meet J. Michael Tatum AND, my dream guy, Vic Mignogna at Anime Getaway!!!!! EEEEE! =D This is the first con my friend Julie and my MOM are going to (it’s one day only!) I am going to spoil these two marvelous gentlemen who bring me such joy with their talents! <3 October 10th, please get here soon!

I also get to be a guest for Wild Con, the con for the college I attended to do a guest speaking role back in March. They even asked about me after not seeing me in a good number of months, the students planning it! I am so touched! 🙂 That is October 30th!


We had our last Pokémon event on August 22nd, the first weekend after school started. I had lots of awesome members of our Crew show up and set up early, which is rare for us. But, I suppose people were tired from school for no one really showed up until a half hour after it started! Still, we had a decent number and it was a good time. I do have two challengers that get to take me on for a championship match in order to become members of our Poke Crew from their wins at this last event. We had TONS of Yugioh players this time and they…well, they were rude to our space to be frank. Hopefully that does not happen again! I am a good sharer, but when I asked them nicely to move their pizza since we had the table reserved until 2:30 and it was close to my cards, they moved it almost ON my cards while glaring at me. 🙁 Anywho, it was a fun event! We got some awesome sprite pictures of the Crew that was there (some sadly got deleted on Julie’s phone, so we will have to retake those -_-).

Before we left, we got a picture in front of Toasty the dragon that now is the guardian of the shop. Kevin, the store owner, took a group shot of us and it was a…smoking awesome picture! ^_- HA! Puns! We had a meeting after this at White Castle to discuss some agenda and also to plan the games, events, and prizes for our second annual Halloween event (that was our largest attendance last year). To see all the pictures from this event and all the others, go to the official Poke Crew album on my author Facebook. Our next event is September 19th (the theme: Evolution stones) and October 17th is our Halloween Bash!


September 5th was my love, Derrick’s, 28th birthday! ^o^ It was pretty simple this year. The past two years, we went to the Japanese culture days in St. Louis, but due to work and money, we didn’t think about it too much. We hope all who went had a good time. 🙂 I took him to lunch at Huddle House and paid (his choice) and he got the following: a card, the second expansion pack for “Cards Against Humanity,” “Hotel Transvalnia” on DVD (which we watched before he worked that evening), a book about dragons from an author he likes, and a limited edition Natewantstobattle design shirt, saying “Repel’s Effect Wore Off” and you see a Pokémon trainer’s hand sticking up under a massive pile of Zubats! HA! This is the creator of the Zubat Rap that made the design on Shark Robot and since Derrick is Zubat Man… 😉 I think it’s humorous and he really liked it.


Evan came over the next day and got Derrick a Diannce Pokémon trainer pack and we hid from Derrick. It was a lot of fun to open cards (I got another gold card! HA!) and have them interact. ^.^ Tomorrow, Derrick, Evan, Tabby, and his parents and brother (and me) are taking him to dinner somewhere.

Happy birthday to the love of my life, the air that I breathe, the light in my sky, my treasure, my desire, the other half of my soul. I love you Derrick Comnick! <3

pa3My mom’s dog, Georgie, also had his first birthday and he shares his birthday with Derrick! ^_^ He’s such a cute, silly boy!

Adventures with Socks! My baby is as silly, curious, and cuddly when she wishes to be as ever. She now loves to hop in the laundry basket and have us walk her around the house in it! HA! She has though…caught her first mice. She has been trying to get one off and on for a few months now and finally, a few weeks ago, she got one and almost lost it several times (I was propped up in bed, reading, for this was the night after my ER visit and I was still tired). Derrick just comes in and randomly shuts me in the room. I yell after the shutting, “Am I locked in here?” He told me I didn’t want to know. I then heard banging and running and squeaking, but she has a mouse toy Evan got her that squeaks, so that’s what I thought it was until she rammed into my closed door a few times. Derrick said she got it, but she played with it for an hour and was being comical with it, almost losing it many times. I guess in the middle one, she got a second one for it was on the floor. I thought it was one of her toys, so I stepped over it and ignored it (it was 5:00 in the morning and I had to be at work early that day). I’m glad I didn’t know! >.< We thought we were good, but now there is another one somewhere! *sighs* At least she’s trying to find it, but I don’t want to see it. She loves to get bugs too, which we are having issues with too… I love my baby girl!


Well guys, that’s it for now! Tune in soon for a pod cast interview and more entries in the months to come, now that I am not AS buried three feet under with lesson plans and blood work! I will keep everyone posted! Fist bump a tree, kiss a raindrop, and do the funky chicken with a cloud! See ya! =D

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