Onward to Battle with…Wrapping Paper Rolls?

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The-Great-Gatsby-the-great-gatsby-2012-34172749-200-200Weather: Either summer, sweaty hot or raining for over a week now.

Working on: Have had a headache all weekend, so taking thing slow with updating.

Currently Listening to: “Confessions of an Ex Disney Employee!” SO FUNNY! Some content is mature, but the Disney ones are GREAT!

Currently Watching: I saw “Pixel” today with Derrick, Fabio, Tabby, and Rome and it is one of THE BEST, nogalastic, and funniest movies I have seen in theaters in a long time (And, this summer, I’ve seen “Tomorrowland,” “Inside, Out,” and “Minions.”) It’s a riot!

Currently Reading: Just finished the last “House of Night” book and going to start “Everafter,” The final book in the “Kissed by an Angel” series. I did, before “House of Night,” read the last “Heroes of Olympus” book and “Heir,” book 4 in “The Selection” series.

Currently Playing: Been taking it easy and playing “Pokémon Shuffle.” On level 130 now and MAN! After level 120, it REALLY got a lot tougher!

Icon: This is an image of Daisy and Jay from the 2013 remake of one of my favorite classic stories, “The Great Gatsby.” I am still fond more of the original film with the hunky Robert Redford and still not fond of Daisy as a character, but Leo’s portrayal of the star-crossed billionaire grew on me as the film progressed. Overall, the remake is a lovely piece of cinema (although it got nuts with the neon tones and 3D affects at times).

Quote: “For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of “The Great Gatsby.”

How thee fair good sirs and dazzling maidens? Perhaps you were surfing the Nile with Sobek, saving the universe from zombies with a four-year-old with a flamethrower, or learning the fact that Sonic Adventure 2 allowed you to throw the annoying helper character into a volcano when they bugged you to no end! Well, I have been doing all of these things with College for Kids and now, I’ll be training the next generation of demigods and then the week after that, giving the needed skills and sharing my experiences to teenagers who want to be writers. 🙂 So, with College for Kids in session, I have been busy with lesson plans, prep, and of coarse, teaching the classes and clean-up. I will tell you more about my experiences with them in my August update. ^_^

Now, on to this month’s segment of  “World of Writing, Publishing, Promotions, and Paper Crane List!” ^_^


#1. July 1st was a glorious day for the Indie (Independent) and Small Press Author Community. It was worldwide Indie and Small Press Day and Sheenah, my publisher, Dan, and I took part of a MASSIVE on-line Facebook party. It had over 700 Indie and Small Press authors in attendance, all supporting each other and showing their pride.  It was such an awe-inspiring experience and I met some amazing authors and people from it, the organizations were so kind, answering all questions I had, and made the event huge and fun smoothly. The event, #IndieBooksBeSeen, was a near ALL day event and selected authors who signed up were chosen to do a half-hour take over spot, where they could have up to 6 post (one an introduction, one showing off their Indie Pride Day sign selfie), and the other four what they wanted. I am not sure 100%, but I received the honor of having one of these spots! o.0 Sheenah did as well, but she is a publisher! So, from 2:30 to 3:00, I was in charge of the party! I had a few samples of each of my three works, explained ways I support, work with, and help other authors, had a giveaway for those who followed my social medias for points, and shared a link to a radio show that Dan and I were honored to be apart of the first episode of (more information on that below). It was such a GRAND experience and I hope it shows the world how wonderful, passionate, supportive, and dedicated us indie and small press authors are and how we appreciate your support and belief in our works! ^_^

Shout out to the winner of my part of the giveaways: Les Lynam! 😀


#2. Speaking of the radio show from above: a fellow author a few months ago, Jason Pinnington, e-mailed our publisher at the press to say he was doing a slide show of indie authors and wanted to know if we could send him business cards to share at the convention he was attending. I jumped at the chance (he lives in Liverpool, in the U.K.).  First off, thank you Jason for the kind offer! 🙂 Second, he e-mailed me at the end of June and asked if I would be interested in the chance to do a segment on his premier episode of his on-line radio like show for Indie and Small Press authors, his plan to air the first episode on July 1st in honor of Indie Pride Day! Well, again, I ceased the chance, but I didn’t just wanted to talk alone. So, I begged my dear friend, Dan Wright, to do a 25 segment with me where we discussed the difference between the United States bookstores format and promoting authors VS. The good ole’ U.K.’s (I was one of the few Americans in the show) and then we asked each other questions. Jason seemed pleased with our segment and said Dan and I worked really well together, which I had to agree with tenfold! I hope I can be apart of the radio show again! 🙂 You can listen to the first episode here (Dan and I are the last half hour of the video).  Thank you Dan for being my partner yet again and Jason for the chance and hard work!

#3, “New Beginnings” now has its first review! And It’s a 5 star one too! Thank you so much to D.W. for the honest review and taking the time to compose it and read my work. ^_^ I have a few parts of it on “New Beginnings” page, but you can read the full review here on my Goodreads page.

#4. On the week of August 3rd to August 9th, I was the weekly spotted author for the “Fantasy Fun Run” website by Ms. Rose Montague. Thank you so much for a reverting interview and amazing opportunity =). Check out the spotlight here.

#5. From June 18th (my four year wedding anniversary), Derrick, my younger brother Miles, and I, our friends Tabby and Brown as well, attended our second year of Cosplacon (2015)! I did a FULL review on all the main events, our experiences (we SURE had a shocker on the way home that Sunday), seeing good people, panels, food, cosplayers, and more, all in reviews and details. You can see pictures of them in my labeled Facebook folder for it and about 50 videos from the con on my Youtube Channel! Read the experience, view the awesome, and see the sights! 😀 There are also pictures from Derrick and I’s quiet anniversary. <3

Support my dear friend, Samurai Dan, and his incredible work, Fenris Frair, by getting it here. I also wrote a detailed review about it on his Amazon page. 🙂

#6. “Fallen Star Dust” has completed its first round of full edits! . I will bring you a release date once we have it on my social medias and do a cover reveal on here, hopefully soon. ^_^ I am writing a little bit on Spirit Vision 4 and along with some short stories and a bonus for other projects. They are different and will take time, but I like the ideas a lot and I am excited to work on them. 🙂 My jobs will be taking my free time I use to write in order to prep for a while, but rest assured, I will still write as long as the passion is in my heart and you want me to, my fans and friends. ^o^

#7. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are looking once again for an audio book narrator for my first book, “Spirit Vision.” If you have any experience, skills, or desire to narrator an audio book or know someone who would/can, please look at the official audio book audition link here. My dream is to have “Spirit Vision” an audio book for my students who do not like or struggle with reading, but want to enjoy my work like everyone else.

#8. Please check out my June Aspiring Author Spotlight, Mr. David Long! David is a good guy, a gamer and otaku, and I know he will be an amazing manga-ka one day. Check out his work and interview. The lovely Ms. Patricia Lynne and I exchanged interviews for our websites in late July and MAN! She had a very unique guest join her! 😉 Check out Patricia’s character interview on my site here. I should be on Patricia’s site soon as well. ^_^

Also, thanks to the amazing character interview exchange I did with Ms. Patricia Lynne in July for being my first in this series, I am now doing a NEW Segment called “Author’s Gold” Or “A.U.” for short, my tagline being “Because every author’s story is worth its weight in gold.” I will do this OR Aspiring Author Spotlight. During Author’s Gold segments, I will host an interview, guest post, blog tour spot, or something else by an author and share it with everyone on my website. If you are interested in being on a spot in an Author’s Gold Segment OR Aspiring Author Spotlight, please e-mail me at mescomnick@Hotmail.com. ^_^ I want to support all authors; future and established. =)

#9. Melody PK3I have had four top tens since my last major update: My Top 15 Favorite Youtubers (all with channel links and honorable mentions) and my Top 10 Favorite Psychic Type Pokémon (that excludes starters and their line and legendries), Top Ten Fire Type Pokémon, and Top Ten Water Type Pokemon. This will be the first of three in a July set called “Top Ten Thursdays” I started since I could not update hardly due to College for Kids. ^_^ Please enjoy!

#10. My Youtube Channel is filled with videos from Cosplacon 2015 now along with me trying to voice the Johto Pokémon with my best friend, Evan/Professor Sage. This is part 2 of the Kanto/Original video. >.<


#11. I once again had the honor of voice acting three characters for my dear friend, Dan Wright’s web show! 😀 I think my favorite was demon Pikachu. Want to know what THAT means? Watch episode 9 of TWATS AND episode 10 of TWARTS to find out!  Again, it is PG-13 (episode 10 has a few 16+ snippets)!

#12. EVERYONE in the Poke Crew now has their profile and badge up! Sorry it took so long! 🙁 But, they turned out really nice. 🙂 All the photos from our June event (information on it below) are in my Pokemon Events Author Facebook gallery. In two months, we will have sprit pictures with our badges, like we are in game gym leaders! The next event is August 22nd!

#13. Social Media and Minor Page updates:

  • Pinterest is updated once again. I am trying to not get addicted to it; I swear! >.<
  • I want to thank all the amazing people lately who have been following me on my Twitter or liking my author Facebook page (I have 198 likes to far! Let’s get TWO more folks to make a 200 likes grand-slam! :D). You all are rays of sunshine!
  • I HOPE to add more items to my E-bay soon. I make some used book and manga sales a few times a month. :) Would like to sell more “Spirit Vision” items and add more DVDs and such I have. Look at my E-bay items if you have time or interest.

#14. Rewind to late May, early June MASSIVE update to see if you missed anything.  <3

#14\5. Come back for a spotlight on Lu J Whitely’s site on August 12th for myself and my books!

My Normal Life:

My biggest news is that I now have a new job at my local school district: I am now the third and fourth grade technology instructor for one of our three elementary schools in the afternoons AND, in the morning…I get to be the kindergarten librarian! 😀 I am so excited! It was a weird story on how I got it. I got a call one day from the hiring committee for my school district, telling me I had a tech training at the kindergarten on Friday. 0.o It was two days, which is short notice, and I was confused on why kindergarten when I work at the middle school. I thought, perhaps, I was teaching them what middle school is learning? If so…I would not have been the best representative! >.< Well, I showed up to the kindergarten, nicely dressed with my Chromebook, 15 minutes early. I went to the desk and told them I was there for tech training and the poor secretary blinked, informing me, “There’s no tech training here…” I then gave the name the hiring director told me and they called that office. The secretary grinned then told me I was expected and to go into. Well, that name was the principal of the kindergarten and with her was the principal for one of the elementary schools! o.0 They shut the door and gave me welcoming smiles and handshakes, telling me to sit. I was nervous, wondering where the other paraprofessional were at and then I showed them the Chrombook in my case. They grinned and told me that I didn’t need it. I slowly sat down, where they informed me that they had heard great things about me and they just, quote, “wanted to talk to get to know me to get to know me and we are just going to ask some questions, and write down your answers…” I bit my lip, paused, and then nicely questioned, “So…this is an interview?” They told me no, just a conversation. So, my mind processed it was an informal interview!

They were so friendly and I felt comfortable, something that is hard for me in an interview. When I was describing how I would decorate the library, I was in the zone, using the hand gestures, and they were beaming and giggling, one asking, “You sound like the next Miss Frizzle!” WOW! What an honor (also, random side note: I am SO happy for Pluto! #Plutoforeveraplanet!) They had two openings and when I heard one was part time librarian, I knew that was what I wanted. I went home in a golden happy daze as to what happened! And two weeks later, I got a call and got the position! =D I will deeply miss the students and staff of the middle school (I know they are not thrilled I am leaving), but now I will be in the right buildings and the proper age group for my degree to get closer to be an Early Childhood teacher. ^_^ AND!!! I get to decorate the current librarian AND in January, they are getting a bigger one! The elementary also got a new tech lab that I get to work at!  EEEEEK!!!!


I will learn more information next week about lesson plans and get tours.

As a whole this summer, I have been doing my marketing than writing in the writing department sadly, but I did start edits for “Fallen Star Dust.” I hope to have my bonus feature for Spirit Vision 3 finished before school starts and at least the first 2 chapters of Spirit Vision 4. With my large class numbers for College for Kids last year, I did a lot of prep for that right after we got back from the con (July 6th was the day I started), but I also realize I work too hard, so I have made a “Summer/Early Fun To-Do List” and finding some time for myself: anime, reading, playing games, watching Youtube and TV (so pumped for Once Upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory, and Project Runway starting soon, but sad there is no more Sailor Moon Crystal continuation confirmation -_-), see my friends and co-workers beyond the school year, being with my loved ones, and such. I hate taking time from work, but I also need this. ^-^ Below, some of the things I have done this summer and I’ll add my plans still in motion after this. 🙂

In July, I started teaching my sixth year at Mineral Area College’s College for Kids program and this year, on our last week, we had classes for older students (12-15) called “Teen Academy.” I had a big load this year! I taught 3.5 classes the first week (4 is the max), 3 the second week, and 2 the week of Teen Academy plus I spent hours setting up, cleaning up, and prepping. I worked 11-13 hours straight every day that first week. Here is a slight review of each class below. You can find videos and pictures on the MAC Continuing Education Facebook page.

Babysitting Basics- I had a group of 10 fantastic girls and they were so kind and creative. We learned about the basics of taking care of children in different age ranges, how to dress and interview, what to keep in your babysitting tote bag, asking questions, make thank you cards, start the basis for babysitting card and flyer making, and they got to learn CPR and first aide from our nursing department. And, of coarse, we had cute little guests! One of my students brought in her six month old baby sister and two of co-workers brought in their little ones and GOSH! They were so cute! The four year old boy, well, this was his third year volunteering for my class (and he brought his six WEEK old baby sister too), was talking about “Minecraft,” “Plants VS. Zombies,” and made the girls pretend they were zombies and he had a flame thrower! HA! It was an honor to present these girls with their certificates and I got hugs from almost all of them with huge smiles. I know they’ll be great babysitters. OH! And they LOVED my Peepers JR puppet so much that one girl on the last day took a selfie with him…and she was 13!


History of Ruling the World: Egypt Edition- This is a class I taught the second hour of (my buddy Alesha/Rome taught the Roman half before that). We really didn’t have the time to do nearly what we wanted, but my students did learn about the major gods of Egypt, mummification, the designs of the sacred symbols, hieroglyphics, and that Rameas had over 100 kids and that birthdays would be a nightmare! >.< My highlight was when they got to wrap themselves up with toilet papers like mummies and when they saw the dwarf god, Bes, in a tight swimsuit!

Knights, Kings, Jesters, and Castles- This class grew the most listening wise when compared to my other classes. They had a lot of energy. But, they also learned a lot and they really got into their script that they helped me write (we used medieval speech and they told me the events they wanted in their skit and I wrote their lines down. They made props too). For some reason, they really liked saying snicker doodles, so I had that be a repeating plot point in the script! My shyest student was the queen and she didn’t want to yell like the script said, so I got her a bag of stuffed animals, I her scribe, and asked her if she wanted to commence “Operation Stuffed Animal?” She got to throw the stuffed animals gently at her willing servants for upsetting her and they all had dramatic passing out scenes! She was beaming! 😀 We sword fought, learned cool facts about the period, spoke and wrote in Medieval, made a large class castle and shields, and played medieval bowling, “kay-lees.” We had a LARGE parent turn out and got to do everything I had listed and EVEN our first ever encore! The kids were thrilled and I got a lot of nice comments from the parents, saying their child talked about how fun I am. ^_^


Level Up, Gamer- Boy! This class was an explosion of energy! I had 2 girls out of 10 students and they were fantastic. We learned about the Legend of Zelda series, Mario, Kirby, and Sonic. They were so thrilled when they discovered that Kirby is classified by Nintendo to be a living marshmallow (so we had marshmallow Kirbys) and that would not stop obsessing about the chaos in “The Sonic Adventure 2 series,” especially how you could…”dispose” of Omochao, the Navi of the Sonic series. They really liked making their own 3D levels on the final day, although, the ONE year I have tons of supplies and helpers, this group does not need hardly either! -_-;; They also liked the games and watching the cartoon versions of them, becoming zombies then!


Percy Jackson 101- I had a handful boys from the previous week and they all wanted to be children of Poseidon, Zeus, or Hephaestus. I had a high school helper who was my student when she was younger and she said she agreed when she found out she could be my helper. She is a huge fan of Greek Mythology and really helped me out. This group was hesitate to try new things, but I made a good amount of them come out of their shell and they were so proud when they made an origami flower for their mom! HA!  I think the “Three-Headed Doggie Wants to Play” for Hades, “Apollo Carries the Sun,” and “Name that god or goddess Game Show” for Hera were their favorites. They really got into quest day (I sadly had to assign their groups, something I normally don’t do, although I pick the leader of each one, one who is responsible), but they got to go on some epic quests and take home lots of neat projects, something I have been told by parents that their child loved. They also all hugged me super tight when we said our good-byes , telling me I was their favorite teacher, and told me they couldn’t wait to have me again next year. I was shocked since this class was one I had to be firmer with than normal, still, it made me feel good. OH! We also tried S’More Oreos for our campfire on Friday and they are A-MAZING! =)


Percy Jackson Explosion Camp (4 hours)- In this class, I combined the materials for my Percy Jackson: The Sequel class (minor gods and goddesses, Titans, deities, and forgotten ones) and my Percy Jackson 3D class (heroes, giants, a few well-known Roman gods or goddesses, and immortals). I ended up only having three students who had the class last year, but I did add a few things. I had a eight-year-old-boy and two 13 year old girls that I have had in classes for six year now. We still had a good time and it was nice to be more relaxed: listening to Disney while we worked and getting them hooked on “Orange Caramel” songs! =D They sure were not afraid to be loud and were super tough trainers for Lupa’s training camp! I think their favorite games were Terminus’ rules (they liked stealing the fedora I brought), the giant talent show, and me making them get distracted by yelling lines from “Bye, Bye Birdie!” for Echo and Narcissus. It was a good time.


booksigningmac1Writers Workshop (4 hours- Teen Academy)- This was the first year to do a full week workshop for writers. Again, I only had 3 girls, but all ladies I have had the honor to watch grow up. We got to act in plays (Sleepy Hollow, The Goose Girl, my modern version of Hamlet that will be published in “Fallen Star Dust,” and a scene from Spirit Vision I made into a script). We had props (with the return of Phillip, my lovely pink unicorn) too. We learned about famous poets, short story writers, play writes, and authors of fairy tales. They got to interview me and make an article about me, learn about components of writing, take a tour of the college library and see the waterfall that inspired so much of my work, and work on their own stories. I think my favorite parts were seeing them look everywhere to find their matching authors’ photos in a hide and seek I did in the room (I made it hard), when they got all excited when I told them stories from my life, their VERY favorites being how Derrick and I first met (they told me it should be a Hal-Mark film), how they would go nuts every time I mentioned Umbra, already starting fan clubs for him, and when we had our book signing (they wanted to buy things too) and they fan girled SO HARD!!! xD It was adorable and embarrassing at the same time! You can find it on the MAC Continuing Education Facebook.

My two girls that I had for six years made me the sweetest card and said that their mother/aunt (they are cousins) wanted to give me something to thank me for “putting up with them for so long.” They got me two cases of Yoo-Hoo! WOOT! This was sweet because I lost $4 during College for Kids trying to get a Yoo-Hoo from vending machines. *sighs*


All and all, this was a long year, but also a rewarding one. We did have several kiddos just not show up, which was odd, but I think everyone I talked to had a good time! =) We have a feedback meeting on the 6th to discuss how to make next year even better.

Through June 18th to 21st (the 18th was Derrick and I’s four year wedding anniversary, but we had to deal with his car getting fixed the day before due to the hail storm so we could use it for the con. We did get a nice dinner and exchange gifts, though, but it was a quiet alone anniversary), I was at Cosplacon 2015 at Jefferson City with Derrick, Miles, Brown, and Tabby. This is our second year at the con and it rocked! I also got to spend a lot of time with my good friend Samurai Dan and his lovely wife Jillian, panels, author discussions, and even dinner! It was  a blast! For my annual FULL, DETAILED review of the convention with links to my Youtube of the panels I recorded, a blog post, and pictures, please go to its post: Cosplacon 2015 Review. We look forward to next year!

june11On June 27th, we had our four hour “Sizzling Summer Battle for the Badges” Pokémon TCG event! We designed and made badge stickers and badge cards that had random chibi Pokémon on the back (Julie did most of the art). The trainers had to beat eight of the gym leaders, get their eight stickers, and then they could battle me. Everyone battled, but me, but it was a great time! We played some games for random prize packs (Fabio having to spin with a Solrock around his neck, ha!), really yummy lemon squares and Oreo cake that Julie and Tabby made, had raffles for random cards, Pokémon drawings by Julie, and these darling Oddish and Ditto plushies our kawaii Annihilator made for us and MAN! We had a bidding war for those little guys, making over $20 on them alone! We did have two people get four badges, which was cool and everyone liked the badges. It was a blast! Andrew AKA Captain Wesley visited for an hour before he had to go to work, in his officer uniform. He told the kids he was working with Officer Jenny! =) Afterwards, most of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings and we met a mom and little boy who liked Pokémon then we played Cards Agaisnt Humanity and had Pokémon card battles at my place. I also was touched for Tabby and Julie surprised me by making me a large, soft and silky kawaii anime girl pillow to thank me for being so awesome (Julie made me a personal little cake too). I am the one who deserves to thank them! 😀

Our next event will be Saturday, August 22nd, noon to 2:30 (we couldn’t do one in July due to the store being busy with Magic TCG events). It is a normal event. To see all our profiles and badges,, go to the “Poke Crew” page. ALSO pumped for the new card set coming out August 12th! Come on Ancient Origins! =D


I have got to do some pretty awesome things with astounding people this summer! ^_^ Here’s a gist:

On the first Saturday of June, we had our annual fair called “Country Days/” I went there first with Evan (finding a parking spot was a nightmare!) then later, we met Derrick and Tabby there. I did ride the Scrambler (the Tilt-A-World is my favorite, but it has not been there for three years…GRRR!) and I was screaming that I was going to die, the older gentleman in charge of the ride rolled his eyes. Evan was screaming how he enjoyed me being so close to me on the ride (the velocity was sliding me to him) and then we started singing “Let it go!” When the ride was over, I was so dizzy that I was tripping like I was…”out of it” and the older gentleman gave me a glint and said, “Well, you didn’t die today!” I got two flowers, Evan and Derrick won me some prizes, we had okay food, got our pictures taken in the Western clothes again, and then were panting at how hot it was! It was an okay event, but I did like how we didn’t get caught in the rain this year. And yes, I got cotton candy for Derrick again and caramel corn for me.

On the fourth of July, Derrick, Tabby, Nathan/Fabio, Evan, and I went to my in-law’s (who were on a trip in Idaho) and we had a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs (Tabby and I stuffed ourselves with chip and dip for an hour before the fire while Derrick and Nathan played the WII U Smash Brothers, the graphics and antics entertaining) and then they shot up TONS of fireworks. We had some cool long lasting sparkles and some really lovely fountains with funny names. ^_^

Miles, Mom, and I went out to get food one day and then went antiquing and got some furniture for mom’s place (she got me a bookshelf for my College for Kids office in her basement that is now filled with supplies and my resource books), and Miles a trunk that he is going to use for a table for his living room. Mom got a computer chair and some other household things. It was a good time! 🙂 We’re hoping to catch a drive-in movie soon too before summer is over or when fall starts.

For Father’s Day, dad didn’t want anything (he’s always is like that), but I knew I had to do something for him since I took mom out to eat and got her a silly cup, dog plus, and a rose bush to plant for her new place for Mother’s Day. So, I did the one thing I knew he couldn’t say no to; working out. My dad enjoys working out AND teaching me the proper way to do it. So, I bought his $5 ticket for the day at our Civic Center (I have a pass there through school) and we walked two miles and talked, mostly about cars (he is still dealing with the companies over his car from the hail storm in April; it’s been a mess and I hate how upset it’s making him) and he showed me how to row to get some muscle on my arms. After this, I gave him a goofy card and a Lone Ranger shirt, It was too big, but he seemed genuinely happy with it. I then treated him to Huddle House (he can’t say no to breakfast food anytime of the day either) and we talked. It was a good bonding day with my daddy. 🙂


On July 18th, dad, Miles, and I went to Ste. Genevieve Missouri, which is one of the first French settlement areas in the United States. I have always wanted to do the house tours (I had been there once when I was 13 with my family, but we just went shopping). It was warm, but we got to see the main feature house and museum, ate at the diner I went to 13 years previous for their Fitz soda (sadly, the food was lacking although the service was nice.  I had this cute old lady play with my hair from behind, stroking it, and told me four times how beautiful I was! 0.o I wasn’t sure how to react), and we went to the local ice cream parlor and the candy shop (the others stories were closing sadly). Dad took us to an island that was about 15 miles north into Illinois, giving us a history lesson on the railroad he worked on after he got out of the service. He also tripped on the steps of a church we were touring and I mean cartoony, hands waving like a chicken, his eyes buggy, catching himself on the stone step too fast to miss again and do a flip towards the floor where Miles half-way grabbed his arm! 0.0 It was scary and insane at the same time. I never have seen him be that clumsy before. Maybe I do get it from him after all…All and all, it was nice to have a bonding day with my dad.


seaofmonstersAfter this, Miles came over and I made him watch “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.” I had to rent this film for my College for Kids Explosion Camp trio for they wanted to film my reaction to how horrible it is (I clearly stated my opinion of the first film to them a good number of times and how I was scared to see the second one). Holy green cheese and potatoes! 0.o IT. WAS. HORRID! Even if I COULD get over the fact they butchered the film and served it raw to paranoid about germs diners, even as a stand-alone from the literary work piece, it made NO SENSE! There was NO POINT! The title, Sea of Monsters, is false advertising, for they are in the Sea of Monsters for, about, ten minutes in two parts of the film whereas they are in the Sea of Monsters for 2/3rds of the book, following many of the journeys of Jason and The Odyssey. Of coarse, they couldn’t even get right that only Zeus fought his father Cronus in the beginning, not Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades (this is basic mythology people)! Miles was venting in rage for ten minutes; dad thought I broke him!  I can’t believe they are making “Titan’s Curse…” -_-;;

I had a late lunch with my co-worker and good otaku friend, my twinsie and we talked about life for about 2 and a half hours! ^o^ It was so great to catch up with her and make some fantastic plans for this school year together. I’ll miss her a lot when I move buildings.

I also got to attend a wedding for my two dear friends, one my amazing hair stylist and singing buddy and the other our future minister! Their wedding was simple, but classy, and the theme was bow ties and mustaches. ^_^ The kids liked the bubbles and the yummy cupcakes (I had a turtle caramel one). They have been waiting for this day for a long time and they were so precious together! Much love and congrats to you. <3 In two weeks, I get to go to baby shower too for another friend.

Well guys, next time I do a large update, I’ll have back to school updates for you. Not so keen on that… Until then, tan a fish, frolic with a goat, and pay your bath taxes! Love!

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