Top 15 Anime Voice Actors and Actresses I want to meet (Top Ten #32)

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Top Fifteen anime voice actors/actresses I want to meet: Luci Christian Yui Horie* Chris Sabot Chris Patton Crispin Freeman Michelle Ruff Caitlin Glass Todd Haberkorn Greg Ayres Christine Auton Travis Williamham Jerry Jewell Wendee Lee Michael Lindsey Tera Strong AND Kelly Sherdian *OH Yui Horie! <3 She’s the Japanese singer that got me into J-Pop right after I graduated high … Read More

Spring Break is in Bloom!

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Weather: Lovely 75, so really pretty/starting to get a little hot. The tress began bursting into bloom! YEAY! =D I love the pink petals and smell of the white apple blossoms! <3 Working on:  It’s spring break, so I am catching up on errands, writing, little, important work items, relaxing, and seeing friends and family. Currently Listening to: Been Watching … Read More

Anime St. Louis 2014 Review

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   It’s that time of year again! The trees are bursting into floral bloom, their aroma intoxicating in the air, the petals swirling around you, making you feel like a Japanese school girl observing the first sakuras of spring.  The sky looks like it belongs in a children’s book with its blue crayon tone and fluffy, marshmallow like clouds. Easter candy … Read More


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Weather: HOT, but super spring timey! Working on: Updating my website, thinking of the million and one things I have to do Currently Listening to: Anime St. Louis 2014 videos (The Pokémon Game Show right now) Currently Watching: About to watch Whose Line is it Anyway with Derrick.  I think Big Bang Theory was the last thing I watched last … Read More