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dis9Weather: It snowed SUPER heavy on Valentine’s Day, but it is starting to melt. We had a snow day last Tuesday and Thursday, because it would snow real bad, then melt to go to school…then snow again, the melt! 0.o Off for President’s Day right now! It’s insane!

Working on: Dan Wright and I’s latest event, filling out job applications, lesson plans for school, book fair prep, and Fallen Star Dust finalization.

Currently Watching: Derrick and I have watched a lot of shows and series together lately. Last night, we watched the latest “The Big Bang Theory” and the final episode of season three of “R.W.B.Y…” :'( Get the tissues guys for that one! Still in shock!

Currently Reading: Been reading my mangas I got for Christmas; I had 31 and now I am down to 6. =D I just finished a book too, so I think my next regular book will be “Cryptic Cravings” and “Immortal Hearts,” the final two books in the “Vampire Kisses” series.

Currently Playing: Still on the new “Pokémon: Super Mystery Dungeon” Derrick got me for Christmas. I am almost 15 hours in and am super stuck on this one field trip.  There are two epic boss fights that are intense after you have go fight through 14 flights of stairs (I wish I could carry more in my backpack), legendary Pokémon throw-downs, and random evolutions to the main duo that make NO SENSE! *sighs*  I…I just don’t know about this game. Right now, I just want to beat this dungeon I’m stuck on!

Wallpaper: A lovely Chi from Chobits in a Lolita wedding dress, holding white roses. The background is a velvet red. It’s for Valentine’s day. <3

Icon: Elvis, my love from another time, had his birthday in early January and I got Lilo and Stitch from my Amazon gift card order for Christmas. His suit is white, like all the snow, he’s Disney, for our events, and it makes me happy! ^o^

Quote: “The man who does not read goods book has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”- Mark Twain

Happy 2016 everyone! 😀 I know that is super late and we are even past Chinese New Year (The Year of the Monkey), but this is my first major blog post since the year started. I did have two top tens and a guest for this year, but I wanted to do this update after Valentine’s Day, but before March first. So…yeah. February is always my busiest month and now I have more on my plate this year, but we’ll get started! ^_^

“World of Writing, Publishing, Promotions, and Paper Crane List!” ^_^



#1. As of February 14th, 2016, “Fallen Star Dust” is officially done with edits! We deeply apologize for the delay, but I promise, it will be worth it. Thank you Sheenah for your time and dedication to the project. <3 As a fresher, this will be my second collection of poems, short stories, and such, from my college to the end of 2014. Information on where to purchase the book, the cover reveal, and the release date will all be up super soon. Check in on my Facebook to stay current for “Fallen Star Dust’s” developments.


#2. Dan Wright and I officially have our new channel up: Moon Panda Power! We have been brainstorming on it since October. It will focus on Disney, cartoons, anime, Power Rangers, and what have you, with top tens, discussions, challenges, and more. Right now, we have two videos up: our introduction to the channel video where we were challenged to voice Disney characters YOU have never heard us voice before, then the audience had five days to vote on who they thought did the best. It was neck-and-neck, but you can see who one in the penalty video. You get to hear lines from “Fallen Star Dust” early in this video along with some lines from Dan’s re-edited version of the first book in his beloved “Draconica” series. Stay tuned and subscribe for more Moon Panda Power epicness!

I also want to thank our pal Franz-chan AKA Penguin for making our banner for us and my friend Rhiannon Johnson AKA The Annihilator for drawing our adorable Sailor Panda Mascot for the channel. All rights go to them for their artwork and we greatly appreciate it!

#3. Now that our channel is up, Dan and I have been hinting, blabbing, and teasing you guys for a month about the theme for our next March Disney event is for 2016! Last year, Dan and I did March Disney Villain Madness and it was a blast, but, this time…we are being a little more light-hearted with our match-ups and we love what we are doing! Want to know what our theme is? Watch our March Disney 2016 Event reveal video, where we not only reveal the theme, but our teams, all through a random number generator this year!

From March 1st to 15th, we will have eight matches and you get two days to vote for each one. Information on my match up with the video and other links will be in a blog post during the timeframe for that match’s voting (the poll link will be attached too, of course, or you can find them on our social medias). My team name and hashtag this year is: #MPPMorgan! I hope you are ready for more Disney clashes and smack-talk battles between Dan and I. This March is going to be a real hoopla!


#4.Dan and I’s friend Rob Turner (who we have done work with him before for his comic series, Reynard City), asked Dan and I to go to our social media and ask friends what voices they wanted us to try. He does a segment entitled “Impressionfest,” where he does impression requests and since, as you guys are aware, Dan and I like to do impressions too…we are a triple threat! The video we are guested in is long, but my parts (which, mine is only audio, so there is nothing to look at, but you can listen to it), is the first 22 minutes.  I do six Disney voices and five anime. I would like to one day, if Rob and Dan want me back, to do cartoons (80’s to current) and Pokémon voices for another video. If you ever want me to do a certain voice (I like to sing too) for a video, send me an e-mail and I’ll give it a go or you can tell me your favorite I have done (mescomnick@hotmail.com)

Here is the Triple Threat Impressionfest video! Thank you Rob for inviting me. =)

#5. Last update, at the tail end of 2015, my publishing company, Paper Crane Books, had their annual Mid-Winter Eve giveaway, where the winner got prizes from all of us at the press (mine were two signed bookmarks from “Spirit Vision 2: New Beginnings” and an advanced reader copy of “Fallen Star Dust!”  I hope you enjoyed them.) Our winner was… Ms. Brandy M.! A major congrats! Thank you for the support and enjoy your prizes! 🙂


#6. We are still on the search for a narrator for “Spirit Vision!” If you are or know anyone who has experience or a talent for voice acting/narration, please contact me at mescomnick@hotmail.com for information. We really want to bring “Spirit Vision” verbally to life.

#7. I am still working on “Spirit Vision 4,” but currently, my work, our March event and new channel, “Fallen Star Dust” getting wrapped up and prepared for publication, and the short story I am working on with the Max Con cameo winner (I wrote on this on the girl’s day I will be talking about later), has pushed it back. And Spirit Vision 3 is finished; that will be my next major project to edit. <3 I love my SV characters after all!

#8. Last year, I went to Wildwood University at the end of March to speak to a college writing class for the first time and it was a grand experience. On March 11th, the, in sorts, Otaku club and their sponsor (who is the son of my favorite teacher and dear friend, Ms. Mahan) , as asked me to be their guest for their 2016 Wild Con! It’s only for a day at the campus, but it was such an honor to be asked.  I know I get to do at least one panel and sell my products. I did let them know that I love Pokémon and like to cosplay…We will have to see. 😉 I will give you guys more information as it comes along, but this will be my second time as a guest on my own (OH! Max Con, my hometown’s con that started last September and was the first time I was a solo guest) has asked me back! Woot! =D). I promise to take pictures and have a wild time. 😉

#9. About a month ago, I had a lovely young woman be my Aspiring Author Spotlight, my first one for 2016. I met her at Max-Con with her fantastic family. Miss Tessa is energetic, talented, and full of life. If you missed her wonderful interview and work sample, please check it out.

On February 24th, come back and meet February 2016’s Aspiring Author Spotlight; he is smashing!


#10. I had a Top Ten in January AND one in early February.  My first one was my personal “Top Ten Favorite Starters Pokémon.” I did this because our January theme for our Pokémon events was the starters and it’s the “start” of a new year…Ha, I’m hilarious, I know. My second one was for my third Valentine’s Day Top Ten on the site (time flies, guys…), “Another Top Ten Favorite Anime Couples.” These are more that I have discovered over the past two years of watching new to me anime or ones that were super close to getting in the first top ten in 2014. There is a link for the original Anime Couples Top Ten on this year’s page. It was a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the site! <3

11. The Poke Crew page is updated as well. For all the pictures from our January 23rd Starter Pokémon Event. Go to my Author Facebook page, the Pokémon Events Album #2. (I made a second one because it’s the new year and our other album has almost 600 photos in it from the past two years of events). I will go into a little more detail below! ^_^ Gotta catch em all!

#12. Rewind and Remember time: Want to know all about my Christmas, Our Pokémon Christmas Bash, “New Beginnings” blog tour, my first Girl’s Writing Day, and more? Check out the Late November-December 2015 MASSIVE UPDATE!

My “Normal” Life:

I did mention earlier in this post that February is the busiest month for me.  Well…Here’s why this year:

  • Job application month for a full time teaching job (they all must be filled out by hand and I have to answer essay-type questions, update information, and prepare the envelopes and interview folders).  I did nine this year, my most ever, and still have nine to do on-line, but I can’t do those until the very start of the month for they submit automatically.
  • Trying to pay off my medical bills…*Blah*
  • Valentine’s Day and making my homemade chocolates (Which I am glad everyone liked this year. I made some different flavors and I think they turned out awesome!)
  • vdaychocolate
  • Work (Teaching Google to third grade this year in addition to lessons, starting tutoring and after school duty on Thursdays, and library work and themes)
  • Spring Book Fair planning
  • March Disney event with Dan on our channel planning and prepping to be READY by March 1st.
  • Fallen Star Dust and writing obligations
  • Sunday school teaching on Sundays (prepping)
  • Pokémon’s 20th birthday event on the 27th,
  • Preparing for Wild Con on the 11th of March,
  • And, my biggie…I have decided, thanks to the kindness of my mother-in-law for paying for it, to take my Praxis exam in Library Media Specialist. That means, if I pass, I can apply for public school librarian jobs at any age. I eventually will have to go back to get my degree in LMS on top of my teaching, but I can be hired (and cheaper for the district that way) before that. The test is March 19th and it’s a lot of information. That is why I am getting everything else I can finished so I do not have to worry about almost anything other than my test! Wish me luck please friends!
  • I AM, as my New Year’s Revolution entails, spending at least half an hour with Derrick a day to unwind. We have finished a lot of animated series from this (Kotoura-san, My Love Story, Gallivant season 2, R.W.B.Y. season 3, Unlisted Leaf on Youtube, and keeping up with The Big Bang Theory. We also watch movies together on weekends since we got SO many for Christmas.  We plan on watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender” again in April, once I have more time).  I also have been watching “Pokémon Johto League Champions” on Youtube while doing household chores or getting ready in the morning. I am on episode 31 right now. I finished the “Pokémon: Johto Journeys” (season 3) I got for Christmas early in January.

5casFrom last I left you, it was the day before New Years Eve.  Miles came over on New Years Eve and Derrick had to work all night, which was odd, but, whatever. Dad got us pizza and we watched three films: the first was “5 Centimeters a Second.” I have heard nothing but amazing things about it.  It is from the same director of my beloved “Garden of Words,” is beautiful animation wise, and Johnny Yong Bosch is the main character.  Miles and I did feel a kinship to the main boy, calling him “our boy,” but, other than that, all we can say about this movie is…HUH? It was like three twenty minute movies rolled into on, but they made no sense! The first one was sweet and had a lot of promise, then it kept adding all these layers on top of dramatic, but confusing animation styles. So…we were SO lost! I am all for films that make you think, but this one tried WAY TOO HARD!

tpkSadly, I got really sick after this and the side of my face, lips, and nose was going numb.  I had a panic attack and Miles called my dad and I called Evan.  They rushed right over, dad staying until a half hour past midnight and Evan until 2:00 a.m., where he fell asleep on my couch.  I was calm at this point and doing all the tests to make sure it was nothing series, but it was so odd. Derrick came home and we pin-pointed it to either lack of iron on top of my low blood sugar I always have or drop in circulation. The weather has been so wonky this winter in Missouri and that on top of my ANA cell count might have something to do with it. Derrick even took a walk with me, the air helping, and got me some Panera to munch on (I was scared to eat for almost a whole day at this point and nothing smelled appealing, but I did feel better once I had food in me and it made me see how famished I truly was). Since then, I have had it two other times and it is an extreme reaction to the cold and my blood flow. Derrick has been so good to me.

wmwtAnyway! Back to movies! Miles and I did watch “Studio Ghibli: The Tale of Princess Kaguya” next. It was a unique animation style, had good voice acting, and I was familiar with the tale (The Bamboo Cutter), but it has not moved itself up to be one of my top favorites. When Miles and I woke up the next morning (around 8:00.  I stayed up until 4:00 after Evan left, in pain still and scared to go to sleep, watching Pokémon Johto Journeys that I got for Christmas. I watched seven episodes), we waked “When Marine was There.” Also lovely animated and fun characters, but the story such as a mystery. It was understandable, unlike “5 Centimeters a Second,” but it would be one of those films hard to explain quickly or at all to convince people to watch it, especially those who are not well-known with Studio Ghibli.  Still, it has a good story and morals for growing up and family. It was my favorite of the three, but, sadly, still not super up on my top Studio Ghibli films. I am happy it is up for an Academy Award though! =D


On January 2nd, we had our second annual Poke Crew Christmas party at our place! We had 17 people in our duplex! CRAZY! xD Socks only peeked out a few times, but she slept in our bedroom mostly.  Brown even got to attend (with Tabby, of coarse)! They got me a GS Ball from Pokémon necklace and Derrick a poseable Kirito from Sword Art On-line Figure. I gave everyone a Pokémon beady (except for our invited guests of Crew members, but I made sure everyone had something to open) based on what they liked.  Tabby got two: an Eevee necklace and a large beady Pidgey to hang in her room; she loves Pidgey. She also got a Hogwarts letter necklace with an owl on it and Brown got his Gengar beady and a Cowboy Bebop wall scroll from us. We got Andrew a Chibi Deadpool shirt (big surprise, I know) and Evan cans of Redbull and a plush Pichu! This was before our party started, since normally we get together at a separate time.

At the party, we exchanged gifts, did a white elephant gift exchange (I had an awesome Pokémon blanket, then someone stole it. I was sad, but Rowie got it back towards the end and gave it to me! I felt bad! I did get a Moogle that our talented plush maker, the Annihilator, crafted! He can bend too!), Twister (Andrew is now our champion since Fabio had to work), Cards Against Humanity, and then we all spread out and chatted or played Pokémon TCG matches. And, we had food! It was a great time and I am so lucky I got to chill with my Poke pals!

I also did get in my order from rightstuf and Amazon, having some new animes, movies, and manga! They are awesome! I am on episode 5 on one of my anime and that is it right now. I will get there! At least I am almost done with all my manga.

When I returned to school, I had a new library to set-up in three days and man! It was empty! It took me a while to find my furniture the kind maintaince staff were so busy. I luckily had my two book rolling carts to move normal size and not too heavy boxes with for two and a half hours until dad got there.  We found a dolly and moved my furniture. My boss was kind and let me get a traveling sub for two days to get the library set-up before the PUBLIC open house on the 7th. I had to stay super late two nights and have a lot of help, but we got it done and it looks great! Slowly, I have added more of the things I have liked and I adore working in this beautiful space.  The kids love it too; this will be there library. ^_^


I have got to go meet the pre-school students, whose hall is just on my left (the right leads to the lunchroom and past that is kindergarten), so I am close-ish to everyone and I have lovely windows now! I have NATURAL light guys! Praise be! I also have two fabulous high school helpers this semester instead of two, both helpful young ladies. Our biggest adventure now for the library is to process some Rigby’s for the school, plan our Spring Book Fair, that starts March 7th (yikes! Wish me luck), keep the website/materials updated, and processing new books.  Thank you to everyone who helped me prepare for open house and be patient with me as I transition. I have more time to work there during the school day since I do not ride the bus in the afternoons any more, helping with time management as well.

As of January 24th, 2016, I have been officially HIRED for my church as it’s Sunday school teacher! Signed all the paperwork and I am official! It has been a blast working with this young ones and learning more about these Bible stories through their eyes.  Their energy and how engaged they are thrills me and I like the projects and lessons we have coming up! I have such an amazing church family! ^-^


On January 23rd, we had our first Pokémon event for 2016- Starter Love! For the start of the year, we wanted to honor our favorite, first partners. Not by my choice, all of the starters as a Poke Crew had either a fire or water (except for me: I was all Pikachu since my first game and partner was Pokémon Yellow on my 11th birthday ^_^).  HA! Julie did a fantastic job drawing and coloring little poster board versions of our beloved Pokémon buddies (I did color and design the headbands and wristbands).  We had a decent turn-out of trainers and a great turn-out for our Poke Crew members. To raise money for our large February Event, we sold tickets to see who would pie either Fabio or Evan. Well, one of our regular little boys and the shop owner, Kevin, got to both pie Fabio! It was so fun! If you want to view all the photos from the event, check out our my Author Facebook page, the Pokémon Events Album #2.


February 27th happens to be Pokémon’s 20th Birthday in Japan and the date of our event! We are doing SO many things: I made homemade Valentine’s Day chocolates for our trainers and we will give random cards for door prizes, raffles, a dress as fabulously as Fabio contest (since the title of our event is “Fab-ruary”) with a prize for our winner, the reveal of the return of one of our Poke Crew members, recording our favorite Pokemon attacks for our profiles, and, of coarse, a chance to battle the Elite Four in the trading card game, to meet other Pokémon fans, and play the handheld games. This event is also four days before our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of doing events at Gamers Bazaar! 0.o It’s hard to imagine, but it is always so fun! March 26th (the only free Saturday I had in March, lol!), is our Topsy-Turvy March Madness event (Select trainers will try to defeat our Elite Four Members for the chance to battle the champion! Roles reserved!). Looking forward to seeing you soon, trainers! For more information, you can go to the Poke Crew page.


Back in late November, my friends and former co-workers from the middle school Morgan W. and Kate has a girl’s writing day for Nano-Wrimo. We decided to do this every other month, so, on January 30th, Kate and I went to Morgan’s yet again (and got lost a bit chatting, but it was a fun adventure) to write for a Girl’s Writing Day.  On this day, I wrote on the short story I am working on for Max Con’s cameo winner (and it will be published one day).  I got seven pages finished, which is not a lot, but I started from scratch and did a lot of research and character development.  Morgan and Kate worked on their Nano Wrimo works (Morgan reading and editing her’s mostly).  Our food theme was Oriental.  Kate made some delicious pot stickers and Morgan’s husband made his homemade, awesome sauce sushi.  I made brownies and Morgan got chips and dip, which was a good snack.  Our next one is March 5th and our food theme Italian. =)  I really enjoy having days dedicated to writing with these fabulous ladies and friends!


On the 3rd of February, Tabby, Evan, Derrick, and I did end up, between all of us, buying the first full box of packs of the new Pokémon TCG set; Breakpoint.  I did get a full art Darkari EX, which was neat and Derrick got the GOLD CARD, Red Gyrados (and the Espeon EX I wanted…Grrr…but I ordered if on Ebay later).  After this, we went to El Tap (my favorite local Mexican restaurant) to treat Evan to his birthday!

Also, happy late birthday to my friend Danny B and early birthday to my lovely friend, Kristen! =D


The week of February 8th to 14th was nuts! It was school, snow day, school, snow day, school (A, B, A, B, A pattern for my kindergarteners).  I had Google Training (their first e-mails) with my third graders at elementary, but I was dressed in my kimono, my purple Chinese waitress outfit, my hair up in big loops, and my three-foot-long Velcro monkey, Shadow, on my back (the year of the monkey).  I read a book about Chinese New Year and wore it not only to teach the kids, but I made a promise to one of my co-workers who wanted to see my kimono.  Wednesday, we discussed Valentine’s Day, so I was all in pink, and Friday was the insanity that was Valentine’s Day parties! The kids, considering, were fairly good and it was darling to see their little faces when a relative came in to their party that afternoon.  I was dressed in red, white, and blue with an Uncle Sam hat for President’s day (we read a book on it since I knew we were  off on Monday).  I baked my chocolates Wednesday night at my mom’s and early Thursday morning once I knew we had a snow day.  On Monday night, I went to mom’s to help Miles with some paperwork and we took mom’s Christmas decorations down (she has a lot and needed help) while she worked that evening to surprise her. 🙂


Derrick and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day Friday night. I went with a Lolita theme and Derrick really liked it. We went to Applebee’s, where it was crowded, but we had a great waitress. It was a nice evening. After that, we exchanged gifts (we exchanged cards at the restaurant; I made him a Pokémon themed one on the computer and he got me a tender one from the store).  I got a soft, tan-colored lion stuffed animal with a red bow (named Shishi), Pixels the movie on DVD, and Hotel Transvlynia 2 on DVD/Blu-Ray (which we watched after gifts that night together).  I did go overboard with him this year, but only because I love him: Cards Against Humanity Expansion pack #4, POP Funko Iron Man keychain, Recess hearts, homemade chocolate from me, books 2 and 3 in the “Merlin’s Spiral” series, a Garfield book (he was cracking up), and his big one was a new Garfield the Cat plush that hangs on his car window. His old one finally is faded and does not stick anymore and he has had it in his car since his first one in high school (it was on his mirror in his room before that), so I knew it was special. He was really happy with it. 🙂 I am so blessed to have a man who has captured my heart so completely and can battle alongside me as my partner through anything!


So, here is a list of books series I need to finish, to make things a bit different on the numbers:

  • Vampire: 3 (Vampire Kisses, Blood Coven, and Vampire Diaries: The Huntress)
  • Fantasy and Fairy Tale: 8 (The Selection, The Order of Darkness, Land of Stories, The Wide-Awake Princess, The Soul Seeker, Princess Academy, The Lunar Chronicles, Magus Chase)
  • Books part of a series that I have not started (I own the first book in all of these):  Of Poseidon, A Thousand Pieces of You, The Waterfire Saga, Once Upon a Prince, Dawn Rochelle, Time Between Us, The Flappers, Immortal Crown, Mistwood, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, The School of Good and Evil…
  • Single Books: 42

Well friends, I have to learn to hula, devour a swordfish, and introduce the sky to the joys of spray cheese! See ya!


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