The Wonderful World of Snow (NOT), Shopping, and Sanity Loss!

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use7Weather: Really rainy (my state is actually in a state of emergency right now due to all the flooding…) and only in the 40’s and 50’s, which is strange for Missouri in winter!

Working on: Sunday school lesson plans, mentally making plans for what I need to do, work wise, my last week of break/enjoy it.

Currently Listening to: My new “We Love Disney” CD my brother got me. It’s not as good as the Disney Mania’s of my youth, but I really like 5 of them.

Currently Watching: The last thing I watched was the first two episodes of “Pokémon Johto Journeys” I got for Christmas.

Currently Reading: Just started “Fins are for Fun,” the third and final book in the “Forgive my Fins” series by Tera Lynn Childs. I also read two mangas today. Between my mom and Derrick, I got…23 volumes of manga for Christmas! Plus, with my gift cards, I am planning on getting 8 more, so I will be at 31! I’m a lucky otaku! ^_^

Wallpaper: Every year, after Thanksgiving, I add one of my many Christmas wallpapers every few days and I still never use all of them because I get so busy! It is on my Sakura and Li one from Cardcaptor Sakura. I’ll be switching it to my Santa Sora from Kingdom Hearts one tonight. ^_^

Icon: This is Li from my first and favorite still anime and manga, Cardcaptor Sakura. He is blushing for Sakura just put a scarf on him! This is how I have felt this Christmas; a little zoned, but everyone is giving me kawaii things and Derrick has been adore with his excitement (when he wasn’t sick, poor baby…)

Quote: “Good friends, a good book, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”- Mark Twain


Happy belated holidays everyone! I hope it was as sparkly and full of warmth and light like the lights around the world! Wow! Our last update before 2016 hits! Amazing…I have had a busy last month and a half of school with holiday planning, special events, testing, packing up our old library so we can set up the new one in the new addition on January 4th…Lots to do! >.< But, it has all gone fairly well thus far. Let’s get to announcements first: “World of Writing, Publishing, Promotions, and Paper Crane List!” ^_^



1. Good news for all you patient, wonderful, brilliant readers, fans, supports, friends, and madly great people: “Fallen Star Dust,” my second short story, poetry, and other literary works collection, is in its final stages to get released! I am not sure if it will be January 2016 (although that is what we are pushing for), but, rest assured, it is in the finalization and polishing stages! The SECOND I get information on a release date or pre-ordering, I will blast it all over my social medias! ^.^ Thank you to every single one of you that has been so behind me on this work! I am thrilled to share it.


2. On November 30th to December 4th, to celebrate its one year release date, the second book in my “Spirit Vision” series, “New Beginnings,” went on its first blog book tour! It was a blast and went very smoothly. Featured in it were promos spots, excerpts,  a guest post, a review, and more! Thank you Enchanted Book Promotions for helping Paper Crane Press set-up my tour. If you want to see all the stops, you can either go to my special post about the “New Beginnings” blog tour OR you can go Enchanted Book Promotion’s “New Beginnings” post directly.

The highlights of the tour can be found on these pages on my website here: “New Beginnings” guest post and “New Beginnings” Review.

As a special treat,  Sheenah, my publisher, read a chapter from “New Beginnings” to surprise me! I was so happy! Also, my good, good pale, Dan Wright, interviewed me for “New Beginnings” at the end of the tour for a special bonus. You can find it on my Interview page OR on Dan’s site: Dan’s interview.

midwinter holiday giveaway hop

3. From now until December 31st, Paper Crane Press is doing our annual Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop! There are some amazing items you could win and its easy to enter for your chance! Click the 2015 Giveaway Hop link here and enter! I have donated two signed “New Beginnings” bookmarks that have only been sold at two other events so far AND a first e-book copy of “Fallen Star Dust!” Best of luck to all who enter!

4. We are still on the search for a narrator for “Spirit Vision!” If you are or know anyone who has experience or a talent for voice acting/narration, please contact me at for information. We really want to bring “Spirit Vision” verbally to life.

5. I am still working on future publications. “Spirit Vision 4” has not been added to since my Nano-Wrimo party over a month ago sadly, BUT, with Winter break, I have plans to get some work on it during the next few days. ^_^ I have a short story to start outlining with a con contest winner and I wrote a poem during Thanksgiving break, making me compile some more works to maybe, one day, make a third collection of works! 🙂 So, I am still writing when I can or need to; it’s in my blood and sings to my soul after all.


6. For those who are not aware or have forgotten with all the Christmas/Holiday insanity, I attempted the wide-spread event for aspiring writers, NanoWrimo or November National Writing month. Want to know how my friends and I faired and the radical events we did together to get pumped and support each other? All that and more was answered in my special Aspiring Author Spotlight for November. It was grand!

7. For our last Aspiring Author Spotlight of 2015, I had the honor of interviewing my high school amigo, the boss of epicness, snarky, and craziness (the good kind, normally), Mr. Evan Rowe. Read his interview and rockin’ work sample!

8. I adore the holiday season! Want to catch up on my Christmas top tens? Rewind and enjoy the holiday hype in three top ten’s here: Top Ten Christmas Songs (2013), Top Ten Christmas TV/Movies specials (2014), and Top Ten Fandoms (2015) I CANNOT believe I have done three Christmas top tens! My website is almost three years old. I have been a published author for almost three years…Holy Snot Rocket, my friends! xD

I also did a Top Ten in November: My Top Ten Legend…wait for it…………DARY Pokémon! ;D


9. My “To be a Nerdy Otaku page” is super-duper updated due to all the manga and anime I got for Christmas! Check it out! I also am almost at the VIEWED 100 anime or live action series based on anime/manga mark (I’m not including films though)! WOOT! I guess my nerd is showing… =D

10. My buddy Dan Wright and I are still making plans for our new Youtube channel coming soon: Panda Moon Power! It will be epic! Stay tuned for more updates on that! In the mean time, for the Christmas season, you can go ahead and listen to me do some voice, including a little girl, in Dan’s web-series, T.W.A.T.S., and its Christmas special from 2014!  Check out the rest of his channel too, including our new Pixar Top 15 films list we did last month! I’m happily shocked with how many views some of his Disney videos got from March Disney Villain Madness this year! Can’t wait for our March Disney Event for 2016…Hehehe!

11. The Poke Crew page is updated as well. For all the pictures from our November 14th event (I only got four because Julie was gone and my phone died) and our AWESOME SAUSE second annual Pokémon Christmas Bash, go to my Author Facebook page, the Pokémon Events Album. I will go into a little more detail below and I am SO pumped for my Crew and I to all get together for our second Poke Crew Christmas/New Years get-together! ^_^ Gotta catch em all!

12. Rewind and Remember time:

Want to know how I spent my Halloween and birthday, the inside review on being a guest at Max-Con and meeting my two dream voice actors at Anime Getaway, how I am connected to Wendy Darling, some school and Poke Crew silliness, and more? Check out my October and November MAJOR update.

My “Normal” Life:

So…what did the rest of my November (from my last update on my 10th) entail? Ahhh…work! Ha! We had Thanksgiving about two weeks after my last major post and it was so nice to have 5 days off! The Monday of that week, I got to see my good friend Kristen and her spouse Micah. It took us a long time to find a place to eat at because they wanted a local place, not a chain (they were coming in from Colorado), and Derrick is super picky! We finally settled on a place called Spokes, that had great fried pickles, but my burger was not that good. It was wonderful though to catch up with them! Kristen has been one of my best friends since third grade (Lauren, from my “Spirit Vision” series is based on her) and we have been there for each other ever since! ^_^ We came back to our place later and they had fun playing with Socks (they just got their own little kitty) and we played Cards Against Humanity. It’s weird to hear your straight-lace friend cackle at the inappropriate remarks! HA!

That Wednesday, I spent all day with my mom. She was cooking our Thanksgiving dinner for 4:30. Miles and I spent over 5 hours decorating the house for Christmas, with two trees this year while we also entertained grandma. It was a lot of work, but the house turned out looking awesome and it was a great time. Mom made a lot of awesome food! She did get to watch her Rudolph special for lunch as we munched on sausage and cheese. We had 11 people total for Thanksgiving dinner that night and we played Cards Against Humanity, my mom’s first time playing and she got the bigger box, and EVERY expansion pack, including the special holiday and 90’s ones. o.0 Dang! She doesn’t mess around! My four-year-old cousin Tate was running around and climbing on the table, giggling and saying “peanut butter breathe” for ten minutes and running in circles for a long time.

10401915_1092038234162546_8115379729837479132_nWe had Thanksgiving at my in-laws early Black Friday afternoon and Tabby came with us. 🙂 Jolleen made a wonderful ham that melted in your mouth and awesome mac and cheese. It was a goofy time, and, of course, we played Cards Against Humanity…I sense a trend here…Derrick said something horrible that had us all stunned and then sadly laughing the rest of the night and what was worse is he didn’t realize how cruel his joke was…I cannot repeat it, but man! That was one way to end my Thanksgiving.

When we returned home, we put up our Christmas tree and Tabby helped us with that too. I tried to make a window display with the lights we had from the porch of our old place and some lighted figures mom gave me. It was a challenge, but I think I did decently for my first time since Derrick refused to help at all or for us to put anything outside. Sadly, since we have had such a mild temperature wise winter, the suction cups we purchased kept falling off due to the heat on the window. Oh well! At least I tried and I like how our house looks now. Socks did not sleep under the tree as much as when we first got her last year, but she did a few times and climbed in it as well. She adored the jingle bells.

Before all his on Black Friday and a little Saturday, I did some Christmas shopping. Black Friday in my PJs on a cold day was awesome. 🙂 I was able to order the gifts for most of the Poke Crew for our group party coming up on Etsy then. Derrick and I also got most of our friends covered through Amazon and Hot Topic sales. ^_^

I am still the Sunday school teacher for my church. For the Advent (the four Sundays proceeding Christmas, the birth of Jesus), we worked on a candle on our Advent wreath crowns each day and discussed what each one meant. We also did a toy and items for kids drive for the domestic violence center in the southern part of our state. We raised 39 items. We also helped out at a local soup kitchen one day during the season, made Christmas ornaments that had their baby pictures in it like their head was in the stable with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (they adored sticking them on and hanging them on the tree) and for Saint Nicholas Sunday, our priest, Richard, had jingle bells and explained the history of Saint Nicholas to the kids and slowly, revealed his clothes underneath the sacred robe and changed his hat! He was dressed like Santa. They were so stunned, but his microphone was making noises when he slid his robe above his head and the speakers are on our high ceiling. The oldest, who I was holding, whispered, “Reindeer?” and her and her little brother started looking around. Her little sister began to panic of at the thought! HA! I also taught them the history of the candy cane and what it represents. One of our oldest toddlers kept flipping it upside down like I told them and telling everyone it was a J for Jesus for weeks! Her mom told me she also has been saying her prayers and making her cousins do it too. =)  I am working on the lesson plans for Sunday school until the end of April during break.

December was a busy month for me at school. At the elementary school I work at, I did have a meeting one afternoon, rode the bus a tad more than usual, and had to give me students a keyboarding test for the semester and record their progression to the district. For the kindergarten, other than teaching, we did have a book sale for our winter parent night. The money or donations of new or slightly used children’s books, was to raise money so 55 needy children in our food program for my district could have a book to unwrap for Christmas. Between the donations and the money we earned from selling our old books for $.025 to $1.00 each, we raised enough! My mom was a huge help with me wrapping all of them. It was an intense project, but rewarding for it helped children get books to read AND cleaned out our library.

That last week of school, I spent a lot of time packing up the old library at the kindergarten for when I have to return on January 4th to work, I get that day to move everything where I want it in the new addition, that includes my new library! I am so pumped, but it will be a large endeavor. I will be asking some people to help me! I will take photos once I have them of the new one in my next major update.

There are a lot of fun things that happened for the holiday season for the kids: I had three food days that last week alone between my two buildings (I did give cookies to both my buildings AND my middle school with a project where I wrote everyone’s names on the poster board card I made and they had to doodle a picture for the holidays to let me know they got their cookie. I am all about that team building), where we got presents from each: a black scarf with our mascot from the kindergarten and an umbrella in our school colors and with our mascot from the elementary. The students went to Winter Wonderland to tour and see the Christmas village, we had a PJ and Polar Express day, a Frozen themed party for students in kindergarten who could read all their letters and all their sounds (even with an appearance for pictures with Elsa and Anna), and a fun and tasty S’MORE party for those students still learning their letters. Santa came and visited the final day and I was watching a class since the last week, with the library having to get prepped for moving, either my wonderful sub or I had to go to the classrooms with our papers and books to teach, I took this class done. Santa knew who I was and made me sit with him for a photo and gave me a hug. I am glad I brought plush Socks with me and I was, embarrassingly, pretty excited Santa knew my name! So, yeah…a lot going on, pray the usual!


We had two Pokémon events since the last update: On November 14th, we had, what we call “Normal November” due to how busy our Halloween and Christmas events are, we take the month in-between to chill out, wearing our shirts. Many of the crew got to a help out, but it was a quiet event overall, so we had downtime. However, we had several new trainers learning the ropes and that is fabulous! Julie could not attend this event, so I had to sign people in and take pictures, which was fine, but my phone died quickly after the event started randomly.  I only got a few pictures sadly. 🙁 It still was a rockin’ time!


Our second annual Christmas bash was December 5th and, man! No matter how hard I work to plan this around school and friend schedules, there was only six of us there: me, Julie, Fabio, Annihilator, Tabby, and Andrew as our highlight, Santa Deadpool. We didn’t have a large number of ugly sweater entries like last year, but the three we did have were all darling to the point that they got to split the remaining 9 goodie bags I made. We had a Delibird plush made by Rhiannon raffled and 50 random cards and we had games where the kids found the Christmas tree Sudowodus and toss green pipe cleaner rings at reindeer antlers I made for Andrew and Tabby. Julie and Tabby both made cookies and cake and they were huge hits! We even had three college students from my first college come and tell me they had an Otaku club at MAC now. They were rad!


Kevin, the shop owner, even gave our 5 kids a free booster pack and me a Flygon EX TCG box set! I was stunned, but they informed me that they looked at their numbers and said that Pokémon is now almost tied profit wise with their top money maker, Magic, whereas two years prior, before I started running events, Pokémon was their lowest. I was touched! 😀 Some of my high school students came to visit and one even arm wrestled Santa Deadpool. It was a dazzling show! The six of us and our trainers had so much fun. I adored when Deadpool went around and took selfies with everyone and seeing my classmate from high school, our class president, and getting caught up with him to realize his nephew is one of my keyboarding students!  It’s a small world. Afterwards, I grabbed Derrick and Andrew and Tabby took us to Applebees so we could unwind and open up my Flygon box! My friends rule! We are having our Christmas/New Yaer Poke Crew party at my place January 2nd and Brown, Tabby’s husband, will get to come! We have not seen him in 6 months! <3


January 23rd is our first event for 2016 and the theme is starter love! Our last January event, we all had our favorite Eevee evolution headbands; we will do something similar with the starters. ^_^

December is the month of birthdays for my family: my blessed dogs Winnie (the 6th) and my sugar bear, Lancey (1oth) had theirs. This is my first year without Lancey with us to hug and celebrate. I miss him. 🙁 The 14th was my dad’s birthday, but I worked and had choir practice that day, so on Sunday the 13th, I took him out to CiCi’s pizza, got him a sweet/funny cat card, and bought him a pack of Rolos chocolates (he only likes practical gifts). We had a good time. ^_^ Mom’s birthday was on the 17th, that Thursday. I came over after school and we watched Big Bang Theory and a few others shows. At 8:30, we went to Pasta House (her, Miles, and I) to get a discount on pasta to celebrate. I got her a green Christmas scarf and another copy of her favorite Christmas movie, Rudolph, since she cannot find hers.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL! I <3 YOU!


The last day of school, the 18th, I went to my friend and my fourth aspiring author Casey’s Mary Kay Make-Up Party. It was fun to have girl time with others even though I am not into make-up and am allergic to half their products due to my citrus allergy, ha! Good luck to you girl! It was a fun way to start my break. Evan took me out the day after to Chinese and we bumped into Tabby with some of her co-workers! Ironic, eh? That Sunday, he came over and him, Derrick, and I watched “Big Hero 6.” We also, on that 20th Sunday, decorated the church for Christmas with our pot luck before hand. It looked as lovely as normal and dad and I didn’t break anything this year! HA! 😀


Christmas Events:

On Monday, the 21st of December, my first official day of winter break, I took a nice early walk, did some chores, ate lunch at my favorite local Mexican restaurant with my good friend, Sherri (who was amazing and gave me a bag of candy, lotion, and two handmade bracelets AND paid for my lunch unexpectedly! I love her), and did my last minute Christmas shopping at some local places. I was chipper all day, which was odd because no one else seemed to be.

I did see something scary, however; I was driving back home from my final shopping place when about 10 feet in front of me, on the my left side of the road, I saw a doe run in front of this lady’s van! I slowed to a stop, the doe injured by the way she limbed, but she did prance off. A few moments later, another doe ran BEHIND the lady’s van, which was parked due to her hitting the deer. Her front bumper was very dented and she struggled to open her door. I rolled down my window by her and asked if she needed me to call anyone for her. She said she was okay, but thanked me. Thank gosh! I was paranoid the rest of the seven minute drive home! >.<

I had choir practice that evening too, our last one before our Thursday Christmas Eve service. And I had a solo! I was surprised to walk in to see a LARGE box and wrappings everywhere. Our pianist found a baby grand piano, new, on sale, and we got it right away! Chuck, my friend and partner for duets often, helped me practice my solo afterwards. It was a long day.

Also, to all my friends and students who got me gifts and cards…Thank you so much! I love them all and the thought and love you showed me with them! I hope you all like yours as well! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! ^o^


On the 23rd, Miles came over and we had our traditional Christmas Eve Eve celebration! We got a whole bunch of Jack in the Box (where my hubby works. Usually we do sausage and cheese), and watched our beloved Power Rangers: I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger and Alpha’s Magical Christmas, both on VHS. Miles kept mimicking Goldar and cracking me up and we came up with two new theories on Alpha’s Christmas! HA! We also watched all four Pikachu’s Winter Vacation specials and Pokémon, Holiday High-Jynx on DVD. We found the Rugrats Christmas and He-Man and She-Ra Christmas on Youtube on the big TV later. Holy Cows! It was so bad! Assuming, but bad. I made him listen to the Pokémon Christmas Bash CD I just discovered too, him shaking his head.


Dad came over at 4:00 and we had our Christmas with him. Miles got some EPIC things that he picked out on-line. I was so jelly over the Green and White Ranger poster he got and the Birth by Sleep shirt, all from Shark Robot on sale! Dad did really good with me though too: He was trying to be hip this year, and I got a R.W.B.Y. shirt and sockcap, Miles so pumped that we can be R.W.B.Y. twinsies for a con! OMgosh! I also got white socks that I needed and a Payless gift card that I used for a new pair of tennis shoes since mine literally fell apart finally after three good years of use the morning before when I took my morning walk. It was only sprinkling then, but when I was on my extra lap, four blocks from home…BAM! Downpour! -_- I walked as quickly as I could, but I soon discovered that my shoes had several holes and my pants had one…everything was soaked! Ironically? My I-Pod was on Shuffle and the last song it played before I got to my door? “It’s Raining Men!” BLAH! Anyway, Derrick got new work pants, white socks, and a Payless card for work shoes, all things he really needed. I got dad a shirt he asked for, but I surprised him and wrapped a second gift inside it; a Star Wars shirt! Now he’s nerd-cool!


The next day, Christmas Eve, was odd for me: I was bored (and I never have time to be bored) until Derrick came home. He was supposed to work until 2:00, but he came home at noon. This allowed us to go to my mom’s early for Christmas, which was good because I had to go home and get ready for church by 6:00. We munched on cheese and sausage and got set-up for our first Christmas on Christmas Eve (mom, as a nurse, had to work Christmas night this year). We had a wonderful Christmas! 🙂 I got 19 volumes of manga, 7 books, 2 CDs, 6 DVDs, The Super Sailor Moon Bandai pose able figure I really wanted to match my Sailor Venus I got at Anime Getaway, lots of candy, and some wonderful gift cards I used the next day with my little heart full of glee! ^_^ I am a really lucky girl! Miles got some DVDs, mangas, and games too. Derrick got lots of Star Wars items and two Pokémon TCG boxes: Hoopa EX and Pikachu EX. Grandma was funny (she kept smiling and hinting for refills on her…adult beverage…0.0) and gave us money and mom all the ingredients and the item to make us chocolate chip waffles! =D Can’t wait for that night! She even wrapped everything individually, which must have been hard for her to do with her stiff hands. I am glad they liked the gifts I got them and Georgie, my mom’s dog, adored his GIANT rainbow caterpillar stuffed animal. Derrick was playing with him with it for about 20 minutes. He got some more balls and treats and mom got Socks some treats and toys in a stocking too. ^_^

After this, Miles, dad, and I went to church’s Christmas Eve service. My in-laws came (Derrick wasn’t feeling well) and my good friend Joe, who is in National Guard Basic right now, got to attend for the holidays. We had to start at the entrance and after the first dramatic reading in darkness, the choir, Chuck and I first behind our new ten-year-old cross bearer, walked and lit candles. I was nervous on my solo, but I got right by the microphone (my voice does not carry), and after one line, I was finally like, “Wow…I actually think I got this.” and I let it out. Everyone told me I did a nice job and my father-in-law told me I sounded braver and it was amazing. *Blush* Chuck and I had fun on our duet and he did an amazing job on his solo, “Mary, did you know?” We had a flutist, a French horn, a saxophone, a tambourine, and  four part harmony at times. So, we were fancy! 😉 After services, I talked to my friends, ate some ice cream puffs, and was honored with a bonus check for my Sunday school services! 0.o I have an amazing church family. I was pretty tired after this and Derrick, who slept the whole time I was gone, and I went to sleep.


I was alone until noon on Christmas Day because Jack in the Box is the only place opened on Christmas Day in our town fast food wise, so it is the busiest day of the year for them and since Derrick and I do not have kids yet nor need to travel far, he volunteers for the odd or longer shifts often. Bless his heart…At least he got time and a half. Socks and I were so bored at one point, we took a Christmas selfie! HA! I organized my Christmas gifts thus far, ordered the items I wanted for my gift cards, cleaned up the house a bit, and laid down, bored again. I swore I would take Christmas off to not work, but I wasn’t in the mood to use one of my new gifts (I did read and watch Nightmare Before Christmas the day before). Missa, my best friend and the one Chloe from “Spirit Vision” is based on, called and asked if I had time (she was in town for a few days from Texas with her boyfriend Zach). I sprung from my floor spot and got dressed. They came over a bit after noon and stayed for an hour and we talked, laughed, and had a good time. She liked the red and black fedora I got her. I ordered her another gift, but it was on backorder and she still needs to send me mine! HA!


I read until Derrick came home at 3:00, bone tired, but once he showered, he lit up and ran to his gifts. He seemed really happy with what he got this year and I got a huge hug for his Beanie Baby Pooky bear (from the Garfield series) and his special gift: Gundam Wings, English dub, complete set! He was very kind to me too! 🙂 We got Socks some more treats, a ball that lights up when you hit it, a new kitty cube, and a new stretching post! She was not sure what to think of the new cube, although it was humorous when it almost smacked Derrick in the face when it popped out, but she started using the scratching post the second Derrick got it out and he carried her and it to the kitchen, her scratching on it while Derrick had them in mid-air. It was darling! She liked her gifts from mom too. She’s so spoiled, although she hasn’t been to social with company as of late.


Around 4:30, when we were supposed to leave to go to his parents for Christmas (another first for normally, we have to do after Christmas for them), Evan banged on the door and surprised us, saying he could come with us to Christmas dinner at the Comnicks! We all went together, ate food, opened gifts, played Cards Against Humanity, and had a blast! We were all pretty tired when we got home around 9:30. Christmas was very different for us this year, but we are lucky to be surrounded by loving people. Jolleen got a cat planter for me and Socks, when I got home, kept trying to bite its whiskers! It was so funny!


On the afternoon of the 26th, at 5:00, I went to my Aunt Dot’s house with Miles, dad, and Jon to celebrate Christmas with my dad’s family, and it was the first year EVERYONE came! And, with all the flooding, we could not use the basement to eat at as usual. Poor Aunt Dot needs a bigger house! The kids had a blast, two of the third (I think…) little girl cousins asking me about designs on the table cloth. Miles kept laughing about how natural and cute I was when I interacted with kids. Hmmm…It’s sort of my job! 😉 Aunt Dot got Derrick and Miles both a neck pillow, but…it had giraffe print! 0.o Miles was hooting, and said, “Now I know where your giraffe’s dreams went!” Inside joke, but I still defended my giraffe and his dreams! GRRR! I got a fancy electric mixer. Later, Jon came over (he has not seen my new place nor met Socks) to exchange gifts. He got Derrick and I a mini fryer in super shining paper that Derrick was pumped for! He so has A.D.O.S! I think the universe is trying to tell me I need to cook more… *arches eyebrow* Derrick and I watched his beloved Garfield Christmas special I have on VHS (the only one he’ll watch with me, because, it’s Garfield) before we went to bed.



Other than church on the 27th, some errands, fitting headaches due to all this messed up weather, and doing a tad bit of work, I have been lazy. I have walked each day and enjoyed 7 of my manga so far (it’ll be a bit before I get my other ones I ordered from gift cards) and played almost 3 hours in “Pokémon: Super Mystery Team.” I hate saying this, but so far…I am not impressed. I LOVED Gates to Infinity, but this one is boring so far, the mechanics back to the ones of old that made my head hurt, and my partner so far is really annoying. I’m not sure if all the game partners are like this or it depends on the one out of 20 you selected, but…*sighs* I hope it gets better since Derrick was nice to surprise me with it; I haven’t had a physical game to play in over 9 months (I downloaded Pokémon Rumble and Pokémon Shuffle, which I really like, but I got to the point where they got too intense).

On the 31st, Miles is coming over that evening for us to watch the new movies I got for Christmas. This is our third year doing it and I’m lucky I got three anime movies for us to watch: “Studio Ghibli: The Tale of Princess Kaguya,” “Studio Ghibli: When Marine was there,” and “5 Centimeters Per Second.” I will make sure to review them in my next major blog post!

On the 2nd, we have our second annual Poke Crew party! White Elephant gift exchange, food, Twister match, Cards Against Humanity, Pokémon TCG games, and Super Smash Brothers for the Wii, all with my friends! On the 4th is when I go back to school and I have to set up the NEW LIBRARY! For dinner that evening, I got invited by my favorite teacher and my dear friend, Ms. Mahan, to their family late Christmas get together. 🙂 It’ll be a nice way to end my break and all the hard work of getting the kindergarten library set-up.


It’s been a while, a year when I looked back, to see what types of books I had to read and how many of each! So, here is my list:

Thanks to my mom too, I had to massively update my “To-Read books” below:

  • Vampire- 7-10
  • Fairy Tales/Fantasy: 26
  • Realistic Fiction: 19
  • Historical Fiction: 19
  • Children’s Literature: 5 (chapter books. I have picture books to review for school still)
  • Manga: 27
  • WHOA!

That’s it my peeps! I wish you a Marill Christmas, a Hoppip New Year, and hope you swim with the snow fairies and build a snowman with the sun rays! See you in 2016! Here’s to a good one with cheer, compassion, and cheese. =D

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