Max-Con 2015 AND Anime Getaway 2015 Mini Blogs and Reviews

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TO SEE ALL MY VIDOES FROM MAX-CON 2015 AND ANIME GETAWAY 2015, GO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: Max-Con 2015 As a writer, we have two jobs: writing our works and advertising it. Social media, interviews, promotions, word of mouth…In our modern, technology run era, the outlets and outreaches are endless. However, there is one method that stands the test … Read More

New Jobs and a Start to Sizzling September!

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Weather: SUPER hot and humid, in the 90’s, for 2 weeks now. :(- I got caught in a bad, random thunderstorm while walking a few weeks ago! o.0 Saw lightning in front of me and I was two blocks away! Scary! Working on: Lesson plans for all three of my teaching positions, some writing projects, and updating the website. Currently Listening to: My I-Tunes. … Read More

Cosplacon 2015 Review

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To check out most of the panels I attended, you can view videos of them on my Youtube Channel (key word: Cosplacon 2015), along with Cosplacon 2014 videos and past Anime St. Louis and NatsuCon! To see ALL my pictures from the event, please go to my public Cosplacon 2015 Facebook gallery. I am a creative person and I support … Read More

Top 15 Anime Voice Actors and Actresses I want to meet (Top Ten #32)

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Top Fifteen anime voice actors/actresses I want to meet: Luci Christian Yui Horie* Chris Sabot Chris Patton Crispin Freeman Michelle Ruff Caitlin Glass Todd Haberkorn Greg Ayres Christine Auton Travis Williamham Jerry Jewell Wendee Lee Michael Lindsey Tera Strong AND Kelly Sherdian *OH Yui Horie! <3 She’s the Japanese singer that got me into J-Pop right after I graduated high … Read More

Cosplacon 2014 Review

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“When one door closes, another one opens”, or so they say. A door we were looking forward to, expecting, was slammed shut in our face and we needed our summer con home.  We discovered less than three months before the supposed events, our dear summer anime con, Natsu Con, in our Collinsville, was canceled and plans I been made. My … Read More