Top Ten Fictional Weapons/Abilities I’d Want (Top Ten #23)

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#1. Psychic powers/mutant abilities (Sabrina from Pokémon, Professor X, Jean Gray from X-Men, Shadow Cat from X-Men) #2. Magic Wand (Sakura’s from Cardcaptor Sakura or any of Sailor Moon’s, although SuperS is my favorite) #3. Sword (The sword card from Cardcaptor Sakura) OR a Keyblade (I did a top ten JUST on these things!) #4. Bow and arrow (Kim, the Pink … Read More

The never ending school year is closing!

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Weather: Lovely spring! Working on: Updating my website, doing all my odds and ends things so I can write heavily tomorrow and Monday Currently Listening to: Girls on Film by Glee. I’ve also discovered Pelleek recently. He does metal or rock versions of gaming, anime, childhood, and nerdy culture and makes it sound AWESOME! I jam to his Power Ranger … Read More


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Weather: HOT, but super spring timey! Working on: Updating my website, thinking of the million and one things I have to do Currently Listening to: Anime St. Louis 2014 videos (The Pokémon Game Show right now) Currently Watching: About to watch Whose Line is it Anyway with Derrick.  I think Big Bang Theory was the last thing I watched last … Read More

Pokemon X Review

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“I want to be the very best, like no one ever was…” If you have ever been a Pokemon trainer in your mind or at recess, you know what these words mean.  You lived by these words! Now, those kids running around at recess having fake battles, attaching energies to their cards, and trading these little critters with their friends … Read More

Top Ten Female Pokemon Gym Leaders and Elite Four (Top Ten #16)

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#1. Sabrina (Gen 1) #2. Misty (Gen 1) #3. Jasmine (Gen 2) #4. Cissy/Luana (Orange Island) #5, Shauntal/Caitlin (Gen. 5 Elite Four) #6. Flannery (Gen 3) #7. Liza (female twin) (Gen 3) #8. Elesa (Gen 5) #9. Claire (Gen 2) #10. Valerie/Olympia (Both Gen 6) Honorable mentions: Phoebe (Gen 3 Elite Four), Malva (Gen 6 Elite Four), Lorelei (Gen 1 … Read More

Spirit Week and Pokemon Jelly

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Weather: Nice Working on: Updating my website, doing laundry, and book stuff Websites up: Mine and Youtube Eating/Drinking: Steak n’ Shake with my hubby earlier (Why is it that I eat out on blog days?!  >.<) Wearing: Black “Twilight” shirt with Edward holding Bella and jeans Currently Listening to: Eden of the East opening, but I have been listening to … Read More

June is slipping away like a balloon

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Weather: Hot, but not overly bad yet Working on: Uploading Youtube videos and preparing for my summer school classes Websites up: Youtube Eating/Drinking: Brown Sugar and Cinnamon oatmeal and milk Wearing: Tan capris and my white Mickey Mouse shirt with rainbow stars Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts 3Ds (23 hours baby!) Currently Watching: I finished the anime, I, My, Me Strawberry … Read More

Pokemon and page count!

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Weather: Nice spring night (although a tad chilly) Working on: Updating my website and packing for my 2 year anniversary trip Wearing: My ‘classic’ Yuigioh blue shirt with Yami and black dragon sleeping shorts Currently Listening to: Vampire Knight season 1 opening Currently Watching: The last thing I watched was Smosh’s new “Game time” video Currently Reading: The Number Thoughts: How … Read More