A College Con, Test, and Springtime Beginnings

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93537jp94v2ixy6Weather: Starting to get to be nice and springy with the flower tree budding. Although, we did have snow on Palm Sunday…AGAIN! Silly Missouri!

Working on: Getting better (been really sick for two weeks:super sore throat and ears, arm pain, chest pain, stomach pain. Went to the ER last week. They ruled out blood clot and heart, but I still have tests to go through), Sunday school lesson plans, updating the author website, school curriculum plans, and outlining my current writing project.

Currently Watching: With Derrick, season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the current episodes of Once Upon a Time! Man, Hades is deviously evil. I like his wit! I have been watching classic Yu-Gi-OH, season 1. I’ll have to buy season 2: Battle City, baby! =D

Currently Reading: Haven’t had time lately, but I did win some manga, so I shall start there and then get on track with my regular books.

Currently Playing: Yu-Gi-Oh has inspired me to go back and get my Battle City Gameboy Advance game out. MAN! This game has been with me for so long. This is one of those games that I never get tired of and feels like home, like Pokémon Pinball or Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2. ^_^

Wallpaper: Luputa, the castle from Castle in the Sky, My brother and I’s favorite Studio Ghibli film.

Icon: A picture of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character, Seto Kiaba, looking all deep. I have been so busy these past few months and lots of things have happened, all making me see I need to take a step back and truly see myself the way I see me, not how the world does.

Quote: “I am a writer; I dream when I am awake.” I found this on my Facebook newsfeed. I am not sure who said it, but credit and love for your insightful and meaningful words.

Hello rainbow connection peeps, all its lovers, dreamers, and…cheese? xD Sorry; “Muppets Most Wanted” reference! Konnichiwa to my star-crossed friends! Well, after months and months of planning and being flexible, you patient, good people do not have to wait ANY LONGER! It’s finally here…I can OFFICALLY announce that my latest book/collection, “Fallen Star Dust,” is RELEASED! =D Thank you so much for all the support, for my publisher Sheenah for going through this, what it seemed at times, “Lord of the Rings” like journey with me (didn’t she make a STUNNING cover for me?!), and my buddy Dan Wright, for stepping in and helping for edits for a bit; you are a white wizard in my eyes. ^_^

FallenStarDust--FrontCoverMarch 16th will be its official release date. =D This is my second collection of poems, short stories, scripts, essays, and other literary works, similar to “A Sweet, Little Dream,” but oh so different, for, you see, these works were written in my college and first few years of teaching (until early 2014). There are an array of topics and styles, some embarrassing, some romantic, some that make you think, and some that have broken the hearts of those involved of helping me compile it. There is something for everyone (including some more doodles that I did AND information on the work by me).

For now, you can only get “Fallen Star Dust” in paperback (we had to do the process backwards this time for I was premiering this book for the first time EVER at Wild Con, so the physical copy had to be done first), on either Amazon OR Barnes and Noble for $9.99 each.  The E-book will be released soon. You can see updates for “Fallen Star Dust” either on my author Facebook, “Fallen Star Dust’s” page on here, or my Amazon author page. I hope when you read the book, you can connect to the power of believing in yourself and see just how much you shine to me.

Here is the official blurb: “When I reached the point where adult life began to make its presence known right after high school graduation, I looked to the sky. I hoped to see a shooting star that would light my way and I wished that it would leave a trail of star dust behind to remind myself to stay young at heart. Thanks to writing, the enchantment of youth has never left me. In the next chapter of my life, I began college to follow my dream of being an educator. I developed my career, found out who I was an independent being, stopped hiding my passions, figured out my role in my lifelong relationship with my now-husband, and realized that it was okay to question the world. There was darkness that needed to be seen as well as the light. The poems, short stories, scripts, essays, and other works in this second collection are my everything: the shoulders I cried on, my joys, my bravery when the road became too twisty or too safe. It led me to a waterfall of creativity. That fallen star dust gave me the drive to become who I am today: a teacher, an author, a nerd, and a person of morals, love, and magic.”


That was my biggest news, but I do not want to leave anyone hanging. As many of you are aware, I have been talking about Wild Con, a one day convention at Wildwood University, the first university/college I spoke to a class in my life. They are incredible people and staff.  I was one of their guests this year and since it was only one day, instead of doing a whole blog post on it, I wanted to share it here. So, here’s where our tale begins:


Dad accompanied me this trip (I am not a confident highway driver and this area was close to the St. Louis area). We left around 9:00, wanting to make sure we allotted for time in case we got lost. It was a smooth ride, us chatting, dad prepared with an ice cooler of snacks in the back since I would not have time to leave to eat like a regular convention (and we had no idea how close we would be to any food establishments). We were doing so fantastic…until we were five miles away and close to Six Flags. We followed our map guide exactly, but somehow, took a wrong turn and ended up in a twisty land where all the streets were named after foxes (I swear to BOB, I am not making this up!)  I got my phone out and was able to get us on an older, round-about highway and, again, it was good. We even got INTO the town of Wildwood and the main four way stop…but, we took too wrong turns again and once, ended up at a dead end apartment complex and another time, on another highway! Boy…this place was like trying to find a wild Entei! Maybe the college roamed… Anywho, third time was the charm as they say and we got there, around 11:25. We wanted and would have been there at 10:50 without all the crazy! We parked, took five minutes to breath and munch on some cooler lunch, and headed inside (the con was not until 1:00, but they told me I could set up at noon. I was still the first guest there and got done setting up at 12:15 WITH talking to people, so it was all good).

wildcon1This was dad’s FIRST convention because he is very conservative (mom went to hers back in October of 2015). He was a big help though, getting boxes and moving things for me. Mr. Mahan (Chris), the faculty sponsor who invited me and the son of my favorite teacher/friend, Ms. Mahan (and my dad TAUGHT him in high school! We made a funky rectangle) greeted us, all smiles. He came and hung out with us several times that day and bought a lot of stuff from me. He’s a gem. 🙂 He wants to learn how to play Pokémon and that will be my job at our events. I mean…he sponsors Otaku club, the ones who made this convention, so it made sense. Dad DID wear his Star Trek shirt when I asked him too, but he was too scared to show it, afraid to stand out or start a nerd war…oh dad… ^_- That is also his first SELFIE ever! He smiled too big, so I matched it. I’m such a good daughter! They had a Smash Bros competition as well and projected it on the big main screen. Dad said he had never heard of it, so he watched and was stunned, asking, “Why is Link beating up on Sonic?” I explained it to him, how it was a melee style game with Nintendo characters. He nodded deeply, still watching, then asked, “So, it’s like that Mario racing thing you do…Mario Kart?” I didn’t know what to say. Parents are precious! 🙂          wildcon2

It was all in one massive room, so you could see everything and everyone. They had venders, art raffles, lots of different themed baskets to raffle on, Smash Bros, quiz shows for prizes, guest tables, cosplay, a psychic palm reader, and tables for those who wanted to play games. It had a little bit of everything and although it was a small convention run by college students, they were very professional and kind to the guests, asking us if we were okay, informing us when our panel times had changed and were extended since five of their people for other panels did not show up (man! I felt badly for them there).  I was very impressed and made sure to tell them so.


I met so many amazing people. My fellow guests, Rori! and Ink and Drink Comics were so cool and made me feel so refreshed and relaxed at our Creator’s panel we had from 5:00 to 6:00. The crowd asked us questions and it was a lot of fun. They are so talented, wise, and good, good people. They were on my right. On my left, I was next to the steampunk webseries group, Steam works and Shadows. I have seen them as guests at so many Missouri/Illinois cons and been to two of their panels, but to be NEXT to them was unreal. I was too shy to tell them how radical they were. The main character with his shiny armor did strode in and pass dad and I, all B.A. like always. I was in awe and dad arched his eyebrow and informed me, “Now that’s a costume! You should have done something like that.” *Sighs* Not sure how to take that one. One of the guys, I ran into when I was getting popcorn. He was so kind and I told him how much I admired the show. The lovely seller girl asked for my picture when I was in my cosplay that evening and she was so nice too! They are wonderful people as well as talented (and popular! They were selling things left and right!).  Find them on Youtube. My other guests’ links are on my “Links” page here.


I met two sweet teenage girls who were dolled up in original cosplay, thrilled at all the wonderful, their mom so supportive. They were dears and I am glad they kept seeing me over and over again. I was introduced to several of the professors at the college, all polite and some buying a lot as much as Chris. Chis even gave dad a FULL college tour, a 40 minute one. I was a little jelly I didn’t get to go, but Chris seemed thrilled to be giving us old teacher a tour of his turf and dad really enjoyed himself. So, thank you. 🙂 The venders there were so neat! I met some sweet kids who had their Pokémon cards for sale (I was twitching SO hard because the cards were in a big pile. My desire to organize them was STRONG). I asked them if they knew how to play the card game, and they said kind of, that they have been playing for a little over a year. I told them casually that I have played for 16 and if they ever wanted a refresher, to come to my table. I waved bye and no sooner than I made a sale and signed a book to a sweet pre-teen, they came running up, their mouths agap and all ears! They did a really good job listening and were so polite, even when I had to talk to people stopping by my table. Dad was smirking at how kids still just come up to me with excitement. I guess it’s a gift? I did buy a gift for a friend a blue knit rabbit. It looks like an all blue Azulmarril! ^_^ I even made a contract with AM Trading Co in St. Louis to sell a few of my books, “Spirit Vision,” there for a good commission! The guy was so awesome and he had blue hair! What could be better?! I FINALLY have my works at a local St. Louis shop! I have been trying for years, but most of the shops have strict policies and I live too far away. I look forward to working with him n the future. Their shop is on my “Links” page too.


I changed into my cosplay (Hungary from Hetalia) after the panel. They maybe had…8-10 people cosplay and only four for the judging. I did not win, but I had several people upset I didn’t because I looked cool, and, quote, “Hetalia is too epic not to win!” Thank you, I suppose, for defending me? But, I lost to a fourteen-year-old first time con girl with an original costume. She was so sweet. I did not regret it at all. 🙂 I also WON the super popular Anime and Manga basket! I was in the middle of a sale and I, ummm…sadly, I unprofessionally, dropped the money on the table in front of two professors and my dad, yelled super loud, and sprinted on stage. I felt bad now from the looks I got, but everyone chucked a bit later. I still made the sale. 😉 I got 11 volumes of manga, 2 DVDs, 3 buttons, some candy, a great wooden basket, and a NEW X/Y plush Pikachu. I never win anything, so this was a treat.


We were the last ones to clean up and leave. I was asked back again next year by the club’s presidents (they are twins) and left Chris with a warn farewell and helpful tips so we would not get lost on the way home in the dark. It sprinkled a bit and dad and I were tired, but we both had a good time, only stopping once to get some McDonald’s halfway there because we were so hungry. My dad likes to people watch and he said he saw a lot of neat things today. That means a lot to me. It was a good bonding experience on top of interacting with others, selling books, spreading wisdom, and showing my nerd and writing love. Thank you Wild Con and I look forward to next year! 😀

Now, on to our regular “World of Writing, Publishing, Promotions, and Paper Crane List!” ^-^

#1. Like stated above, “Fallen Star Dust” now has a page AND the “Links” page is updated with my new friends from Wild Con and others.

#2. During March, Dan and I had our second annual Disney event, this time around having randomness play cupid! We forcefully split up all the cannon Disney couples, gave them random numbers, and had a random number generator get our pairings. We called it *drum roll please:* Disney Couples: Reshuffled! And man! It was an intense competition! >.< From the agony Dan suffered through not getting Flynn Rider, to him GETTING a confirmed and beloved couple randomly, to me having to deal with three beastly couples and make them G rating, and your votes, it was a fanfare for the records! Below are all the videos and links for you if you want to get caught up or stroll down memory lane. The competition IS over, but Dan and I worked hard and would love it if you guys showed some love:


Thank you to EVERYONE who voted and made this event a smash! A huge amount of love to our friend, Franz AKA Penguin, for making our first eight initial matches banners (Dan made the final pairings banners), and Dan for doing another MASSIVE blog event with me! <3


It looks like I have to do the penalty…0.o *Dramatic sighs* But, the challenge we have to it SHOULD be entertaining and test my stuff! xD Check out Moon Panda Power AND Dan and I’s social medias for the challenge and more info on that in mid to late April!

#3. For my March author interview spotlight, I did an Author’s Gold (A.U.), segment instead of the usual Aspiring Author Spotlight because my buddy, Dan Wright, re-released his FIRST book, Trapped in Draconic book recently! Find out about the re-rerelease, Dan’s favorite character, who would win if two loveable Pixar characters collided, and a darling picture of his furry baby at Dan’s A.U. Interview here.

#4. We are still on the search for a narrator for “Spirit Vision!” If you are or know anyone who has experience or a talent for voice acting/narration, please contact me at mescomnick@hotmail.com for information. We really want to bring “Spirit Vision” verbally to life.

#5. I am still working on “Spirit Vision 4,” but currently, I am getting into a novella/story I am working on with the Max Con cameo winner (I wrote on this on the girl’s day I will be talking about later), has pushed it back. And “Spirit Vision 3” is finished; that will be my next major project to edit. <3 I love my SV characters after all!

#6. April and May will be busy for me with promoting my writing. Here is where I am at/what is happening:

  • On April 7th, I will be going to the high school for my third annual traveling book tour, reading a sample from my latest book, “Fallen Star Dust,” and answering questions.
  • On April 30th, I am going to Villainous Grounds Coffee Shop 40 minutes away from my town with my buddy Andrew/Deadpool to have a book signing. We will be cosplaying (me not maybe the WHOLE time), selling things, pictures, playing Pokémon for those who want to challenge us, sign things, and loads more. They are super nice here and I hear have amazing drinks as well as comics! Come say help to us! The picture below is all my books on their shelves. They even made a bookmark about me for customers! ^-^
  • In early May, I will be touring some classes at my old workplace/my local middle school, doing the same thing I am at the high school.
  • On a Saturday in May, I will be doing a book signing/selling at my public library. I haven’t done one in almost two years and have two books out since then, so I am excited!
  • I am OFFICALLY on the Max Con 2016 schedule as well as a guest in September! 🙂 I am slowly getting some exposure.


#7. For my top ten this time, I had to go fast and collect those rings! I went Sega Style and listed my Top Ten Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters!

#8. Missed any videos from Moon Panda Power beside our Disney Couples: Reshuffled (all those are above in the clickable links)?  Here you go:

#9. My lovely “Spirit Vision” artist, the loved and kawaii Ms. Suzy Zhang AKA Cherriuki is releasing her SECOND original art book this month! I own more prints, posters, and key chains of hers than healthy, but she is so talented and I adore all of her work and art books. This one is a STEAL at $20 for pre-order price (shipping is $10 for us United States folks since she’s in Australia), but it is flawless quality, signed by her, and comes with free stuff! What more could you want! Click the image of “Asteria” below to go to the link to pre-order her work! <3


#10. The Poke Crew page is updated as well. For all the pictures from our January 23rd Starter Pokémon Event. Go to my Author Facebook page, the Pokémon Events Album #2. (I made a second one because it’s the new year and our other album has almost 600 photos in it from the past two years of events). I will go into a little more detail below! ^_^ Gotta catch em all!

#11. Want to know about my busiest time of year with job applications, Valentine’s Day, a new library, and more. Check out the February to March MASSIVE update on my site to be informed of all this and MUCH more!

My “Normal” Life:

marchgirlswritingdayOn March 5th, I had my third girls’ writing day with my good friends, Morgan W. and Kate. We went to Kate’s house this time and our food theme was Italian. We got our Camp Nano accounts ready to go (starymoon07 is my user name if you want to add me), got fancy sodas at the new hardware store down the road, got Morgan W. hooked on Project Runway, ate LOTS of yummy food (Kate’s pasta con broccoli was my favorite; so creamy), and, of coarse, chatted. There was some writing there too. 😉  It was a blast and we are planning on in April, at my place next time. ^_^  I like where my story is going so far and having great friends to share the experience with helps. Good luck to all those who are doing Camp Nano (starymoon07 is mine if anyone wants to add me). Our next Girl’s Writing Day is April 10th! =)


feb201642We had two Pokémon events since our last update! On February 27th, we celebrated Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary and we had 72 people there between all my Crew members, trainers, kids, and parents! THE WHOLE store was packed and I was running around like a Charmander avoiding getting his flame wet, but we made it work! Everyone had a good time. We TCG and handheld battled, I baked some of my homemade Valentine’s Day chocolates for everyone, we had raffles and door prizes, a lovely birthday card Julie made and everyone signed and we hashtagged it to Game Freak and The Pokémon Company like mad! I had other things planned too, but there was no time! Still, it was FAB-TASTIC! 😉 OH YEAH! Since it was February, we called our event “FAB-URARY,” AND it was also our two year anniversary of running Pokémon events at Gamers’ Bazaar! Fabio and I selected who dressed the most Fabulous for a very special set of 4 limited edition 20th anniversary Pikachu figures and our Annihilator won! Fabio sprinkled rose petals on her and she just was in love! I sported my very popular “Link-A-Chu” riding a SHINY Ponyta shirt Evan got custom made for me for Christmas, and my knit Pokeball hat.


Thank you everyone who came to our event, especially my buddy Chris Mahan, the faculty chair and son of my favorite teacher. He even had Steak N’ Shake with the Crew and I afterwards as we talked about Wild Con, nerdy stuff, and school. It was a great event! Our friend Nathan Brown AKA Christian has now returned to Missouri and joined us! 😀 YEAY!


March 26th was our “Topsy-Turvy” Event, where the kids/trainers were the gym leaders for an event and had badges (stickers) we had to go and earn. They were so tickled pink to get to be gym leaders and in charge of our fate. ^_^ It was darling! They did such a good job and it was a great event. About 28 including all of us, so big enough, but I actually got to sit twice and work on reminder notes for the next event! ^_^


I DID have a six-on-six Championship battle (meaning that they beat four of the Poke Crew in one event) and it was against another fine young man named Derrick (that’s my hubby’s name); go figure! It was a 45 minute battle, us down to one prize left, neck and neck and I had his EXs and Megas blocked, but he drew the one card he needed (the heart of the cards was strong) and won. Still, we had such an amazing time and I know I made a new friend. He is now officially a member of the Poke Crew and we will get a profile up for him as soon as possible! Congrats, pal! =D


Our next event will be on a Sunday this month due to scheduling, April 24th, 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m, $2 to enter. If you want to view all the photos from the event, check out our my Author Facebook page, the Pokémon Events Album #2. Also, Gamers’ Bazaar will be hosting its first competitive Pokémon TCG tournament on Saturday, April 16th, at 5:00 p.m. with lots of prizes and it is free, but you must have a legal deck.  I will not be entering or running this event for I have no desire or the income to rotate my cards for competitive all the time, but we may be stopping by for fun. ^_^


March 7th to 11th was my second time running a book fair AND my first time combining both pre-school and kindergarten for it. It was in my new library and man! We pulled out all the stops! The theme was “Under the Sea,” and we had colored fish and bubbles the kids made, ocean animal cut-outs from Scholastic, raffles, How many Seashells in the Jar guessing contest, snacks of Goldfish crackers and blue Kool-Aid for our Grand Afternoon, lantern jellyfish, umbrella jellyfish for pictures, Clifford there for two events (the kids love him), our Coin Challenge for Charity class jars were decorated like aquariums, class fish in the hallway, the art teacher made us a paper light up aquarium for the lobby, and, my favorite, a whale around our door with blue streamers coming out of his mouth, looking like you had to swim INSIDE the whale’s mouth to get to the book fair! I had so many wonderful volunteers, staff members, parents, and my family. It was a lot of work, especially since I had to miss the final day for Wild Con, but it went well and we made $6,000 as a school! We don’t get to keep that much, but hey! That is WHALE-TASTIC!


I can do a Buy-One, Get-One Free now to help get more books in the kids’ hands for summer! That will be May 2nd-6th, but no theme.

On March 19th, I took my library media specialist Praxis test. I studied decently the week before (I had been studying for about two months, but not nearly as much as I wanted to due to everything with all my jobs).  Dad took me up there to the testing center and it was VERY thorough with making sure I had no way to cheat; I even had to give my dad my sacred chap stick because it could be a drug…-_-;; The test was challenging, but I know with how I read through it, I did the best I could. Some topics I had no clue on because I am so new, but I just hope I pass since it costs so much money and it gets me one step closer to being a librarian although, in my heart, I think I am one. ^-^

I sadly NOW have to take ANOTHER test that cost more than it should to be able to be certified in library in Missouri. It was a huge mess to deal with and my school and I are still miffed, but I suppose it is just a major pothole in life. That test, the MEGA, will be on April 19th after school for me (then I have to attend the kindergarten “Three Billy Goats’ Gruff” musical that evening). Any luck would be much appreciated! The quote below is how I feel on why they are making this so bloody difficult!


I had Spring Break a few weeks ago and let’s say…it was INSANE! I got really sick with a random throat and ear infection the day AFTER my Praxis (I suppose my body could not take it anymore) until that Wednesday, and then I had extreme chest and stomach pains. I had to sleep over at mom’s two nights because I could not sleep in our bed with my arm throbbing.  I finally had enough a week later, swearing I had a heart attack or blood clot. Although I am STILL paying off bills from August, I went and everything was okay, but I KNEW something was wrong. Went to my doctor for my follow-up a few days later and it turns out I have a hiatal hernia. I am grateful I know now, but it still hurts badly. I have to change my diet a lot, see specialists to see if they can/will push it back down, get a wedge for my bed so I can sleep propped up. *Sighs*

Here is what I did for Spring Break other than get ill:

  • Sunday school two times (one Palm Sunday, where it snowed, and one Easter),
  • Brown and Tabby double date at Shoguns, a Japanese restaurant, and Cards Against Humanity afterwards.
  • Wednesday: Game Night (more Cards Against Humanity) with my in-laws at their place. We watched the Easter Ice Age special too. 🙂
  • Dentist appointment super early Thursday morning after I was sick at mom’s. All was good though. After the appointment, mom and I went shopping for errands and she got me some clothes I needed. We picked up Miles for a meal at Colton’s. After that, Miles and I visited with grandma and watched a show I am obsessed now: Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots!” The kids are so kawaii! ^_^ Then, Miles and I went down to his room and played our Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game for the Sega that we LOVED growing up, Mario Kart for the Wii, and Timon and Puumba Mini Games for the Playstation.  It was a blast!
  • I did order my cosplay for Cosplacon this summer. It was not the one I had originally planned, but I saw this one and I HAD to have it! =D I will look so B.A. in it and I cannot WAIT to wear it!
  • Saturday was our March Pokémon event.
  • I had Easter lunch with my dad’s whole family on Easter Sunday and it was nice to see everyone.

I wanted to write a lot, but since I got sick, I tried to nap and take things easy, which I hated. I still have Sunday school lessons and some cleaning to do as well. Slowly, I will get back to normal, but I want to take care of me too.


The first week in April, I have three birthdays to celebrate: Miles, Gabby, and Grandma’s. Miles’ is April 2nd and he turned 23! Mr. Big Shot! I was still super sick when I went to visit, but we are going out for his birthday to make-up for it in a week or two. Gabby is my dad’s Westie and she turned 14 on April 4th. Love you Gabbers, my feisty little girl! ^_^ April 5th was my grandma, who turned 87, but her heart is still 16. She has made me who I am today and I owe her so much. She has been so worried about me being sick. But, I surprised her with a balloon, colorful flowers, her favorite box of snack crackers, a card, and I signed a copy of “Fallen Star Dust” in front of her. She boo-hooed three times. She is such a crier! 🙂 My uncle, aunt, cousin, and little cousin Tate came over to see her with her cake and play. Tate and my mom were so adorable together and Tate didn’t want me to go after I told him about kindergarten and did a Pikachu voice (along with get him interested in the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python…) I WISH I had his energy…

Happy Birthday to these beautiful, amazing people/animals in my life!

And Socks is doing well. She’s been my little nurse when I lay down sick and has been going NUTS playing with the packing paper they put in Amazon boxes! HA! I love her! ALSO…HAPPY ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY ON April 18th, to our best friends’, Nathan and Tabby! Here is the post last year ALL about their wedding! =D


All right friends! Keep your thoughts big, your flame war comments small, and dig into a giant bowl of pie! And watch Sailor Moon Crystal: S! Moon Crisis…OUT! 😀

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